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"How about this dress?" Kakashi held up a rather ugly-looking thing.

"Kakashi, there's no way in seven hells I'll wear that pink, frilly, fluffy... Thing!" I point at the dress, clearly disgusted by it. I mean, come on, pink and frilly!

"Ma, we've been here for... Fifteen minutes and you still haven't gotten anything." He complained, slightly embarrassed to be in a toy-store. Near the dolls. In a pink area. It threatens his masculinity. I'd hate to be there too. Wait, I am there. This blows.

"Well, for one thing, I'm not a child's toy. Second, there are no good clothes nearby." I walk on a countertop and look around. I inconspicuously kick one of those glass-eyed dolls, just to feel better. I always hated dolls. They look so... Dead.

"Well then, why don't we get you to Sakura's house and she can make you those clothes?"

"Hell no!"

"Ping..." He warned me as I kicked another doll. Damn porcelain-skinned, flawless little blondie... I'm not jealous. No. Not at all.

"Hey, how about this one?" Kakashi points at a strange, baby-blue frilly dress.

"No frills, Kakashi. I don't wear frills." I sigh and examine a comfy-looking bed. Kakashi agreed to buy some doll-objects, like a bed, chairs, wardrobe, things like that. And this isn't the plastic junk you buy from your regular, run-of-the-mill supermarket. Oh no. These are all hand-carved, the best a craftsman can offer, made of the finest materials, like they would've done for real people. These are incredibly comfortable, you know. Just like normal chairs and beds!

"Kakashi, can I choose some furniture first?" I ask and glance at the man. He nods, eyes (no, eye) shifting about, just to make sure no one sees him there. O ho ho ho, this is great... I rub my hands together and smirk.

"Was it really necessary to get this many pieces of furniture?" Kakashi asked, slightly miffed.

"Well, yeah! I need a bed, chairs, a table, a wardrobe, a night-table, a book-case..."

"Okay, okay, I get it!"

"I thought so." I replied smugly. He had agreed, although grudgingly, to buy me enough furniture to supply a small-scale house. Yay for me! He's currently paying them at the cash-register. Not that I want to sound like a horrible human being, but he sort of walked into that one. What some people won't do for a pervy book. Ho-hum.

"Oh dear!" I hear a soft, elderly voice of a woman and I look up. Yup, an elderly, nice-looking woman is looking me with wonderment. Why is she- Oh. Right. I'm six inches tall. Durr. Death to the freaky lady in the swirlie-thingy!

"Oh my, a living doll!" HEY!

"Ah, she's not a living doll, she is... A victim of an unfortunate jutsu." Kakashi straight-out lied to the nice lady. Then again, he couldn't exactly tell her the truth now could he? I mean, only me and Tsunade know the truth... Oh well.

"Oh dear me... Do you need any clothes?" She asked me. Well, she's taking this lightly, isn't she?

"Yeah, some normal clothes. I hate frilly dresses." I exclaimed loudly. Hey, I need clothes!

"Oh, that's too bad. .. You would've looked so adorable in a dress... Oh well." And she walked into a backroom. I glanced at Kakashi who was, most likely, smirking at me (judging from his curved eye).

"... Zip it."

"What? I didn't say anything..."

"But you we're gonna. So zip it."

"Ma, Ping-chan, why so testy?" Oh, he's enjoying this, isn't he? I give him another mother-of-all-deathglares and my eye twitches as he chuckles and taps me on the head with his finger. Why I ought'ta-!

"Here we are! I found some clothes that were designed for dolls that are about your size!" The nice lady came back with an arm-load of different clothing-packages. She sets them down on the counter and I begin examining them.

"So how much is each?" Kakashi asks, a little concerned. I reckon he hasn't received his pay check just yet...

"Oh, don't worry about the payment, dear! You can have them for free!" The woman laughs and smiles. Say what?

"Bu- Buh- But lady! I can't accept them!" I try to argue. I'm not used to getting stuff free, okay? It makes me feel like a leech.

"Nonsense, dear! And I'm not asking you to take them, I'm telling you to take them. Now go ahead, choose!" Wow. Just... wow.

"Thank you, ma'am!"

"London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling, my fair lady!"

"One, you're getting more and more annoying by the minute, two, where's this 'London bridge' you sing about?" Crap, busted! I forgot these people have different nursery rhymes than me! Crap crap crap!

