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" " – talking

Raven vs. Alana

"Hey Rae!" Yelled Chelsea right in Raven's ear. "Ouch! Chels please don't shout in my ear when I am right next to you."

"Okay. Hey Rae." She whispered which caused Raven to let out an aggravated sigh, "Chels TALK NORMAL... Never mind, let's walk to class."

(Scene change)

"So I heard you are physic." Alana says as she jumps right in front of raven and Chelsea. "Oh! Please don't ever scare me like that again Alana." Says Chelsea. "Shut up, Alana who told you I was physic?" Raven asked as she looked curiously towards the blonde-haired girl. "Your buddy Eddie!" she replied with a smile," He has been BLABBING IT TO everyone." Raven clenched her fists together while snarling "That little backstabber!"

"Bye Raven! Ha, Ha, Ha." Laughs Alana as she walks away hurriedly.

"EDDIE, I can't believe him! ...Chels I think I am having vision..." Chelsea looked over to the brunette, "What, what is it Rae?" she asked with concern.

"Oh my god Alana is going to get my physic powers!" Raven shrieked as the bell rang to add to her loudness. "What no way!" Her best friends shouts while Raven continues to shake her head yes. "I can't believe it but, it's true!"

(Scene change)

"Oh no Chels! My powers are gone!" Cried Raven as the walked out of the school building, and into the sweet spring air. "Who took them Rae?" Chelsea asked stupidly. "Alana Remember!" Raven states annoyed as she rolls her eyes to Chelsea's next reply. "Oooh right."

"We have to go to her house." Raven concludes, she then grabs of her friends wrist and drags her down the street, "Come'on."

(Scene change)

"Here we are 245 East Cherry road." Raven announces. Ding dong. The doorbell rang. "What do you want?" Alana questioned angrily as she sent the two a glare. "You have my powers!" Raven shouted as she pointed a finger to Alana, who in turn crossed her arms and smirked. "Yea so I kind of like having your powers." "Well I want them back!" She shouted once again, while Chelsea stood next to her firmly. "What if I Decline?

Raven growled low in the throat and then yelled, "GIVE THEM BACK!"

"FINE JUST SHUT UP!" Screamed Alana with both of her hands covering her ears, even Chelsea was surprised at how loudly Raven could shout. "But in order to do that." Alana continued with. Both Raven and Chelsea looked anxiously towards the grinning girl.

"We'll have to do a couple races and games and whoever wins the most things gets the powers!"

To be Continued…

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Who will get to keep the powers?

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