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Zhen Ji attacked, lashing out with her flute. I blocked, not letting her get the upper hand. She withdrew her flute and viciously stabbed through the blades of my chakrams and jabbed me in the lower chest.

I gasped in pain as the sharp edge of the flute lanced through my clothes into my flesh. "OWWW... you... BITCH!" I screamed, staggering back a few feet. I wasn't finished yet, however; in retaliation, I kicked the evil woman in the chest and slashed at her with my chakrams before she got a chance to stand upright once more.

My chakrams had hit home; one of the blades had left a long, deep, vertical cut along Zhen Ji's arm. The purple cloth, worn in a glove fashion, had torn down the center, with a large red gash visible. Blood was leaking out.

"Brutish creature! You shall be vanquished!" she cried, holding her wounded arm.

"HAH! That'll be the day!" I taunted.

"Way to go, Shang Xiang," Tong said, but I could tell by the amount of blood dripping from his back that his condition was rapidly deteriorating. I had to hurry.

In the fifteen seconds in which I'd turned from the battle, Zhen Ji had gotten back to her feet and retaliated. I felt the solid metal smash against my arm, and I felt a crack. Pain.

I staggered angrily, holding my arm. If the bone hadn't snapped in two, it was definitely injured, and decreased my chances of winning this battle.

Still, I'd rather die honorably than give up like a coward. I spared a glance at Tong, who had been quiet for a few minutes now. His eyes were closed, but I saw the rise and fall of his chest and was relieved. He wasn't dead. If I finished Zhen Ji off soon I could get him back to the main camp.

"What's the matter, Wu Princess?" Zhen Ji taunted. "Your older brothers aren't here to protect you?"

"What about your husband? You haven't been kissing his ass lately," I answered, feeling a lot tougher than I felt.

"You shall pay for your insolence!" Zhen Ji screamed. "Clearly scum such as yourself can only learn the lesson the hard way!"

"Yeah, yeah, right, like you're actually gonna do anything," I snapped. "You idiots are all the same. You talk like you're going to kill us, but the whole time you look like you're ready to drop a load! Get real!" I stood up straight, dropped the chakram in my useless arm, and crouched down, ready to fight to the end.

"Beasts like yourself are doomed to perish," Zhen Ji snarled, swinging her flute at my head again. I ducked and she raised her flute to hit my head. I rolled on my back and kicked my legs upward, knocking her in the stomach.

"Oooh!" Zhen Ji gasped, having the wind knocked out of her. I rolled back and stood upright.

"Had enough?" I smirked.

"Not a chance," she replied.

We continued fighting, occasionally landing blows on each other. Toward the middle of our duel, I could see over Zhen Ji's shoulder that her troops were slowly closing in on us. I shrugged it off. I could take a couple (hundred thousand) troops.

Zhen Ji whacked me across the face with her flute, causing me to cough up some blood. "BITCH!" I screamed, striking with my chakram, nearly cutting her right leg off.

Zhen Ji shrieked in pain and wobbled on her left leg, wincing in pain. "This might be the end," she said angrily. "But I shall not give up!"

"That makes two of us!" I yelled, charging again. Zhen Ji landed another blow to my shoulder, and I yelled in pain. She kicked me, with her mobile leg, and I stumbled against the edge of the docks, and smashed against a wooden wall.

I groaned in pain. Unless a miracle happened, I was going to die.

I looked up once more, sweat dripping from my face onto the ground, and gasped. I was wrong; these troops were not Zhen Ji's. A tall, rather muscular man atop a snow-white horse was watching our duel, coming up behind Zhen Ji.

"Zhen, what ails you?" he said, looking down at Zhen Ji.

"M-My lord! I was simply disposing of the Wu vermin for you," Zhen Ji answered, glaring scathingly at me. Ohhhh boy. This had to be Cao Pi.

Cao Pi turned to look at me and raised an eyebrow. "What do we have here? One of those Southern peasants?" He walked up to me and seemed to be sizing me up.

"Very well. Zhen, I am sure you can easily dispose of this little insect. Carry on. Might I also add the rumored beauty of the Wu Princess is quite... shall we say... mistaken. Carry on, Zhen, I shall await your victory," Cao Pi said.

Zhen Ji approached me, raising her flute to my chest, probably going to stab me. "Well, well, little Wu Princess, for one as arrogant as yourself, one would expect you'd put up a greater struggle," she said mockingly.

"Get it over with, bitch," I snarled.

Zhen Ji gritted her teeth maliciously. "Oh don't worry, little Princess. It'll all be over soon."

"Zhen, we really do not have all day," Cao Pi reminded her. "Finish the Wu scum, throw her overboard, and let's go."

Zhen Ji nodded. "Your wish is my command, my lord."

