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M is for Magic

Real magic in relationships means an absence of judgment of others.

-Wayne Dyer

If everything seems to be going well... You obviously don't know what the hell is going on!



Remus was definitely the academic brains of the Marauders. Remus wrote the Transfiguration notes James feverishly pored over during breakfast. The Seventh Troll-Goblin War essay Sirius was hastily scribbling at lunch was the neat, clean copy of another essay full of crossed-out bits and Remus' notes in the margins. Remus composed the little rhyme Peter was muttering to himself to help him remember how to deal with a particularly vicious plant.

The others are brilliant in their own ways, but more often than not, they come up with the result for a plot and Remus has to fill in the blanks for them. Like the time they came up with the infamous Animagi idea.


They ran up to Remus in the library, flushed from the run and excited. Peter was giggling uncontrollably, but he did that at the slightest provocation. It was the twin gleam in Sirius and James' eyes, the one that screamed 'We have a plan and it is even more brilliant than the last brilliant thing we just did!'

Sirius' eyes look really nice with that spark in them. They're grey. The kind of grey the sky is when it's summer and it's hot and humid and raining and wonderful.

Bugger. Someone's just said something.

"Remus, halloo! Stop drooling over Sirius and listen, this is completely brilliant!" James hollered.

"I was not drooling over Sirius. I was simply admiring at the restraint the librarian is showing in not decapitating us for being disruptive."

James looked over his shoulder at the library. Sirius and Peter did the same. They took in the chairs and end tables they'd knocked out of the way in their haste. They saw the cowering group of first years they almost ran over and a furious Snivellus half-buried under the pile of books he was carrying. The poor librarian seemed to be in shock.

Sirius turned back first, flashing a grin at Remus

"Excellent," he proclaimed.

"It doesn't matter, we can bother with that stuff later," James said, waving his hand impatiently. "We have just been talking and have hit on the most brilliant plan ever!"

Remus tried not to roll my eyes, he really did. They leaned in so no one else could overhear.

"We," Sirius breathed, "are going to be able to come out with you during--erm, during," he falters.

"Your 'time of the month,'" James completed.

"Yes, that!" Sirius agreed triumphantly.

"Erm, how would you be doing that, pray tell? I'd rather not end up biting an arm or a leg off one of my mates. In case you hadn't noticed, you are very much human," Remus pointed out.

"That's the brilliance of it!" Sirius shouted, pumping his arm in the air. He leant back in, remembering where they were. "We're going to become Animagi!"

"We've been reading up a bit," Pete added enthusiastically. "We think that we can do it."

All Remus could do was sit there and gawk at them. Animagi--? They'd do that, actually apply themselves and study for me?

"The thing is, we kind of need a wee bit of help with the complicated stuff," James admitted.

"Which is almost kind of all of it," Sirius put in.

Well, it was a nice thought.


A few years later, here they are, ready to try it out for the first full moon. Remus can see them from the window. They really ought to get a better hiding place. I'll have to try to remember that.

Madam Pomfrey is leaving, the human shapes are gone, and a stag and a dog are following a ripple in the grass. I hope they remembered the knot, because--

Nevertheless, the Willow stops, and starts up again.

Relieved, he paces until he hears steps on the stairway. He spins around to find a very smug-looking rat, stag, and dog. He grins and drops to the floor to sit. Remus beckons them closer and the three Animagi comply. Remus looks out the window, scanning the sky. He has ten minutes, at least.

Remus experiences the most pleasant wait he can remember, with Prongs nancing about, enjoying his deer form. Wormtail is exploring under the bed, revelling in his change of scale. Padfoot…

Padfoot is between Remus' legs, tail thumping like a crazed metronome because he's getting petted and fussed over by Remus.

Suddenly, Remus hears the Willow stop. His eyes widen. Every few transformations, Madam Pomfrey comes back because she forgot a blanket or some such. Only on nights like this is she sure enough that Remus hasn't transformed yet will she come up.

Padfoot bumps his nose against Remus', whining gently.

Remus leaps to his feet, almost knocking him over.

"Ohmygodhmygodohmygod! She's coming back!" he hisses to the three. Wormtail squeaks and runs back under the four-poster. Prongs and Padfoot stare at him in mute panic.

"Brilliant," Remus mutters. He grabs Prongs around the neck, drags him over behind the four-poster and draws the curtains.

"Keep your head down," he murmurs, arranging Prongs' antlers so they don't show.

There are footsteps downstairs now. Remus lets out a squeak and searches for somewhere to hide Padfoot. The closet!

Mission accomplished, he sits on the floor and leans back against the wall, trying to look nonchalant.

"Hello, dear. Forgot your water, whatever next!" she chuckles to herself. "Forget my own head if it weren't stuck on. I'll just fetch you some blankets out of the closet, all right?"

"NO!" Remus almost shouts. "Erm, I mean, err, don't bother, I can get them myself later."

"But you'll be too tired to, dear. I'll just pop in and get them now, then I'll be off." Her hand is on the doorknob.

"WAIT! " Remus calls--but she's already opened it. Madam Pomfrey takes out some blankets and shuts the door again. She…Sirius, I mean Padfoot…what in hell?

"I'll just lay them on the bed, then."

"Madam Pomfrey, I think I'm going to transform soon!" Remus manages in a strangled voice. She looks alarmed.

"Oh my! I'll leave them here; see you in the morning, dear!" Remus hears her dash down the stairs and across the lower floor.

As soon as the Willow starts up again, Remus scrambles to the closet to find Padfoot looking up at him triumphantly from the dirty laundry basket. Padfoot's triumphant look fades slightly when the huge black dog realises he is stuck.