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"Run another 2 laps and then I suppose you can go in and get cleaned up." Jack said as he sat on a bench located the SPD training grounds.

At first, Jack took great convincing to join the SPD, but now he was beyond enjoying himself with his privileges of being red ranger.

Turning himself sideways to prop his feet up, he smirked at the look on his teammates faces.

"And what exactly are you going to be doing?" Sky asked in an irritated tone.

He couldn't believe Jack. Just because Commander Cruger gave him the position of red ranger, Jack just kept gloating and making everyone miserable. The B squad is supposed to be a team, meaning Jack should be running along side them if he was gong to force them to this kind of exertion.

"I'm… you know, watching progress." Jack smiled as Sky seemed to want to throttle him.

"Sky, come on. The faster… we… do this…The faster we… can go inside." Bridge said out of breath with his hands on his knees.

Jack had made them run 6 laps around the trails already which was the equivalent of 12 miles. His chest felt like it was going to cave in but there wasn't anything he could do about it. Jack was in charge and that was that.

"Jack, this is crazy! 16 miles in one run?" Sky said in a voice of unbelief.

"Yeah, to build up your strength, but this time around, I want the boys to run trail 2 while the girls run the first trail." Jack smiled.

"Why are you splitting us up?" Sydney asked as she leaned against Bridge, both supporting each other from falling on their faces due to exhaustion.

"Well because of—"Jack said as he pointed towards Bridge and Sydney. "—That." He said with a taunting look on his face. "SPD rule, no girl, guy relationships between rangers."

"WHAT?" All four of the rangers sad in unison.

Bridge and Sydney moved apart from one another.

"We weren't even…! Grr.. That's enough Jack! We were just leaning on each other because we were tired!" Sydney said offended.

"For yelling at me, you've made the boys run trail 5." Jack said with a grin on his face when Bridge choked on his water bottle.

Z patted Bridges back to get him to breathe better since he was coughing violently.

Z couldn't believe how arrogant and conceited Jack had become, the man that she considered her best friend and partner in crime was forgetting all about what they were doing this for, to help people in legal ways. She remembered the days when they used to sleep on the streets keeping each other warm at nights and then at days they would steal food to give out to the less fortunate. What happened to that man?

"Times a wasting if you don't start running, because it won't be my fault if you come back when it gets dark." Jack said as he looked at his watch. "Hmm, I think I'll umm… go and get something to drink while you're running. If I'm not back after your run, stay here until I can relieve you." Jack said as he starting walking back to SPD headquarters.

"Sorry guys." Sydney said in guilt. "I shouldn't have said anything."

Trail 5 wasn't mostly flat grounded like trail 1. It was basically a challenge course including uphill and downhill runs, a few climbing challenges and other fun things. The trail was usually only used on new cadets to separate the strong cadets from the weak ones.

Sydney couldn't believe Jack made Sky and Bridge run that trail twice, if once wasn't bad enough.

"It's not your fault. Jack's just being a jerk." Sky said as he starting walking toward the beginning of trails.

"Jack's not a jerk. He's just… I don't know. I guess since he's been chastised by authority so much that now it's fun for him to do the chastising." Z said in defense to her friend.

"Well you're not flaunting off your ranger privileges and you used to live with him." Sydney said as she retied her hair that was becoming unloose.

"Come on. Let's just get this over with." Z said as she pulled Sydney into a jog into trail 1.

"Let's go Bridge. You okay?" Sky asked in concern.

Ever since they began rooming together in their cadet training days, Sky began to see Bridge as a younger brother even though he might not seem to show that kind of affection in public. He could still remember when he first saw his roommate when they were just teenagers. Bridge was no more than 14 and he was 17 when they began to room together. He remembered Bridge following him everywhere since Bridge didn't have anyone else since everyone in their squad was older than him and his family didn't even bother to contact him after they dumped Bridge to SPD since Bridge had 'powers'.

"Yeah, just a little tired." Bridge said as he began in a light jog with Sky.

Truthfully, he was beyond tired. Their little argument with Jack had given him a slight headache since all their emotions were so strong. Everyone was angry but they had other feelings too. Sky was jealous, Sydney was guilty, Z was regretful, and Jack was egotistical. That added with his exhaustion from running the first 12 miles was just tolling up. He couldn't believe that they had to run uphill now.

After twenty minutes, they finally finished the long uphill part of the trail and reached the rock face that they had to climb. It wasn't more than 10 feet high and short enough to climb without equipment, but the tired rangers looked up and thought it looked like 100 feet tall at that moment.

"You wanna go up first or should I?" Sky asked as Bridge pointed at him to begin since he was still trying to catch his breath.

Sky scaled the rock wall quickly since he knew that he'd have a little time to rest once he got to the top.

"Come on Bridge, three-quarters the way there. You can make it." Sky said encouragingly, knowing how tired Bridge was since he was just as tired.

Bridge took his time climbing up rock wall. His legs and arms felt like they were burning and were straining to pull himself up, but in the end he made it up although not as fast as Sky.

"This sucks… This… sucks… a lot.." Bridge gasped to get air into his lungs.