"It's almost hard to believe one with such incredible beauty also possesses such great skill on the battlefield as well," Cao Pi continued. "Your melodies on the battlefield bring joy to my heart, Zhen."

"Oh, my Lord, my melodies are only played when I am by your side," Zhen Ji cooed, giving Cao Pi the Bambi-eyes expression.

"What the hell are you trying to do, gag me to death?" I said, revolted. "Kill me and get it over with!"

Zhen Ji snarled. "Have it your way. I shall play a requiem for you in the afterlife." She kicked me one final time, raised her flute, and I felt it hit home. The sharp edge pierced through my chest and I felt blood gush out. Still, she missed where she was aiming at, meaning, although I was in excruitating pain, I wasn't going to die. Yet.

I closed my eyes and let out a moan, feigning death so they'd go away. "You'll... pay... for this..." I gasped, then pretended to die.

Zhen Ji smirked (well, I couldn't see, but I KNEW that bitchy woman was smirking at the thought of killing me) and kicked me, hard. I fought back the urge to scream in pain, when I realized I was scraping along the wooden floor.

I couldn't open my eyes, but I had a good clue of what was happening. This beast woman was throwing me overboard. I was in no condition to swim back to the shore, or even fight my way back up to the docks. I was doomed, no doubt about it.

Zhen Ji kicked me again, her long black boot digging into my side. She prodded me over the edge, I took a deep breath, and I fell, into the cold, black waters.


Upon hitting the water, my eyes fluttered open. I ignored the stinging of my eyes, saw the smoky red liquid gushing from my chest wound, and choked to hold my breath in. Surrounding me was corpses, everywhere. Some of them were fatally wounded, some wore blue, some green, and some wore red. I tried not to moan in pain as the salty, filthy water stung my eyes and my multiple wounds.

I was going to die, I just knew it. I was struggling to hold my breath, not wanting to give into death, but I couldn't even see the black sillouettes of the ships above me, let alone swim up to them, injured and without use of one of my arms.

I closed my eyes and slowly exhaled. If I was going to die, it'd be by my own hand. No Wei scum was going to take down Sun Shang Xiang.

Before everything blacked out, I had the distinct feeling of something grabbing hold of me, but dismissed it as a corpse. Pretty soon it was over.


"Shang Xiang!"

I thought I heard someone call my name. Strange... I wasn't immersed in water anymore, but I still felt pain. In fact, my chest hurt more than it did when I was still alive. Was this the afterlife?

Only one way to find out. I opened my eyes, tried to sit up, and saw the night sky, lit up with bright stars and the large white disk that was the moon.

"Uhhhh..." I groaned, weakly. If this was the afterlife, it sucked, I wasn't going to lie.

"Shang XIANG! Don't give out on me!" Someone was shaking my shoulders.

I opened my eyes again and saw a white-faced, terrified Tong holding me by my shoulders. "Ugggh... Tong?"

"SHANG XIANG!" Tong screamed, and hugged me so tightly I thought I would die again. "Aww, man, I was so WORRIED about you!!"

"OOF!" I gasped, returning the hug but finding it hard to breathe. "A'ight, Tong, leggo!"

"Oops, sorry," he said, releasing me. "Are you OK?"

"I think... well I'm not dead, and that's good," I said. "What happened? I thought I died!"

"So did I. I saw that horrible woman stab you and knock you overboard, and the minute she and her weasel husband left I dove in and found you. You were pretty deep down there. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY DEAD BODIES THERE ARE IN THERE? THE WATER TASTED LIKE BLOOD!" Tong said, sounding scared.

"I know, I was there," I groaned. "Where are we?"

"I have absolutely no idea. I was trying to drag both of our sorry butts back to the main camp, but you weren't moving, so I decided to figure out if you were dead or not."

"Good thing I was alive," I said. "How'd you wake me up?"

"Um... I'm sorry," Tong said, blushing all the while.

Geez. "Did we lose?" I asked, changing the subject.

"I have no idea, I guess we'll find out," Tong said. "Can you walk? I'm getting tired of carrying you, I'm exhausted..."

"Yeah, I think I can walk," I said weakly. "How much farther, you think?"

"With our lousy luck, really really really far," Tong complained.

"Can I lean against you? I can't walk that well," I said, finding it hard to breathe.

Tong nodded and I got my arm around his shoulder. "Thanks," I said,

We walked about 20 more feet, and Tong said, "Hey, look, the Main Camp. Maybe things are starting to look up."

"No they're not," I said, pointing. "Black flag." The Wu flag symbolized everything was alright in the main camp; the black flag, which had replaced it, only symbolized something bad was happening.

(AN: I doubt this is really a tradition, but hey, it's called fan FICTION so I can do what I want. Hahaha.)

"Don't worry," Tong said. "Maybe they're worried about us."

"I certainly hope so," I said.


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