FM fic, Chap1: There's No Sick Aunt, Is There?

It was a lovely Friday afternoon, and the 12 yearold boys James, Sirius, Remus and Peter ignored Proffesor Binns' historical tales and whispered to eachother instead.
"Hogsmeade visit tomorrow, who's joining me under the cloak?" said James.
"But we're too young to go." said Peter and got his head smacked by Sirius.
"The cloak isn't there to keep us warm, you twat. It's an invisibility cloak!"
"But if someone sees out..."
"You're coming too, right Remus?" said James, ignoring Peter.
"Love to but can't." Remus replied, taking notes.
Sirius rolled his eyes. "'Cause your aunt is sick. You're so whipped, you know that?"
"You really should stand up for yourself!" James agreed. "Doesn't your aunt understand that you have school to think of?"
"It's weekend now so it's allright. And besides, she's my favourite aunt and who know's for how much longer she's" Remus faked his voice to break off and tried to conjure some tears as well.
"She's...dying?" Peter asked, his eyes filled with water. Remus nodded.
"So you see, I have to go, or I could never live with myself."
"But you usually never leave until it's getting dark!" said Sirius.
"It's winter now, it gets darker earlier." Remus explained. "Not that the sun's position has anything to do with it."

The very next day. About the time when James, Sirius and Peter where back from their trip to Hogsmead, Remus had already left.
They went up to their dorm, dumped their shopping bags on their bed, along with themselves.
"I'm so broke now." James complained.
"Yeah, but those mirrors will be very useful! Now I won't have to go to the bathroom everytime I wanna look at my face." said Sirius and held his mirror in front of him.
James took out his mirror as well, and tried to flatten his untidy hair.
"Why is your hair so great, Sirius?" he said and looked dissatisfied with himself. But then his reflection changed. "That's more like it! But what happened to my glasses?"
"Wow, this is soo cool!" said Sirius in James' mirror. James threw the mirror away from him out of shock.
"What are mirrors like these doing in a Beauty Parlour? They belong in Zonko's!" said James when he had calmed down and picked up his mirror from the floor.
"Can I try it?" Peter asked and borrowed James' mirror.
"Hi, Petey!" said Sirius cheerfully. "I can see the insides of your nose!"
"Lemme see!" said James and snatched Sirius's mirror. "Yoinc!"
"Hey, I was counting hairs!"
Peter didn't want to have the inside of his nose commented by James and Sirius, so he put the mirror away.
The room got silence now when there were no nosehairs to count.
"So, what are the plans for this weekend?" Sirius asked.
James shrugged. "Hey, you know what we could do?" he suddenly asked.
"Lend one mirror to Snivellus and measure his adenoids?" said Sirius hopefully.
James stared and Sirius. "Hey yeah, we must do that! But that was not my idea. I thought that maybe we could visit Remus' aunt!"
"We don't know where she lives." said Peter.
"I'm sure Remus has an addressbook somewhere."
They searched among Remus' things and found a green little book with addresses and phone numbers. They went to the L section, assuming her last name would be Lupin.
"Maybe it's his maternal aunt, then her surname probably won't be Lupin." said Sirius.
James tried the A section. "Here she is, Aunt Augusta."
"She sounds old." Sirius pointed out.
"Maybe she is. And she lives in Maryhill Road, Glasgow. Not far from here." James said knowingly and closed the little address book.
"How are we gonna get there?" Peter asked.
James didn't have an answer to that question.
"Why don't we contact his mom, she can probably help us." Sirius suggested. "We'll use the fire downstairs."

