By Lady Yukina

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Act One: Part 2 –

Everything was coming into place A beginning of the dream was coming true A heart that filled with hopes

And the soul that carries the vibes of excitements and adventures

It was coming true

A part of the dream

It begins here…

Relena and Hilde have packed their luggage, they were ready to go. Excited and nervous at the same time, they couldn't wait to get to L1 and start on fresh on their new school.

Hilde has decided to sleep over at Relena's house so they could leave together the next day.

"What do you think it would be like?" Hilde asked, "I mean, everything is going to change once we get there!"

"I know, I know!" Relena hugged her pillow as they sat on her large bed, "That's why we're going there, a week early and check out the campus!"

"So we can get familiar with the place, it's only natural…"

"And shopping in L1!" Hilde squealed, "We can't forget to shop!"

"Of course not! But it has to be a school dress code and everything!" Relena remind her, "We don't want to show off or get into trouble…"

They just have found out after reading the school manual that the students have no school uniform are they are allowed to express them selves with their clothing but with a strict dress code.

"I know, I remember!" Hilde lay flat on her stomach on Relena's bed beside her as she looked at her best friend, "You think we would met anyone there?"

"We just have to watch what were saying and who we deal with, we should be fine and make new friends…" Relena said.

"No, no, no… I wasn't asking that…" Hilde hid her face on the pillow, "You know… boy friend…"

Relena stared at her friend and shook her head, "Shouldn't you focus on your studies rather than boys?"

"Yeah but a girl have to wonder, you know…" Hilde answered, "It just that since Jason, there was no one else that I got interested on…"

"Jason was a total jerk and you deserve better than him anyway," Relena point out, "You'll meet someone better who would give the world the you and never let you go!"

Hilde giggled, "Thanks for the speech! How about you?"

Relena was taken back and smile at her, "At the moment, having boy friends is far from my mind and not interested… maybe, you never know…"

"True, true…" Hilde smile softly, "But you know, it would be nice…"

Relena didn't answer but lay down and close her eyes.

"We better get some sleep, we have an early flight to L1 tomorrow…" She said then turned off the lights, "Goodnight Hilde!"

"Night Lena!" Hilde turned off the light beside her.


"My Juliet, I have loved you from the start…" The voice was low and attractive, "Here I am before you…"

Relena was speechless but her mouth opened and words came out, "My Romeo I have dreamed of this day for us to be together… For I have fallen in love with you from the start!"

The man in the shadow came forward and wrapped his arms around her waist. Relena couldn't see who it was but she felt the warmth and love, as she was gently pulled closer to him.

He was masculine and small built. A little taller than herself but she could make out that the man before her was no older than her.

"My lady who is my sun, my moon and stars!" The man kneeled down before her, "Will you become my Queen and rule my heart forever?"

Relena was totally moved even thou this was a dream, she felt like this was real.

"My lord, who have captured my heart! You are my King and always be…" Relena bend over to the man as the man looked up to her, "You are my…"


Relena woke up from the sound of beeping from her alarm clock. With un-focus eyes, she reach over to her night table and checked the clock, it was 6:30a.m. Their flight was set for 9:00.

Getting up, she sighed.

'Damn it! I was having such a good dream too…' Relena rubbed the back of her neck as she looked over to the other side of the bed, "Hilde? Hilde! Wake up! It's time to get ready!"

Hilde moaned as she buried her face further on the pillow. Relena shook her head as she have gotten out of bed and pulled the curtain open. It sun was begging to rise but you could still see the star and the half moon in the sky. She turned to her still sleeping friend.

"Hilde! It won't be my fault if you go in a rush because you refuse to get up of bed!" Relena said as she walked over to the bathroom, "Get up woman!"

Hilde moaned in frustration and got up slowly, "Argh! I blame you for getting an early flight!"

"It was your idea too!" Relena smirked.

Hilde groaned and let her head drop on the pillow again.

It was 7:30 when they were finally ready to leave. Milliardo, Mr. And Mrs. PeaceCraft has given both girls hugs, kisses and goodbyes. Hilde have said goodbye to her parents the day before and spent a whole week together. Both girls were in the back seat of the black colored limo with Pagan on the drivers seat, waving and saying goodbyes as they drove away.

"I'm getting so nervous and I'm not even on the shuttle yet!" Hilde held on the Relena's hand and squeezed a little, "Oh my gosh!"

Relena giggled as she patted her friend's back, "Calm down Hilde! It's going to be a great year and experience! You'll see!"

Hilde have calmed down and agreed as they began to talk of they should do first when they reached L1. Relena's Father has pulled some strings after learning that they could live outside the campus. Mr. PeaceCraft has gotten them a 5-bedroom condo and about 2 blocks away from the school, which made the girls very happy and excited.

"But you know, why do we need 5 bedrooms?" Hilde asked, "Isn't that a bit too much?"

"Father's friend owned the condominium…" Relena explained, "It was either that or the 2 bedroom with 1 bathroom… The place was already packed with families and the 5-bedroom on was the last one on the list so Father took that…"

"All the bedrooms have their own bathroom, walk-in-closet and most importantly… We are only 2 halls away from the in-door-pool!"

"YES!" Hilde cheered, "Thank you, Mr. PeaceCraft!"

