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The Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Erik is the phantom's name from the original novel by Leroux. Melody is a character that I "made up" for the story.

I hope you like it )

Chapter 4

The sun rose earlier the next morning. Christine stretched out her arms and yawned. Then opened the curtains to her window. She looked outside, and saw that Melody's window was wide open. Christine didn't bother getting dressed, and ran into Melody's room. She was not there. She stood outside the doorway, and shouted her name. No reply. Christine began having another nervous breakdown. Was Erik responsible? She leaned her arms on Melody's window ledge. "Oh Erik," she cried, "Why would you do this?"

Suddenly she heard the door open, so she ran down stairs. "Christine!" Raoul shouted. Christine ran right to him, and began drenching his jacket with her tears.

"Christine? Why are you so upset?" Christine looked up at him.

"Melody is not here! I saw Erik, I talked to him, and I told him to leave Melody alone! But he must have taken her...she's gone!"

Raoul was shocked. "When did you talk to him?"

"I fainted in his arms last night!" Christine replyed sobbing.

"What the! What is this phantom-devil-creature going to do now! He wants you back! That is why he took her!" Raoul was becoming more angry then upset.

"Oh, Raoul! I don't know what to do? We need Melody back..." Christine said, as she nearly collapsed on the floor.

"Christine, stay here to see if she returns on her own. I'll go to that beast's lair!"

"Raoul! What if he tries to kill you again?"

"So be it. As long as you, and Melody are safe!" He dropped the bag he brought with him, and went outside, and caught a ride to the opera house. He was really impatient, and began yelling at the driver. He had his fist clenched, and was ready to run out.

Christine was in serious shock, and began losing her mind, and all of her tears. After all these years of him being in her thoughts, he had finally returned.

Raoul quickly raced down the streets and got into the opera house through a broken window. This time, he took a different route, a smaller tunnel, and ended up where he had at the gate before. "Phantom! Mad man! Where are you, and give me back my daughter!"

Erik appeared out of the shadows. "So we meet again, de Changy."

"Give me my daughter back, and stay out of our lives! Christine is my wife, and leaving you was one of the hardest things she has did. You have driven her insane! Have you not seen her? You are ruining our marriage!"

Erik rolled his eyes, "She chose you, you fool. She does not care about me anymore."

Raoul swallowed heavy, "Please give me my daughter! Go look at Christine! She is a paranoid wreck because of you! She only wants you in her thoughts...she only wants the memories! Now that you're back, she is beginning to hate you, as she did before!"

"Why should it matter?"

"Please...just give me my daughter..."

"Why can't I teach your daughter to sing?"

"For Christine's sake, just stay out!"

Erik seems angry, but calls for Melody. "Daddy!" Melody shouted as she ran to her father's arms. Erik just stood and watched. Raoul took Melody's hand. Melody was teary eyed, and shouted, "Good bye Erik!" Raoul didn't even look back, as he brought Melody back up from the lair. Melody would not stop staring at him until he was out of sight.

Raoul and Melody quickly got a ride back to their house. Raoul held Melody tight, as she thought about Erik. They stepped out, and Raoul handed the driver a couple Francs.

Raoul opened the door, and gave Christine a kiss on the cheek. "Christine...it's okay now..." Melody walked in and gave her mother a hug.

"Oh thank God...but what about Erik?" Christine exclaimed.

"Erik will continue to invade our thoughts, but not our home."

Christine became teary eyed, and saw Erik standing out of the window. She gave him a half smile, for she was still crying, as he walked away, knowing that she really did care. Erik did not promise a thing, but he will respect Christine's wishes. But once in awhile maybe he'll visit her in her thoughts when she has her tea in the garden.


I hope you liked it. As you can tell, I kind of got lazy at the end. (like that cheesy quote by Raoul) Please review!