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Why do I always get myself into trouble like this? See, I was just lounging on my couch, nuthin' happening, just chilling. Then suddenly, this big, black hole appeared just above me. In normal cases, people would have ran away, as far as possible. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a normal person. What did I do?

I stayed put and stared at the hole.

I know, I know, you don't have to tell me how stupid that was! I noticed it soon after!

As I was gazing into the hole ("Oooh, pretty colors..."), a torso of a woman emerged from the hole. She had purple, wavy hair on two buns, some of her long hair was down and she was wearing a dress that looked like it was made in China. You know, one of those really complicated, royal dresses? The dress was a combination of purples, blues and see-through fabric, along with red, embroired flowers. Her eyes were blue and she was smiling at me. Then, without any warning what so ever, she grabbed my shoulders ("Wha-HEY! LEGGO!") and pulled me into the black hole. I felt myself falling, fast, and I heard a voice.

"You search love... Only a true, unconditional love can restore you back..." I heard a feminine voice echo in the oblivion. Say what?

"That's so nicked from a fairytale! Take me back home, damnit!" I screeched back, flailing my arms around.

"No! You will find love if you won't search it!" The voice spoke again, laughing all the while.

"What the- Stop speaking in riddles and tell me what I'm supposed to do!" I screamed, trying to find that woman.

"You'll see!" Came the answer, and I felt myself shrinking and falling. My view was growing dim... Oh, great, now I'm blacking out! If I ever see that woman again...

Uugh... What a hangover... Wait, I didn't drink last night. Or during the day... Oh yeah, I was sucked into a black hole that manifested itself over my couch! Why I oughta... Wait, what's this on my face? I feel it with my hand and... It's kinda long... Smooth... And it has a sharp tip. I take a better look at it. Oh, it's a pencil. Nothing there then, it's just a- Wait, a what? I take another look at it. Yup, it's a giant pencil. I roll it off me and look around. I see a figure hovering near me. I take a closer look.

Oh my...

OH MY GOD. It's Tsunade. From Naruto! Okay, nothing bad here then. I'm just about the size of a pencil in the Naruto-universe! Lovely. Lovely indeed. My rage gave me some courage to make myself known to Tsunade.

"Hey! You up there! A little help?" I asked and looked up. Tsunade looked down, and her eyes widened.

"What the-"

"My question exactly, lady!" I piped up and moved a pencil. It was crushing my legs. It really does hurt when you're about 6 inches tall! I kicked the rest of the over-sized stuff off me and dusted myself off. I realized that I was wearing my trademark clothing: My red fireworks-china top, black mini-skirt on top of my khaki cargo-pants and my beloved black sneakers. My black, long hair was tied into a braid and my glasses are still on, although they are slightly more cubical than they used to be. Tsunade lowered her head to my level, mainly, putting her chin to the surface of the desk and looking at me.

"Where did you come from?" She asked. Good question…

"Well, I'm not sure… I was lying on my couch, when suddenly this woman came, yanked me up and threw me into a portal. When I woke up, I was here, buried under papers, pens and erasers." I said and scratched my head. Tsunade looked at me, and then put his finger on my head. I, of course, sunk slightly down.

"What the hell?"

"Sorry! I wanted to make sure you were real, and not a hallucination." She smiled slightly and scratched the back of her neck.

"Who are you, by the way?" Oh yeah, maybe I should introduce myself!

"Me? My name is Ping. And I already know that you're Tsunade."

"Oh? You do?" She asked and seemed more interested than ever.

"Yeah! You see, where I come from, there's this manga…." And so, I explained about the manga "Naruto" and the fact that I'm a fan of it. It took a while, because she refused to believe me… Gee, can't imagine why.

"And that's it." I closed my third explanation.

"… That's quite the story, there… But it still doesn't explain why you're so small." She said. Hey, no poking fun at the little people!

"Well, that might be because the weird lady threw me through the portal. I dunno." I shrugged and stretched a little from my lotus position on the table. Tsunade seemed to sink into thought.

"So, uh… You wouldn't happen to know how I could go back to my couch, would ya?" I asked and looked around. Tsunade thought about it some more.

"I don't know… But I could ask the families in Konohagakure if they'd have any scrolls about shrinkage of people. Come on." She said and put her hand to the table, palm side up. I looked at it for a while, then I looked at Tsunade.

"… What?"

"Come on. I'm calling in all the jounins. And you're coming with me to a meeting." She said and I nearly screamed from joy. Whee, I'm goin' to a meeting, I'm goin' to a meeting, I'm goin' to a meeting! So I jumped on her hand and she raised it to her shoulder. I jumped on it and decided to cling on the strap of her shirt with all my might. This ought to be fun. Whoo, it's windy at the top.