Both girls laughed as they continue to chat until they have reached the airport. As expected, Pagan have given taken both girls into a bear hug and made them promise to take good care of each other, behave and don't do things that they shouldn't do or he would take the first flight to L1 and drag both of them back home. The girls laughed but promised with all their hearts and given the man a kiss on the cheeks before saying their final goodbyes.


'Shuttle for Colony L1 has arrived! All passenger, please, report to the gate D14!'


'Shuttle for Colony L1 has arrived! All passenger, please, report to the gate D14'

They were both seated near the window and waited for 15mins for everyone else to be seated. Hilde had her eyes closed with both of her hands on the armchair. Relena could only watch her friend's reaction, she doesn't blame her, and Hilde wasn't a fan of flying.

"Breath H, just breath…" Relena said in a soothing tune of voice, "Calm down… your hands is turning white…"

Hilde bit her lower lip as she felt the shuttle moved and took hold of Relena's hand.

"I just can't get use to…!" Hilde was cut off when she felt the whole shuttle began to take flight. She began to shake.

Relena wrapped her arms around her friend and given her shooting words to calm her down. It took a while for Hilde to come around as she looked out the window and found her self looking at the darkness and glittering stars of space. It took her breath away.

"Wow…" Hilde began to calm down, "It's beautiful…"

"Isn't?" Relena smiled as she looked out the window as well, "Space has the most beautiful sight and just wait until we land! You'll see earth from the shuttle port!"

It was a 6hr flight, which Hilde have gotten used to and actually began to move around until the flight attendant have asked her to sit down and relax. Once they have reached the port, Hilde was breathless as she found her self-looking at the blue and green colored planet.

"Oh my god…" Hilde said, "Earth's magnificent from up here…"

"Yeah, it is…" Relena smiled as she looked out the window, "It's a like a… ouch!"

Relena was almost knocked over her feet by something soft but was able to steady her footing with Hilde's help.

"What was that?" Relena looked down and found her self-staring into a pair of blue eyes.

"Hi…" It said.

The girls have to take a second look of the intruder. It was a little girl about 5 years old.

"I'm very sowy!" She said, "I didn't mean to bump you…"

Relena and Hilde couldn't help but smile at her. Relena patted the little girl's head.

"It's ok, I'm not hurt…" Relena assured her.

The little girl smiled and giggled, "That's good!"

"What's your name little girl? Are you lost?" Hilde asked, "Maybe we could go look for your parents?"

The little girl shook her head and pointed at a couple that was standing near the food stand, "Oh yeah! My name is Julia Maxwell! My mommy and daddy are over there! I accidentally bump into you because of that cart-thingy!"

"Oh, I see…" Relena smiled down to her, "Well, Julia… My name is Relena PeaceCraft and this is my friend Hilde Schibecker…"

"Nice to meet you Julia!" Hilde smiled at the little girl.

"Nice to meet you too!" Julia said giggling, "Oh, I got to go now! My mommy is calling me! See you later!"

Julia skipped away from the two girls towards the couple.

"What a cute little girl!" Relena said giggling, "She got that cute face that looks like your brother when he was little!"

"Oh yeah, she does!" Hilde giggled, "A female look-a-like of Sammy!"

Both girls laughed as they walked towards the luggage pick-up. When they didn't notice a pair of eyes watching them walk away.

"What were there names?" He asked Julia.

"Relena PeaceCraft is the long haired one and Hilde Schibecker is the short haired one!" Julia pointed out, "They're very nice!"

"Did you asked them what school they go to?" the owner of the voice was a young man about Relena and Hilde's age.

"Ops, sowy big brother!" Julia pouted, "Mommy and Daddy called me before I could ask them…"

Duo Maxwell chuckled and patted the little girl's head, "It's ok Julia! I got what I wanted and you'll get what you wanted! Ice cream!"

"Yay, yay!" Julia cheered, "You're the best big brother, ever!"

"And you're the best little sister there is, Julia!" Duo picked up the little girl and walked away to join his parents at the food stand.

'Hilde Schibecker, huh…' Duo grinned, 'What a nice name…'

"Duo dear, you didn't use you little sister to get girls again did you?" Mrs. Maxwell eyed her son, "I saw her talk to those two girls…"

"Those two look pretty cute, son!" Mr. Maxwell winked at his son, who earned him a pinch on the side from his wife, "I was just complimenting, sweetheart! That's all!"

"Not helping, dear!" Mrs. Maxwell glared at her husband, "Duo, you shouldn't use you sister like that!"

"But I didn't ask her to do anything, Mom! Honest!" Duo said with an innocent look.

"Mommy, I bumped into those prewty girls accidentally after I talked to that nice old lady…" Julia said innocently, "Big brother didn't make me do anything…"

Mrs. Maxwell blinked and then looked at her son, "Ok, then… I'm sorry Duo dear…"

Then she and her husband walked away from the food stands towards the luggage-pick up. Duo kissed his sister's cheek and nuzzled her hair.

"Your sneaky and I'm so proud of you but never lie to Mom like that again unless it's important, ok…" Duo said against her hair.

"Don't worry, I only like for you big brother!" Julia cutely kissed his nose and giggled.

"You're a monster!" Duo chuckled as he followed his parents, "Now, let's go get your ice cream and an extra scoop for backing me up!"

"Hurray!" Julia cheered.


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