Merry Christmas

Summary- This chapter is a Christmas Chapter! XD Smiles

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Darry's Pov

"Soda do you work to day?'' I ask. "Yeah,'' he answers. "Okay I have to do Christmas shopping and I'm taking the kids. I gotta leave soon. Can you hitch from Two-bit?'' I ask. "Sure thing. Also here. This is for Shayne's presents.'' Soda said handing me a hundred.

I took it and slipped it in my wallet. Then I scurried off to change. I got on a pair of jeans and a black shirt. Then I sat off to get the two around. It took half and hour before we were in the truck.

I started off at Wal-Mart. I started with Soda's presents. I got Soda four pairs of jeans. Then I picked out five plain T-shirts and four button up shirts. I got Soda a new nice jacket. I got him s new pair of shoes to. Then lastly I got him six new tapes of some of his faviort bands.

There was one last suprise I was getting for him. Next I got Johnny's. I got him a new jean jacket. Since he really had no one else I got him a new shirt and a new pair of pants. Then Two-bit I got him a new switchblade. Dal I decided to try a leather jacket.

Steve I got mechanic tools. Then I concentrated on Shayne. I picked him out a new blanket and several new outfits. I got him three teething toys and shoes and a baby jacket! Then lastly I had to get Pony's. Even though he was with me he's never know.

When I was in the middle of looking at close he decided he didn't want to be in the basket any more. "Ary,'' HE said softly. "What's up little man?'' I ask him. He held his arms out to me. I lifted him up. I looked at cloths with me free hand; I got Pony new cloths, shoes, and three toys.

Finally I paid. I went to the Tulsa Mall next. I was going to get Pony and Shanye's pic with Santa. We had to wait in line for thirty minutes. I carried them up to Santa when it was our turn. To my relief Shayne was awake for the picture. When I handed Pony to Santa he began to cry.

The mall Santa looked at me helplessly. I picked Pony up. "Come on Pony. Your okay,'' I tell him. I carried him to the side as they took Shayne's picture. When they took it I gathered Shayne. Then I got the picture. Pony was still a little upset.

So we left after that. When I got home I laid Shay down in Pony's crib. I sat Pony on the floor with his toys. I looked at the mail. There was a legal paper. I opened it up.

Sodapop Curtis,

We are to inform you there is a court December twenty third for custody of a minor child Shayne Patric Lane-Curtis. Legal claim. Time nine am.

No. The bitch won't get Shayne. That gave us tow days. Damn it. I barley noticed when Pony tried climbing on the couch. Actually I didn't notice to he fell and was crying. I picked him up. I gave him a kiss on the head. "Now your all better,'' I tell him.

It did the trick. "Baby boy I think its time for you to get some sleep,'' I tell him. I laid him on the couch by me and covered him up. He fell asleep quickly. I thought about the court while Pony slept.

Soda was outraged later that day when I gave him the note. HE was pissed and his smile left. I didn't know what to do. "Soda everything will work out,'' I tell him. He looked at me "I hope so,'' he says.

Two days later

"Lets go. We'll be late,'' I say. We all load into the truck. Including the gang. We drove ten minutes to the courthouse. The same one where I fought the custody battle for my brothers. When we got there I held Pony in my lap. Soda held Shayne. We sat in the front role. At eight forty five we saw Sandy and people with her walk in.

I really felt bad for Soda. Finally at nine the court started. The people piss me off. The damn lawyer. They were saying how our house was no environment for a young baby. How our friends were hoods and blah!

After three hours of debate the judge was ready to give his decision. "In the matter of one month old baby Shayne Patric Lane- Curtis we find it in his best interest to grant temporarily custody to Sandy Jennifer Lane. We also for the interest of the minor order no visitation for the first six months. Then he'll have to visitation twice a month. With this ruling all partied must remain in Oklahoma. We'll have another custody battle a year from now,'' The court said hitting his desk.

That's all it took to hurt my brother. I held Soda as he cried. The bitchy lawyer came over to us. "We need the child,'' she said. Soda strokes Shayne's hair and gave him a kiss. Then he was gone.

They'll pay. We sat in the court for three hours as Soda cried. I wanted to help my brother. When we were leaving a guy approached.

"I'm Mr. Matheson. If you want I can represent you and help you get more visitations to start with then full custody of your son,'' he said. Soda turned serious, "Your hired,'' he said.

Okay I know it's very short! It's the ending to the story! Bad Christmas present I know. This chapter was for me to get a start to my sequel. My sequel will be called. ' The War for Shayne'. It would be son but its mainly going to be in Darry's pov. Well Soda's too. It'll take place shortly after this one. After that sequel there will be at least one more! XD

Luv ya guys! Merry Christmas! Also my birthday is Wednesday! Yippee! Cya at the sequel!