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Author's Note: Hey guys. I'm trying a new writing style here, since I've never written a story in someone's POV before. This story's in SSX's POV, and it takes place after Sun Ce dies. Sun Ce's one of my favorite characters, I hate to kill him off so early in the story, but, what must be done must be done. Everyone's costumes are as follows-- DW4 for everyone, except Sun Shang Xiang's, in DW5.

Without further ado, I give you...

A little girl was crying. "Brother! Brother! I'm scared!" A little boy cheered the girl on encouragingly. "Come on, Shang Xiang. You can do it. Just hold on, and don't be afraid." With that, the little boy gave the small pony a push. "Ce!" the girl cried, obviously terrified. "It's OK, Shang Xiang! It's OK!"

Ugh…what's going on? What's up with the memories?

That's when it all came back to me. That was when I was 6, and Sun Ce, my eldest brother, taught me to ride horses. We started with the pony. Man, did Ce love that pony. I remember when it broke its leg…he was so upset. Of course, he got over it. That's my brother.

And unfortunately, the other events of last night soon flooded back into my memory banks. The brother who taught me to ride ponies was the same brother who's currently lying on a cot dying right now. After those…creeps shot him down with arrows. I swear, if there's any way I can get my revenge I will. I'll hunt them down and kill them, no matter what the sacrifice is.

But what can I do? I'm a girl, first of all. There's no way my brother Quan would let me go, first of all. Not while I'm supposed to be settling down like the young lady I am. What garbage. What difference does it make? Male, female, who cares? I know I could be a warrior. My swordplay's better then most males, nobody can fight with chakrams better than I, what's holding me back? If Quan wasn't such an idiot, Wu might not be in such turmoil now!

None of that matters now…as long as Ce will live, I'll be willing to wear a gown and embroider clothes for the rest of my life…

Some servant woke me up that morning. I ignored her pleas and buried my face back into my pillows. It wasn't until I heard crying that I sat up in bed. Still ignoring the servant, I ordered her out and slipped out of my nightgown. Pulling on my regular costume, I slid my bare feet into a pair of shoes and hurried out the door.

I walked down the halls, frantically trying to find where the crying was coming from, when I noticed a young maiden leaning up against the wall, looking upset. Approaching her, I realized who she was - Xiao Qiao, daughter of Qiao Xuan and wife of Zhou Yu. I had forgotten almost completely that the Two Qiaos, as they were called, had recently married my brother Ce and his sworn brother, Zhou Yu.

Da Qiao was married to my brother, thus making her my sister-in-law. I didn't really know either girl well, since I found them too feminine for my liking. I preferred to be in the company of their spouses. Now, however, I walked up to the younger Qiao and cleared my throat. "What's going on?"

Xiao Qiao's gray eyes met my own brown eyes, and said, quietly, "Lord Sun Ce has died."

AN: That was the prolouge, a short introduction to the story. That's why it was short. :P The pairing for the story's going to be GN/SSX, but there's going to be problems with Liu Bei, and another Wu officer whose identity I will not reveal until the appropriate chapter. :) Maybe some SC/DQ fluff, with Da Qiao remembering the good times with Sun Ce, and reminicing some memories. I'll see about ZY/XQ. Read and review, I'm not posting the next chapter unless I get 5 reviews.