He felt beyond crappy now that he'd had to climb and stop. His muscles felt on fire and his chest felt rather restricted.

"Well there's nothing we can do about it now, just have to keep going." Sky said as he put a hand out to pull Bridge up.

He could feel tremors that vibrated through Bridges arm.

"You okay Bridge?" Sky asked in concern to his younger friend.

"Yeeyeah." Bridge said in an almost quivering voice.

He started to run again, not wanting to hold Sky back. It wasn't too far. He just had to hold out because that was what rangers do. They don't quit.

"All right then." Sky said as he paced next to Bridge while keeping a good eye on him.

He had a strong feeling that Bridge wasn't telling him the full truth of his well-being.

"I really need some water…" Sydney said in exhaustion as she pulled to a wobbly walk towards Jack.

"I second that." Z said as her fast heartbeat tried to slow down to stopping.

"Well done girls!" Jack grinned, biting into his apple. "You're done for today."

Jack had his legs crossed over one another on the bench in a comfortable slouch.

"Are Bridge and Sky almost done?" Sydney asked with guilt in her voice.

"Saw them just start their second time around a little while before you two arrived." Jack said with a smirk. "They were going pretty slow though. Might take them a while to finish the second lap."

"Don't you think you were a little harsh for making them run that twice?" Z said as she glared at Jack.

Z stood her ground in front of Jack with her arms crossed. She couldn't believe her one and only best friend was acting like such a moron. She remembered when it was just him and her on the streets, trying to find justice for the poor through petty theft but now that it was done legally, Jack had turned beyond crazy with his new authority.

"Well I'm your leader and I should know what's good for you people. This will teach them some stamina and give them strong will when we do fight those bad guys." Jack said as he looked hard at Z who stood with defiance in her.

"Well then what are you doing then?" Sydney asked as she crossed her arms, imitating Z.

"I'm leading. Are you questioning me?" Jack said as he stood up to tower over Sydney.

Sydney looked like she was going to say something about the treatment of her two friends but closed her mouth in fear that it might get them in more trouble.

"Come on Syd." Z said in disgust.

The two girls started walking back to SPD headquarters with Jack sneered at them.

"Girls." Jack said, shaking his head. "Who can live with them?" He said as he followed the path the girls took after five minutes of sitting since the boys weren't going to be back for a while.

Not ten minutes after Jack had entered the building; rain started falling from the clouds in heavy pellets. That was when Jack was bombarded by his two female teammates while he was peeling back a banana peeling while reclining on a bean bag in the lounging quarters.

"It's raining Jack." Sydney said with her hands on her hips.

Z looked like she had just come out of the shower, but Sydney was still in her running clothes.

"Yeah, I know." Jack said with a shrug while taking a bite of his banana.

"SO aren't you going to call them back in?" Sydney asked in an obvious statement sort of tone.

"Why are you so worried about your two boyfriends anyways?" Jack asked arrogantly.

"You just don't get it do you?" Sydney said furiously with threatening tears in her eyes. "Sky and Bridge are like my brothers. We've been through lots of stuff way before you even came here and ever since you've arrived, you've been a complete jerk to us. Z and I have had our conflicts but we're as close as sisters now, and that makes us a family. Families are supposed to stick together and watch each other's backs. What have you been doing?" Sydney said angrily as she stormed out of the room.

"I think you've gone too far Jack." Z said, just as angry as Sydney was.

"Now you're on their side?" Jack said, rolling his eyes.

It was big mistake. Why did Z have to join SPD and why was he stupid enough to follow her. He should have complained or talked her to her senses. Now they were fighting when only weeks ago, they were best friends.

"You've changed Jack." Z said in a sad tone before walking out.

"I HAVEN'T CHANGED, YOU HAVE!" Jack yelled after her.

All the younger cadets in the room turned around to see what the commotion was.

Seeing that he was in the center of attention, Jack coughed and looked self-conscious for a moment before getting irritated of the constant staring.

"What are you looking at?" Jack said loudly as the cadets turned back to what they were doing.

"Come on Bridge, you can do it." Sky said encouragingly after Bridge slipped for the second time up the muddy hill.

After pulling Bridge up once again, Sky forced Bridge to half jog, half slip under his support. Once they've reached their last obstacle which was another climbing challenge except this was a climbing over, not climbing up rock wall, Sky could barely get Bridge to walk properly.

"I… III can't… climb anymore." Bridge said in a shaky voice.

It was actually very depressing to look to Bridge. He appeared like a soaked, miserable, lost dog, and it looked like he was about to cry at any moment.

"We're almost done. This is the last thing we have to do and it's all downhill from there." Sky said, but it barely got through Bridge who seemed to be drained. "I'll help boost you up so you don't have to climb so much okay?" After a short while to think, to Sky's contentment, Bridge nodded with a grim smiled on his face and started climbing with Sky's help.

In a matter of seconds, Bridge heaved himself to the top of the wall to swing is leg over to climb down.

"Be careful, it's slippery. Watch your step." Sky said as Bridge concentrated on getting his right leg over once his left was secure on a step hole, but due to fatigue, his left leg collapsed under him while he was still trying to pull his right leg over.

