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Li'l Witch

Squall turned off his computer and stood. Saying goodnight to Xu he left the office and headed to the cafeteria. It was late, but since the curfews had been relaxed for older class-men (and women) the kitchen staff worked a twenty-four hour service.

He picked up four litres of apple-juice and a Twinkie before heading home to his growing family. Rinoa was still awake, speaking with someone over the phone when he got in.

"…Your foot down then." She was saying. "But it'll probably turn out to be nothing." She paused while the person on the phone said something. "I suppose Doctor Kadowaki could take a look at it.…No, no, it's no trouble; we girls have got to stick together."

As she chatted, Squall took himself to the bedroom to get ready for bed. He'd showered, shaved and changed before coming back into the living room and Rinoa was still on the phone. But it did sound like she was winding down.

"…Anytime you like….Of course I mean it." She sighed happily down the line. "Yeah, just pop right over. See you in a bit. 'Bye." She hung up and caught Squalls' gaze. "How was work?"

"It was just work." He replied. "I picked up the stuff you wanted."

"Ooh… thank you." Rinoa sighed rapturously. "I've been dying for this all day." She demolished the Twinkie and drank half a litre of apple juice straight from the bottle.

Squall could only watch her, a half smile playing along his lips. Impulsively, he stood and carefully pulled her to her feet. "I feel like throwing a party." He told her. "To celebrate everything."

Laughing, Rinoa's eyes sparkled. "Well, the Garden Festival was meant to be held next week." She smiled, mischievously. "But with Selphie on bed-rest, nobody bothered to organise it. Wanna give it a shot?"

"Sure why not?" Squall almost sounded eager about it too, which totally threw Rinoa through a loop. "Was that her on the phone just now? Is she on her way over?"

"No. It was Elle. Laguna has a bunion and is refusing to see a doctor. Oh yeah, she's coming to visit. She and Laguna will be here by morning."


"Don't worry." Rinoa told him. "They'll be staying in town."

Squall didn't want to argue, so he dropped the matter. They stood in silence for a moment before the Commanders' eyes widened and he sniffed the air. "Hey, Rin? Have you been trying to cook again?"

"Er… no. Why?"

"Something's burning…" He stated a nanosecond before the fire alarm began to sound. Quickly, he pulled his heavily pregnant girlfriend out the door and waited for the Internal fire extinguishers to put out the flames that were consuming their curtains.

"What happened?" Rinoa was in a state of shock.

Squall could only shake his head. They were still stood there when Cid and Edea came running. "What is going on here?" Cid demanded.

Rinoa burst into tears. "My curtains!" She wailed. "My beautiful curtains!" Squall patted her shoulder awkwardly and Cid backed up a step.

Edea looked thoughtful. "How did it start?" She asked Squall.

"I don't know. There wasn't anything obvious that could have started it."

"Hmmm… I thought something like this might happen." She looked worried.

"What do you mean?" All three parties asked simultaneously.

"Rinoa's a sorceress. The last of her kind, it would stand to reason any children born to her would be too."

"Are you telling me my BUMP started that fire?"

"Yes, and it looks like her powers are already developing quite rapidly already. "I think you're in for a rough ride."

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