"So, none of you actually knows anything about shrinking people?" Tsunade asked and looked at the jounins. There were sounds of denial in the room.

"Not being disrespectful or anything, but… Why are you so interested in it all of a sudden?" Genma asked and chewed on the straw he was always chewing. Tsunade peered at him.

"An unexpected visitor needs some help."

"And who's this visitor you mentioned?" Some random jounin continued, slightly sceptical. Tsunade grinned like the cat that got the canary. She put her hand below the desk, and I jumped on it. I had been watching the situation from there. I jumped on her hand and sat down before I fell over.

"Ladies and gentlemen: This is Ping." She said and let me jump on her desk. Aww man, the looks on their faces were priceless! I smiled slightly, then bowed.

"Hello!" I look at them again. They're now talking animatedly between themselves and pointing at me every now and then.

"No, it's not a genjutsu…"

"It's not a ninjutsu either!"

"I'm pretty sure Hokage is just messing with us." Tsunade glared at them, very close to boiling point.

"Tsunade-san… Please don't shout… Control your temper…" I tried to calm her down. Tch, like anyone ever listens to me. Like in this situation.

"Everyone shut up and listen! I'm not joking around!" She shouted and slammed her palm to the desk, breaking it in half and sending me flying. This ain't good.

"AAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEEE!" Whoah, my stomach is weightless. I then hit something soft and promptly, begin to fall down.

"Waagh!" I tried to grasp the fabric I hit put without much of success. HOLY FUCK, MAN, I'M FALLING! Wait, I'm not falling. What the… Oh. I saw that the person I hit had put his hand under me, causing me to lie on his palm.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Ping!" Tsunade shouted from her (mutilated) desk.

"It's… Okay…" I twitch slightly, still shaken up. Then I look upwards at the guy whom I just (literally) flew into. It's Kakashi. Eep.

"I see my life flashing before my eyes…" I exclaim in a quivering voice and twitch some more. Twitching is good. Twitching relaxes.

"Umm… What am I supposed to do with her?" Kakashi asks and looks at Tsunade. She's grinning again… Like a… A… Sadistic demon enjoying from someone else's pain.

"You're taking care of her until I can make her normal again." He has to do WHAT?

"WHAT?" We both shout at the same time. Oh, she wouldn't… I heard some other jounins snickering.

"You heard me. Feed her and give her a roof over her head. And clothe her."

"How am I supposed to give her clothes? She so small!"

"Hey!" That wasn't nice.

"Go to a toy store! They have doll-clothes!"

"HEY!" That was just plain mean!

"Oh, my rival Kakashi! You have been given an important mission! I envy your luck!" Gai raged on and did his good-guy pose. His teeth shone light and said "ting!". That is not normal. At all. So I quickly climbed into Kakashi's right pocket, settling myself between the miscellaneous stuff inhabiting it. I drew the flap over my head and peered at Gai.

"Scary guy."

"Well, that's settled then. You're taking care of Ping! Dismissed!" Tsunade said and made a dismissive gesture with her hand. The jounin began piling out of the room, snickering at Kakashi and generally talking about me.

"What's in it for me?" I heard Kakashi say. Wow, don't I feel special right about now.

"I'll talk to Jiraya about his novels." A long pause found it's place here.

"Okay! Come along, Ping!" And he began moving. Woo, it'll take a while to get used to this...

"Bye Tsunade!" I hollered at her.

"See you later!" She shouted back and smiled. Sigh. Well, it was kinda warm in here… Wait, I'll have to clean that lint out.

"Ping, what are you doing in there?" He asked poking at his pocket. I threw a handful of lint out and resumed my duties. It's kind of a tight squeeze here… I'm sharing the pocket with one scroll, one piece of cloth and some kind of a patch.

"Cleaning." Clean, clean, clean… Another handful flew away. I felt slight taps on his vest, like he was brushing something off.

"Right. You're gonna be okay in that pocket, right?" He asked while brushing off the lint. You know, I was feeling somewhat drowsy… I fashioned the patch into a pillow and the piece of cloth became a blanket.

"Yeah, I'll just take a nap or something…" And I yawned, looking out from the pocket, supporting myself from the edges. I looked at Kakashi, who seemed to be somewhat fidgety about me being in his pocket. He looked back at me.

"You do that." He waved at me. I yawned again.

"Yeah… Laters!" And I vanished inside the pocket, trying to find a good position for my naptime. Before I knew it, the warmth and the sound of his heartbeat lulled me to sleep. Everything went black, and I felt so… Relaxed. Even if I was six-inches tall, stranded in an imagined world and stuck in some man's pocket. I'm gonna think about this… But later.

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