Bridge gave out a cry of pain as he landed hard on his back which knocked the breath out of him. He started to cough violently as he tried to get the water that he had swallowed out of his lungs. Bridge gave a whimper of pain when he tried to move his leg. He curled up gripping onto his right knee to give it some relief.

"Bridge!" Sky cried out in fear.

He shouldn't have made Bridge go over. He knew Bridge was tired and he made him go over the stupid wall. It was all his fault Bridge slip.

Frantically climbing up the wall, he scaled it easily with his sore muscles forgotten. When he jumped over to the other side of the wall, he slipped while landing in the mud but quickly got back up.

"Bridge, are you hurt?" Sky asked as he helped Bridge to sit up.

"My knee hurts when I move it." Bridge admitted as Sky started to examine his knee.

"I don't think it's broken or anything. It's just most likely a sprain." Sky said in relief. "Can you get up? We need to get out of the rain and call for help, because Jack obviously doesn't care if we're in the rain." He said bitterly as he pulled Bridge up to lean on him.

"Sky, I don't feel that good." Bridge said as he swallowed down a sickening feeling in his throat and stomach.

"Okay, okay." Sky said in a unsure sort of voice. "Let me just get you under that tree and you can lie down."

"Oh god…" Bridge barely had time to say before he pushed himself away from Sky as he started to throw up everything he's eaten that day on the ground.

Sky kneeled next to Bridge, not caring that his pants were getting muddy. He rubbed his back is slow circles to help him feel better.

"You okay now?" Sky asked in sympathy, while helping him to move towards a tree near them.

The tree was still dripping water on him but it at least kept some of the down pour off of them.

"Throwing up sucks." Bridge said with a sour look on his face. "My stomach feels a little better now but I still feel like crap." He pouted as Sky pushed Bridge down to lie down on his lap.

"How long have you been feeling bad?" Sky asked as he absentmindedly stroked Bridges head which was making Bridge a very sleepy very fast.

"I don't know. I felt a little funny in the morning, and it got worse when we started running. I thought that it was just because I was tired or something." Bridge said resignedly as he closed his eyes. "I'm sorry." He said after a moment of silence.

Sky looked at Bridge's miserable form and wondered what he could be sorry for.

"For what?"

"For making us stuck here." Bridge said sadly.

Sky looked shocked and then angry at what Bridge was saying which Bridge interpreted through his abilities was towards him.

"I'm not angry at you." Sky said as he leaned his head back on the tree trunk.

"You feel angry though." Bridge said as he looked away from Sky.

Sky automatically understood what Bridge was saying and he wanted to punch himself for the misunderstanding.

"No! I'm… I'm not angry at you." Sky said as he looked away.

Bridge's brow furrowed together as he tried to understand his friend and surrogated big brother. Sky seemed so mysterious all the time, but then again it wasn't so hard to understand him. Sky's strict attitude was only a shield he puts up and fortunately for him, he lets down through their strange special bond. Some people might find it completely difficult to imagine how close he and Sky were since he was the academy nut job and Sky was the by the books kind of guy, but like ying and yang, their personalities complemented together. Sky was like the big brother Bridge never had who taught him how to focus while he was the little brother Sky never had who taught Sky to lighten up.

"You're angry at Jack—and many other things." Bridge said, finishing off what Sky was about to say.

"You're not reading my mind are you?" Sky asked with his eye-brow raised but he had just a hint of a grin on his face.

"You know I can't read minds and besides, my head hurts too much to even try." Bridge said with an unaccomplished hidden yawn.

Sky put his hand on Bridge's forehead and felt what he dreaded.

"You're a little warm for being in the cold this long." Sky said with a grim sort of look.

"I don't feel very warm though." Bridge said, rolling his eyes.

Sky looked around their surroundings to see if there was a better place to move to since the tree wasn't much of a help of kept them dry. The angry fury of Mother Nature was blowing wind cool currents of wind and rain at them. He could feel Bridge shiver next to them, but then a thought came to him.

"I don't believe I never thought of this." Sky said as he waved his hand around them to form somewhat of a shield surrounding them in a semi bubble. "Better?" He asked while maintaining his shield.

Bridge nodded and then coughed.

"How are we going to get back?" Bridge gasped with a depressing groan.

He was starting to have trouble breathing and he had to take in deep breaths after every few words.

"I pressed the emergency button on my morpher. It should give Kat our location." Sky said reassuringly.

Suddenly out of no where, Sky heard a sort of rustle near them.

"Whose there?" Sky asked as his ranger senses turned on.

"Two little rangers all for me?" A voice said as a figure of a monster stepped out along with a few dozen Krybots.

Bridge gasped slowly pushing himself up to a sitting position. By now his face was paling considerably.

"Who are you and why are you on SPD property? This violation of rule 11:17." Sky said as he stood up in front of Bridge.

"I'm Malevolence, your destroyer of SPD, starting with you two." Malevolence said as Sky and Bridge looked at each other, hoping that other will be there to help them very soon.

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