(It was the week before Halloween. Calvin and Hobbes were decorating the house so scary for their "Operation ((S.C.A.R.E Spooky Calvin Acres Runs Easley))". Calvin's parents were at the mall, finding the right costume for them. The house was very scary. It had a headless guy with ketchup, used for fake blood, all over where his head used to be on the porch. His head was on the font step. Next to the headless guy was a graphic-like zombie with a fake ketchup stained ax. A fake graveyard was held in the backyard with fake zombies rising from their dead. A realistic witch was attached to the roof. A mini-fake graveyard was held in the front lawn of the house. Calvin and Hobbes are already done. This feels like Calvin's parents are up for a scary surprise)

Calvin (laughing): This is great! It'll scare Mom and Dad out of their minds!

Hobbes (giggling): I'm scared already!

(Calvin rang the doorbell. Instead of an everyday doorbell ring, it howled)

Calvin: Werewolf Doorbell...

(He turns on the radio that's next to the headless guy. Music from the "Midnight Syndicate: Realm of Shadows" CD starts playing)

Calvin: ...horror music...

(He turns on the new stereo in the living room The family got a stereo last Christmas, turned it up all the way, and sounds of a black shadow talking and ghostly echoes fill the area of the house)

Calvin: ...scary sound effects, and we're done!

Hobbes: We've been done for 5 minutes.

Calvin: Look! Mom and Dad are coming back!

(Indeed. Calvin's parents were returning from the mall)


(They just saw the house. Dad accidentally crashed the car to the garage)


Calvin: HAHAHA! Hobbes! Look at this! (Stops laughing) Hobbes?

(Hobbes was gone. Calvin was suddenly in his room before he could call Hobbes)

Hobbes (laughing): You should of seen the expression on their faces when they got you!

Calvin: Yeah, they didn't look very happy.


(Calvin went downstairs)

Calvin: Yeah?

Mom: We would like to have a talk about your punishment. Your father and I have went to the Derkins' house and discussed about your past years of trick-or-treating.

Calvin: So?

Mom: So we decided that your punishment for your so-called "Operation S.C.A.R.E" is that you will not go trick-or-treating this Halloween.

(Calvin's lower jaw dropped to the ground)

Calvin: WHY?

Dad: Here's what you did last year.

(Flashes back to the last time Calvin went trick-or-treating)


(Every kid in the neighborhood was giving Calvin their Halloween candy)

Calvin: HA! HA! HA! HA!

(Flashback ends. We see Calvin arguing with Mom and Dad. Then Calvin was in his room)

Hobbes: You can't go trick-or-treating? Oh, you poor little man!

Calvin: I've got a plan.

(Calvin was whispering to Hobbes. Then they heard the werewolf doorbell howl, laughing, and the word "Trick-or-treat!" from their front door. Calvin went downstairs to investigate. He saw kids in costumes and Dad giving them treats. He ran back upstairs to Hobbes with an evil grin on his face. There was a brief moment of silence. Then Calvin spoke)

Calvin: Showtime.

(Calvin made a rope out of the bed covers, rolled it out the window and climbed down to the bottom. Hobbes was still trying to get down)

Calvin: C'mon, Hobbes! Are you EVEN "animal of the jungle"!

Hobbes (nervously): Cats are scared of heights.

Calvin: I'll FORCE you down!

(Calvin pulled the "rope" and Hobbes came tumbling down along with it)

Hobbes: You are so lucky you parents didn't hear that crash. Do you have you costume and candy bag, Einstein?

Calvin: Yes. What do you think I am? A brainless dad?

Hobbes: Yes.

Calvin: Never mind!

(Calvin put on his costume, which was a simple ghost Yes, the costume was a white blanket with two holes cut into it. Calvin and Hobbes went to the Derkins' house. Calvin rings the door bell.)


(Mr. Derkins was wearing a werewolf costume)



(Mom and Dad caught Calvin screaming. He was back in his room)

Calvin: I can't believe it! Mr. Derkins outscared me! I'll try to outscare HIM!

Hobbes: That doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

Calvin ("I think this is a brilliant idea"): C'mon, Hobbes! How hard can it be?

Hobbes: First, you have to find a scary Halloween costume. Then, you have to put it on.

Calvin: How could putting on a costume be hard?

Hobbes: Finally, you have to try to scare somebody.

Calvin: Hey, Hobbes! I thought of a great night to scare a VARIETY of people out of their skins! My school is gonna' throw a Halloween party on the holiday. There are gonna' be TONS of people there to scare!

Hobbes: Ugggghh...