"Umm... London bridge... It's something I came up with, nothing special! Hee hee!" Wow. That was lame. Kakashi didn't answer, so either he bought it or is thinking of methods to make me tell the truth. Glory.

"Soo, when do we get to your house?" I asked, really, really wanting to get off the hook right about now.

"We're here." He said and landed in front of a door, balancing a couple of bags and fishing out for a key from his pockets.

"... That was fast." I blinked as he opened the door. Then again, he did take the scenic route by jumping from roof to roof to get here...

"Now, where am I supposed to put you...?" He mumbles, looking around his apartment. Wow. It's bare. It has the essential things... Damn clean too. So either Hatake is a neat-freak or he doesn't spend that much time home.

Let's go with the neat-freak for now.

He walks into his bedroom, if the bed in the corner is of any indication, puts the bags on his bed and fishes me out, surprisingly gently. He sets me on the table and looks at me intently.

"... What?" He doesn't answer, only shakes his head.

"You know, if you're going to live here, there are a few rules. One, don't wander off." Oh, I'm so doing that the minute I can! And be attacked by cats and dogs? SUUU-URE! Idiot.

What? I'm a little irritated right now. So sue me. He pretends not to notice my dry look, and continues.

"Two, don't make a mess." As if I can.

"Three, don't touch my Icha Icha Paradise-novels."

"Oh, darn, and I so wanted to see what's so interesting in them!" I say while snapping my fingers, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Good! Then you're settled!" The man exclaims while grinning, seemingly. Oh boy. This is gonna be one strange day... As if it isn't already...

Kakashi and I decided it would be the best for me to 'live' somewhere close to the ground, you know, just in case anything happens. He also fashioned me some sort of rope-ladders that lead to his desk, allowing me to use most of his bedroom. He also made few more ladders around his apartment so I could have a little more places to move in. Isn't he sweet? Well, he can be if he wants to. The furniture I picked, by the way, are surprisingly light in weight.

"Well, I think this is just fine." I say and turn to Kakashi, who is quite literally sprawled all over the floor in order to see me better. He tilts his head and looks at me upside down.

"... Ma, it looks nice." He says and rolls onto his stomach to see it better. You see, he cleared a whole lower shelf for me in his bookcase that resides in his bedroom, and put a small curtain over it to give me some privacy. So now, I've set the furniture (consisting of a bookcase, wardrobe, bed, a table, chairs, a sofa, a comfty chair and the curtain, complete with pillows, blankets and all that stuff) the way I wanted, and I have to admit, it does look pretty good.

"Thanks." I nod at him and promptly clap a hand over my stomach as it growls again.

"You're hungry again?" Kakashi asks in surprise, furrowing his eyebrow(s). What? I like to eat, okay? And I get hungry almost every hour!

"... Maybe?" I chuckle nervously while making my eyes shift from side to side, desperately trying to silence my rumbling stomach. Kakashi sighs and shakes his head. He gets up and I swear, I hear him mutter 'thank god she's that small or she'd eat me out of house and home...' as he exits his room.

Hey, I don't eat that much or that often!

... Right?

I desperately push my stomach towards my spine with my hands as it continues to growl like a demon. Damn, why does my stomach have to be so damn loud! Gahh!

I hear Kakashi returning but I'm too busy trying to silence myself to really look. Then I smell something.

"Here. It's a leftover from my yesterdays' meal, but it's edible." He says and hands me a gigantic odango. Oh my lord... I have never seen a rice-dumbling this big! It's half my height and twize my size!

"Thank you soo much, Kakashi-kun!" I say and flash him a grateful smile before digging in to that giant rice-ball, quite famished. He seems to have a rice-ball of his own, and he starts eating it knowing that I'm too pre-occupied to even look at him.

If only I had looked up during my feast, I would've seen something rare... A small smile and a small blush uncovered by a mask...

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"Oh look, a full moon!" I say and point at the moon which is now shining on our merry little troupe. Then something odd happens. There's a brief white glow that surrounds me, then everything around me starts shrinking, until they look... Normal. I look around, seeing the astonished faces of my acquaintances, really at the level of their faces. I look at my hands, now completely normal in size. This... This is...

"Kakashi?" I ask, my voice trembling. I fix my gaze into him, quite frankly (pardon my French) scared shitless. He looks amazed and hasn't moved at all.

"I think we need to see Tsunade."