A New Pupil

The Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Erik is the phantom's name from the original novel by Leroux. Melody is a character that I "made up" for the story.

I hope you like it )

Chapter 1

After a long twelve years, Christine had never forgotten the evening where she left Erik in the lair. She refused to go back to the opera house, for it would bring back too many memories. She decided if she did not have her Angel of Music, she would not sing. Christine settled down in a beautiful, large red brick home just out of Paris, with a gorgeous garden where Christine's daughter, Melody, always pretended she was the prima donna of her own opera house. Raoul and Christine seemed to be happy together, but Raoul always knew that the insident will remain with Christine forever. Who could not forget the man you met at the age of seven, and helped you advance in your career as the opera house's diva? Erik loved Christine so much, he murdered anyone who might ruin their "relationship", except Raoul. It was that kiss that Christine and Erik shared that let her and Raoul go free. Raoul knew how much he loved her. And he knew that Erik was more like a mad man. Will he come back to take Christine away from him? He worries about it every day, but he had never told Christine. He didn't want to put any more pressures on her.

Raoul went and knocked on the door for Melody to come in for dinner. Melody was a mirror image of her mother. She always had her head in the clouds, and she shared the gift of music. Raoul was suprised on how well Melody could sing. She hasn't been taking lessons, just playing by her self outside in the garden, or in her bedroom. Raoul and Christine were very wealthy, but Melody, nor Christine liked everything done for them, or everything they had ever wanted. Raoul never realized that, and thought the only way to make them happy, was through material items.

"What were you doing outside again, Melody?" asked Raoul as a plate of chicken was sat infront of him.

"Daddy...why must you always ask?" Melody said as she rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry, I was making a conversation."

Christine walked in, and sat down. She didn't say anything, but smiled to Raoul and Melody, as they were already eating.

"Anything else Monsieur?" the maid asked Raoul.

"No, madame, you may go home for the evening." They continued eating but no one said a word, just gestured smiles.

"Excuse me," Raoul said as he got up, and went outside on the balcony, overlooking the garden. Christine finished up, and brought some tea outside and sat by Raoul. She seemed pale, and just sighed.

"What is wrong?" asked Raoul.

"I'm worried about Melody," Christine began, "I know that I used to sit outside and sing. But I had you as a friend. She...doesn't seem to have anyone to talk to. She doesn't talk to either of us."

Raoul looked concerned, "She doesn't seem to want anything to do with me. Maybe you should talk to her tonight."

Christine shrugged. "I don't know. She hasn't been herself for the past couple weeks, or even a month. I'll try to talk to her tonight." Christine got up and went inside. She saw Melody walking towards the door. "Where are you going sweetie?" Christine asked.

"Outside, mum." She put her shoes on, and went outside to the garden and sat on the bench. She looked around, and was unaware of Raoul sitting in the balcony above. He got up and looked down at her. Melody seemed to be waiting for something, and sat there with her hands folded in her lap, and looking around. "There you are!" she replyed.

Raoul looked around. She wasn't talking to him, she was talking to something below.

Melody began singing one note. It was kind of shaky, so she said, "I'm sorry." And began singing the one note over, and it was perfect.

Raoul carefully set down his tea ang stood up. He quickly went inside, and ran downstairs, through the door to the garden. He looked around, but saw no one. He felt a strange, but familiar, eerie breeze brush over him. "Melody!" he shouted, "Come in! Right now!" Melody turned around, shocked to see her father.

"Daddy! Why? Why did you follow me out here?" He had no time for answers, and went over and grabbed Melody's arm. "Let go!" she yelped.

"Christine! Christine!" Raoul yelled as they got inside. "Run along Melody, but stay inside." She didn't hesitate, she was still shocked at why her father got her in so fast. She went into her bedroom, and looked out the window.

"Raoul, what?" Christine said as she rushed down the stairs, "What is wrong?" Raoul turned pale, and couldn't seem to let out any words. He gave Christine a hug, and she was still in a state of confusion. "What Raoul? Tell me...what?" she whispered.

"Christine, as I was sitting outside after you left, Melody began speaking to something, that I was not able to see," he paused for a second and cleared his throat, "I went downstairs, and outside, and felt this strange but familiar presence. She seemed to be singing with it."

Christine was about to faint in Raoul's arms. "Is it...him?"

Raoul sighed, and wiped the tears that began rolling down Christine's face. "I rushed her inside. Is this why she doesn't say anything? She knows that we will be curious?"

Christine just began sobbing, "Oh my god..." Christine was feeling so dizzy and dazed, Raoul carefully set her in a dining room chair, lined with red velvet. She slapped her hand on her forehead. "How can this be?"

Raoul shook his head. "I don't know..."

Christine always thought of Erik, but never thought about seeing or being with her ever again. She loved him, in a special way, but she was also afraid. For twelve years, she was glad that he was only in her thoughts, and not in reality. The horrible thing was, he was teaching her daughter. She was afraid of him coming back and taking herself, or taking Raoul's life, but she never thought of how he could effect her daughter.