chap 7

Potions with Professor Slughorn. Lily had persuaded Remus to work with her. Which he didn't mind, 'cause Potions was he's worst subject.
Meanwhile, Sirius seemed to be taking notes, although Slughorn wasn't even talking.
"Are you taking notes?" James asked Sirius, who immediately burst out laughing.
"Haha, good one. Beware or next class I attention!"
"Then what are you writing?" Peter asked.
"Well, seeing as that symptom list we found was useless, I'm making my own test."
"Your own test? Has it occured to you that maybe he's just a floo powder addict!"
"We'll see after this." Sirius waved a pice of parchment. James took it.
" Mission: Is RL a ww? 1, does he have the mark of the beast, what's that?"
"I saw this future movie in the future orb, Cursed, and all werewolves there had 5 dots in one of their palms, that would make a pentagram."
"A muggle made movie? Surely, muggles are the ones who know the least about these things!"
Sirius shrugged. James read more. "2, does his wounds heal faster then usual?"
"I saw that in Dog Soldiers." said Sirius. "Go on."
"Garlic and religious symbols are for vampires, Sirius."
"It works on both! So we can use this list on Snivellus too."
"Silver, raw meat, Warren Zevon!"
"If you like Warren Zevon, you have to be a Werewolf! I mean, when he goes 'AHWOOO', I just wanna throw myself out a window."
"I saw werewolf with a chinese menue in his hand..." Peter sang.
"Where?" James asked.
"It's...the song, that's how it goes."
"Ok. Well, I'll go check for the mark then."

"Now do I put in the lizard tails?" Remus ask Lily, who giggled at everything he said for some reason.
"No, silly! The spiderlegs go first! Didn't you know that bla bla bla..."
"How's it going?" James asked.
"Great. I don't have to do anything and still I'll get top marks." Remus replied.
"Hey, give me your hand."
"I'm gonna predict your future! No, not that hand..." said James after checking the right hand. "Ok, great.'re going to live long. Isn't that good news? Bye bye, later."

James went back to his table.
"Any mark?" Sirius asked. Jame shook his head.
"Well, there a spells that easily could hide it. Did you check the cut?"
James nodded. "It could hardly be seen...but, didn't he heal it with his wand?"
Sirius banged his head in the table. "Well, I can play tough too!"
Afternoon in the commonroom.

"Hey, I wanted to impress this really cute girl." Sirius told Remus. "Do you think she will like this silver bracelet?"
"Definetly." Remus replied. "Go get her."
"Um, yeah...can you check it?"
Remus looked up. "Check it for what?"
"If it's real."
"I don't know how to tell real silver from fake."
"Ok. Do you wanna hold it? It would mean a lot to me. Give me one reason why you can't hold it?"
"Allright, if it means that much to you!" said Remus, after noticing that he still wore his gloves from Hrbology. "There, are you happy?"
"You were wearing gloves!"
"So? It wasn't really you holding it. It was the skin of some poor dragon!"
"Well, I guess there's no pleasing you! If you excuse me, I'm going to the library."

Outside the library, James, Sirius and Peter tried to come up with a new plan.
"Let's see how he reacts when Peter sings 'Werewolf of London". said Sirius.
Inside the library. Peter tapped Remus' shoulder.
"I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand, walking through the streets of Soho in the rain..."
"Can't you sing that agadoo song instead? I haven't been able to get it out of my head, it rocks!"
"Uh, ok..."
"No! You will sing Werewolves of London!" Sirius yelled.
"Ok, this must end now! Everybody shut up!" James shouted down the others. "I mean, this whole thing is stupid."
"What is stupid?" Sirius asked.
"Come on, Sirius, he knows that we know!"
"No he doesn't! We're gonna make him tell us!"
"Don't you!" James asked Remus.
"What? Don't you think you've lied enough? Sick aunt, allright. Dragonpox was a little cruel but AFA member? Give me a break."
"Well, I obviously won't have to say anything since you got it all figured out!" Remus snapped.
"Are we right?"
James rolled his eyes. Sirius cheered.
"Hah! I knew it! I told you all along, didn't I? But nooo, he's a member or AFA. But I showed you! Now, I have a song to sing. It's called the 'I told you so' song. By the way, where's the bite mark?"
"Uh, shoulder. The right one."
"Ok...that was that mystery..." said James. "Now what?"
"We still got Snape, the vampire."
"Oh right."

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