Shades of Grey: The Aftermath.

Summary: Someone is planning to get one member of SG1. Can anyone at the SGC be trusted? Or is it up to a lawyer to a lawyer to figure it out. Please Read & Review.

Season : 3

Spoilers: A Hundred Days, Shades of Grey, In The Line of Duty.

Warning: Some language, and violence.

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Chapter 1

He hated this dreary place. The off-white coloured walls, the little amount of sun that shone through the small barred windows, worst of all the numerous cells that held the men that used to be this country is finest. Yes, he hated that these people who vowed to serve their country would so easily break their word. He hated it, but it was part of his job. He had to make sure these men got their due process, that their rights were protected. Sometimes it was difficult to be a lawyer.

He was called early this morning, told that a marine colonel who had been charged with treason had important information that he was willing to trade for a lesser charge. It was up to him to investigate the importance of his information, to see if it was worth taking the death penalty off the table.

"Commander Rabb, we're ready to take you to see the prisoner."

"Thank-you Sergeant." Rabb said as he followed the young guard to the holding room.

The cell door made a loud noise as it slid open, allowing Rabb in; he moved to the table where the prisoner sat, pulled out a chair across from him, sat down and set his briefcase in front of him. "So Colonel Makepeace I hear you want to make a deal."

"You bet your ass I do. There is no way I betrayed my county; but the dimwits higher up have their own rules. There's no way I should be put to death for trying to save my planet!"

"I've read the files; I know what happened." Rabb couldn't believe what he was reading the first time he was given the file. It was marked 'Top Secret', and at first, he thought it was a joke, until he talked to the Admiral. Now here he was dealing with a crime not only against the country, but also against the allies of the planet. He still had a hard time believing that we had allies from other planets! That aliens actually did exist; not just the one's that snuck across the border. However now he had to concentrate on the job at hand, dealing with one soon to be ex-marine colonel.

"So what do you think you have, that will change the out come of this case. Seeing it's top-secret you know it will never see the light of day."

"Well Commander, what if I told you I had information that affects the security of the SGC and the well-being of one of it's most important officers."

"I'd say you'd better be more forthcoming if you plan on having the death penalty vacated to life in prison."

"Yea, it doesn't sound like much of a deal, does it? But I'll be damned if I'll give my life up for one of those aliens! Shit, they won't even help us when we need it! What good are they?" Makepeace said slamming his fist on the table.

"Well Makepeace if all you're going to do is rant I might as well pack up and get going." Rabb was reaching for his briefcase, and starting to get up.

"Okay, okay, hold your horses; I just want to make sure that after what I tell you, you'll honour the deal. I'll plead guilty, and you agree to life."

"We'll have a deal once I hear the information, and ascertain its value."

"Okay, listen carefully, and make sure you check with General Hammond, he'll tell you its worth my life."


"Okay Makepeace I'll look into this, but if what you're telling is the truth, I don't think it will be safe to use the phones. I'll have to make the trip to Colorado Springs myself." With that, Rabb got up, collected his brief case and called for the guard. A few minutes later, he was let out of the cell; he turned and looked back at Makepeace. "You better hope that you didn't hold on to this information too long, because if it's too late for that Officer, than the deal's off."

Rabb felt the urgency to get out of that prison, and head to Cheyenne Mountain. He pulled out his cell phone, and dialled. "Yes Admiral, I spoke with him. I'm going to need an emergency flight out to Colorado Springs…Yes it's very important Sir. Due to the nature of the case, I don't feel it's safe to talk about this over the phone. Yes Sir, I'll fill you in as soon as I'm able. Thank you Sir."


A/N: This story has Commander Rabb from the series JAG, you don't have to follow that show to read this story. I just thought it would be a nice touch to have a lawyer some people might know about.