Christine's last wish

The Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Erik is the phantom's name from the original novel by Leroux.

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Chapter 1

Christine lay at her death bed, gasping for air. Christine had never been herself after she had left Erik in the lair. She was always paranoid, upset, and it all added up to becoming seriously ill. Raoul gently clasped his hands around hers.

"Christine, is there anything you want?"

"Erik...Raoul, I want to hear his voice." She replyed weakly.

Raoul knew that he could not leave to go find Erik, he had to stay with Christine. So he wrote out a short letter to him.

- - -

Dear Erik,

Christine is seriously ill. If you would like to see her one last time, please come immediatly.


Raoul and Christine de Chagny

- - -

Christine had become more pale, a ghostly white as another day passed. "Where is he? Does he not want to see me before I die?"

"Oh soon as he gets the letter, he'll be here."

- - -