Troublesom times

summary- What happens if Ponyboy was only one when his parents died. Soda is 16 and Darry is 21. How will they cope with the loss of there parents? How will things go with the Socs? Sandy had already left in this story. How will Soda react when she comes back?

Takes place three days after his parents funeral. A week after there death.

Darry's Pov

I get out of bed to turn my alarm clock off at 6:30 in the morning. I stretched my arms a little and let out a yawn before going to get in the shower. I wash up and just let the warm water run on me to let some of the stress out. My shower was cut short when I heard Pony start crying. I quickly get dressed in rush to get my youngest brother. Ponyboy is only one so he is going to grow up with not knowing his parents. I feel really bad. Why did my parents have to die? They won't get to attend our wedding. They won't even get to see Pony go to his first day of school.

Its been hard. ITs only been a week since they died. I grab Pony out of his crib. "Hey Little Man" I say holding him close. I carry him into the kitchen and sit him in his high chair. I then sprinkle some cheerios onto the the tray for Pony. I grab some eggs from hte fridge for me and SOda. "Soda get up!" I say walking into his room once I finsihed breakfast.

Soda only opened his eyes long enough to see the clock. "Go away" he mummbled. "Up! Its your first day of work" I reminded him. He slowly set up out of his bed. "I'm up" he says so I turn to leave. Soda dropped out of school last week to get a job adn help with bills. I went to the kitchen and finishe my breakfast up. "Hey Soda" I say once he walks into the kitchen. "Hey Dar! Hey Pony!" he says ruffling his hair. After I cleared the dishes I had to get Pony ready. I gave him a bath and dresses him in a pair of jeans and a superman shirt.

"Lets go" I say grabbing Pony. Soda loped out of his room and towards the truck. Once we where all buckled up I took off. "Have a good day!" I say to Soda as I let him out at the Dx before going to my job with Pony.

Soda's POV

Steve was already at the Dx when I arrived. "Hey buddy" he greeted. "Hey Stevie" I say grinning. "Ok the boss wants us to help the costers that come adn to fix this car up to day." Steve explained. I started helping Steve with the car when a bunch of girls showed up. "Oh! Look at him Ashley! Hes so cute!" se said grabbing my arm. I had to grin. Soon all the girls where all around me. "Whats your name?" one of the girls asked apparently not noticing my name tag. "Sodapop" I say. "Thats an original name" she said. I smiled proud of my name.

Girls came in left through out the day. There where cute ones but none of them compared to Sandy. I really miss her. I wanted to marry her. She was the love of my life. Its killing me to see her just up and leave and loosing my parents. "You okay?" Steve asked. "Huh? Yeah" I answer. "We got a couple more ladys here." Steve smiled. "Hey" I greet the ladys. "Hi" the giggle. I continued to work and talk to the girls when Darry pulled up.

"Hey Darry!" I call. I go to the truck and pull Pony out of the car seat. "Let me tell the boss i'm leaving." I say holdin Pony. "Whos that little cutey?" one of the girls asked meaning Pony. "This is my little brother Ponyboy" I say proudly. "Hes a cutey" the girl said cooing over him. I walked into the bosses office. "Bye sir! See ya tommorrow." I say. "Good work Curtis" he said. "Thanks" I say walking out.

I walk over to the truck and jump in. "How was work?" I asked Darry. "Hard nad long" he mumbled. I grinned. "How was your first day?" Darry asked. "It was okay." I say seeing all the girls in my head. But then the vanish and I picture Sandy. I almost start to cry. I have sent Sandy a few letters but have not go any thing back. I try to forget about Sandy by playing Peekey boo with Pony.

Pony laughs every time I uncover my eyes and say "Peekey boo" I look over at Darry whos laughin at me. I grab Pony out of the truck once we get home. "Hey Soda will yeah do me a favor and get him some milk?" Darry asked. "Okay" I answer. I grab a sippy cup out of the cabinet and put a little milk in it and give it to my little brother. He drank all of it in two minutes. "Your a pig." I say setting the cup down.

I put Pony in his play pen and go outside to check the mail. I look through the mail. There was a bunch of bills and the one thing that caught my eye was a letter I had sent to Sandy unopened. I looked at it. I ran in the house through hte mail down on teh coffee table and ran into my room slamming the door behind me. I lay down on my bed and started crying. Sandy leaves me and won't even read my letters are write me back and my parents are dead.

"Hey Soda!" I hear Darry say. I did not even hear him enter the room. "Hey Dar" I say. "Whats up Little Buddy?" Darry asked. "I got my letter back from Sandy." I start "and it was unopened." I cried. "Its ok Pepsi Cola" Darry said using dads nick name for me. Darry gave me a reassuring hug.

Ok thats it for this chapter. The next chapter will have more of the gang in it. Johnny and Dal are alive. The next chapter Pony also learns to walk.