Down in the commonroom, James threw some Floo Powder into the fire and put his head in the flames along with Sirius and Peter, after muttering mrs Lupin's address.
An empty livingroom appeared before their eyes.
"Maybe we should call her." Sirius suggested.
"Um...Hello? Anybody home?" James shouted.
They heard footsteps approaching and a brownhaired woman in he thirties bent over before them.
"Hello there, how can I help you boys?" she said smiling.
"Hi mrs Lupin." said James. "We just wondered if you have the address to Remus' aunt, Augusta? Because he's there right now and we thought that maybe we could pay a surprise visit to both of them."
At first, mrs Lupin looked puzzled but it didn't take her long time to figure out what it was about.
"I'm sorry, but I can't help you there. Aunt Augusta is very sick and doesn't like to have more than one person in her house at one time." she lied.
James exchanged looks with the heads of his friends.
"Uh, why is that?"
"She's very asocial. Always have been. I'm really sorry, but I have bread in the oven so I really must go now."
"Ok, thanks anyway." said James.
"Bye." said Sirius and Peter.
They pulled their heads out of the fire and went back to the dormitory. All of them sat down on their beds.
"So I guess that means we won't visit them." said Peter.
"We don't have to go inside." said James. "I'm sure his aunt will allow him to go out a few seconds."
"If there really is an aunt." said Sirius thoughtfully.
"Why wouldn't there be an aunt?" James asked.
"I know liars when I see one." said Sirius. "I invented lying, I made it a sin. I think we should go there anyway, we don't even have to come inside, like you said James."
"What makes you think they're lying? That sick aunt has existed since we started this school, why suspect something now?" Peter asked.
"Because I'm bored and I wanna go somewhere. Maryhill Road, was it? Let's go then!"
Sirius left the dorm with James and Peter tailing after him. He stepped inside the fire, said 'Maryhill Road, Glasgow." with a clear voice and disappeared after emptying Floo Powder out of his hand. James and Peter repeated this, and they all found themselves outside in a livingroom again, but this one had people in it. Two old ladies interrupted their knitting and stared at the intuders.
"Hi." said James.
"We'll find our way out, sorry we interrupted." said Sirius
They walked towards the door but turned around when Peter didn't follow them.
"What are you doing!" said James.
"There's a picture of Remus' mother here." Peter stuttered and pointed at a frame that stood on the mantelpice. James and Sirius went back to the fireplace to get a closer look at it.
"Hey, who's this woman?" James asked the old ladies.
"That's my daughter!" said one of them, not believing how rude some could be.
"Then you must know Augusta!" said Sirius eagerly.
"Yes, my other daughter, why?"
"Could you tell us where she lives, please?" James pleaded, trying to sound polite and trustable. "We are friends of your grandson who is visiting her right now and we thought we'd visit them too!"
"We're from Hogwarts, you see. No insane nutcases or anything like that. We're nice people." Sirius assured her.
"Since when did Remus visit Augusta?" asked the grandmother.
"He has as long as we've known him." said Peter.
"Hm, no one ever tells me anything."
Suddenly, a middleaged woman enterd the room.
"Mother, I tried to get rid of the Ghoul but I really think we should owl the demon extintor."
"Augusta, some kids are here to see you." said granny, which we can call her as we don't know her real name.
Augusta turned to the boys by the mantelpiece.
"Who are you and how can I help you?"
"You're not sick at all!" said James shocked.
"Should I be?"
"Isn't Remus visiting you right now?" Sirius asked.
"While he's at Hogwarts? He has no time for that! Where would you-" Augusta stopped as she came to her senses. "He must have meant some other aunt. But you really shouldn't be here, haven't you got homeworks?"
"Yes we do. We really should go and make them right now!" said James.
"Sorry we bothered you." said Sirius.
And they disappeared into the fire.

Back in their dorm.
"See, she lied too! His whole family is into it!" said Sirius.
"But why?" said James.
"Well, usually when people lie they really want to cover up some secret-"
"I know that!" James snapped. "But what would the secret be?"

A couple of days later, Remus was back. It was tuseday afternoon when he entered the dorm and lied on his bed. James and Sirius where there too, eyeing him suspiciously.
"What?" Remus asked.
"How many aunts do you have?" James asked.
"Three." Remus lied. Three was always a good number.
"Which one did you visit?" Sirius joined in in the interrogation.
"Monica." Remus lied again. "Why?"
"We only found one aunt address in your little green book, Augusta from Glasgow."
Remus glared at them and stood up "You've been sneeking though my stuff while I was away! Without my permission!"
James and Sirius staggered backwards and fell on Peter's bed, not so tough anymore. Remus mad was not pretty.
"We're sorry, we're sorry, we're sorry." they begged.
"We were bored and wanted to visit you and your aunt so we looked for her address and went to Maryhill Road but it turned out you weren't there so we got a little suspicious, we're sorry!" said James, now hiding under the bed.
Remus cooled off and sat back on his own bed. "Well, I was not visiting Augusta."
"Don't hurt us, but we asked your mom for Augusta's address and she said that Augusta was asocial but she didn't seem like it when we met her." said Sirius carefully.
"And we're not accusing your mom to be a liar or anything!" James added quickly. "But she said Augusta was dying, just like you did."
"And now we are a bit suspicious." said Sirius.
"I can't explain that." said Remus.
"And just for the record, you can share any secret with us and we're not stupid." said James.
Remus thought for himself. Then he got up to stroke the curtains by the window, as he gazed at the far distance.
"You're right, I have been lying." he said.
James, Sirius and Peter waited breathlessly for the coming confession.
"I wanted to tell you the truth but...if you only knew."
The others had no idea of what to say.
"I'm sure it's not that bad." said Sirius.
Remus trurned around theatrically and faced them.
"If you want the thruth, then you shall get what you wish for, only to avoid further misunderstandings! I...have dragonpox!"
James, Sirius and Peter gasped.
"No!" Peter clapped his hand to his mouth.
"That's right. I'm dying. Every month I visit ST Mungos and get a three-day-treatment which helps me live a little longer, but without it I would be dead."
"That's horrible!" Sirius burst out.
"Why didn't you just tell us?" said James.
Remus gazed at the far distance again. Partly because it had a good dramatic effect, and partly because he didn't have a good poker face.
"I don't know...maybe I was ashamed."
Remus didn't like to lie but he was rather proud of his acting skills. The silence that followed made him relax but he wasn't that fond of the uncontrollable sobbing that replaced it.
He turned around uncomfortably. "Are you...crying?"
James lied flat on his stomach, Sirius sat next to him clutching a pillow and Peter had locked himself inside the bathroom, all three of them crying. Remus hadn't expected this.
"Hey's not so bad." he tried. "I'm here and healthy, right?"
James sat up, wiping his ever-running eyes. "You're so brave, Remus. If it was me...I probably would have gone to live in exile or something."
"I hear that, mate." Sirius sobbed.
" long can you live with that treatment?" James asked hoarsely.
"A normal life time, if I take regulary, so there's nothing to worry about! It's like not being sick at all!" Remus assured them and they smiled a little.

(A/N:The first chapter turned out to be quite long, I think. Hope you like it.)