(Calvin and Hobbes snuck out of the house. Hobbes was furious because of Calvin's Halloween idea. Then, when they were far from Mom or Dad's sense of sound, they stated running down to the mall downtown. They pushed through the doors. Then they saw the shopping heaven)

Hobbes: OOH! OOH! Let's go to the Rainforest Café!

Calvin: Hobbes, we're only here for my costume. Nice try!

Hobbes: Awww, man!

Calvin: We'll have a little lunch.

(After eating pizza, they continued on. At last, the reached the Halloween store)

Hobbes: Ugh, this store gives me the willies.

Calvin: C'mon, Hobbes!

(Calvin drug Hobbes to the Halloween store)

Hobbes: NO! NO! NO! I'm NOT going in there!

(Everyone else saw Calvin just dragging a stuffed tiger yelling what Hobbes said in his line above)

Hobbes: Ooooooooooooggg...

(Calvin was looking at the scary people section. Calvin has already spent 3 hours in the store)

Calvin: I don't know what I want...I'll buy one of each

(Calvin bought one of every scary people costume using fake realistic money. It was hard for him. They rushed home. Sneaking through the area of Calvin's house)

Calvin: Wow! Look at all these!

Hobbes: Let me guess: We're gonna test all of them

Calvin: You just read my mind.

(It took so many attempts, it would be too long for me to tell you. I will tell just this: They failed EVERY attempt. Finally...)

Attempt #150:

(It was the afternoon of Halloween)

Hobbes: Well, we've went over all the costumes but this.

(He holds up a "Demon's Soul" costume)

Calvin: I'm not quite sure...That'll do.

Hobbes: Good.

(It took them 30 minutes to get ready)

Calvin: How do I look? Am I horrifying of WHAT?

(Hobbes' fur stood up)

Hobbes: You really scary!

Calvin: SWEET!


Hobbes: Let me take care of this.

(Calvin pushed Hobbes aside)

Calvin: No, no. Let ME do it.

(Calvin rushed downstairs. He talked to a few kids in costumes with bags as if he were REALLY a demon's soul)


(The kids screamed and ran to another house. Hobbes came down. Dad was telling Mom that he saw a soul of a demon, but got sent to see a psychologist)

Hobbes: Wow. Even your Dad thinks you are a soul.

Calvin: Yeah, let's go to the school roof and get everything planned out.

Hobbes: Why?

Calvin: The Halloween party?

Hobbes: Oh, yeah.

(Calvin and Hobbes rushed to the school. By the time they were done with the planning out, the Halloween party was in progress. Everyone who wanted to go were all there)

Calvin: Hobbes got the ax ready?

Hobbes: Yup.

(Calvin peeked down. Everyone was having a great time. Susie was walking to Moe)

Susie: Hi there, Moe. I'm a tooth fairy.

Moe (sarcastically): Fascinating.

(We see Calvin and Hobbes again)

Calvin: Ok, Hobbes. Blast the lights out.

Hobbes: Ok.

(Hobbes chopped down a power line with the ax. Since that was the only power line in town, all of its power completely went out. The people in the gym were frightened. Calvin jumped into the gym. A very skinny rope was being used. One half was tied to Hobbes' waist. The other was tied to Calvin's. Hobbes does an evil laugh)

Hobbes: I'm the soul of the most terrifying demon ever! BOOGA! BOOGA! BOOGA! Give me your spirits!

(A bee came. He stung Hobbes' tail. Hobbes got in a frozen position. Then he screamed)


(He ran around like crazy. Calvin fell to the ground. Then he went back up. Then he swung throughout the whole gym and stopped up-side down. Everyone was laughing. Calvin's parents burst through the doors)


Calvin: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I can explain.

(From outside, you could here screaming and crashing. On November 1, 2005, Calvin was in his room after that. His costume was taken off. The doors were locked and the window glass was replaced with metal. He was very angry)

Calvin: I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I'm not allowed to go to another Halloween party, the TV was put in the basement, and I'm grounded for 2 weeks!

Hobbes: I told you your plan wouldn't work.

(Calvin yelled)

Calvin: If you didn't drop me down, everything would have worked perfectly!

Hobbes: A bee stung me! You can't blame me for that!

(Then they argued, started a mini-war, and argued some more)

Hobbes: I'll bet you'll get coal for Christmas!

Calvin: Oh, stuff your mouth with soap! We're done for the day! GOOD NIGHT!

Hobbes: It's noon.

Calvin: Well, it's midnight in China! My energy time is set on Asia time!

(Calvin started sleeping. Then he muffled to himself)

Calvin: This is the worst Halloween of my life.

(Then he was in deep sleep. That ended this scary Halloween special)