TRHPS-Shaman King StyleXD

Chapter 9: I'm going home and that's the end of the show.

Ren moved slowly to the center of the stage, looking up at the bright light that shone in his face.

"On the day ...I went away..."

"Good bye..."

"Was all I had to say..."

"Now I..."

"Want to come and stay..."

"Oh my, my..."

"Smile and that will mean I may..." Ren kicked on a cloud projection and blue skies appeared.

"I've skies

Through the tears in my eyes

And I realize

I'm going home

I'm going home."

Ren fell to his knees, looking down at the stage floor.

"Everywhere it's been the same..."


"Like I'm outside in the rain..."


"Free to try and find a game..."


"Cards for sorrow, Cards for pain." Faust switched on wind machine.

"I've seen blue skies

Through the tears in my eyes

And I realize

I'm going home

I'm going home.

I'm going home." Jun looked at Ren and said sarcastically:"How sentimental."

She and Marco moved closer to the stage, Marco pointing the ray gun at Ren.

"And also presumptuous of you. You see when I said "we" were to return to Transylvania, I referred only to Jun and myself."

Ren's jaw dropped, looking appalled.

"You see, you are to remain here, in spirit anyway..."

Ren screamed. "No! No, no, no!" He turned and tried to run. Marco pulled the trigger, shooting Ren in the back. Minako screamed and Marco turned and shot at her, killing her instantly. Horo looked down at Ren and started crying. He bent down beside Ren's body and cradled him in his arms. He picked Ren's limp (and heavy) body up and started climbing the stairway towards the Fox skyline. Marco fired at Horo again and again. With Ren's body in his arms, Horo beat on his chest and let out a wild sound like a giant beast of the jungle. Marco fired again and again. Horo crashed down to his death. Tamao looked down in horror.

"You killed them!"

Jun found the entire sequence of events very distasteful. She looked up at Marco.

"I thought you liked them. They liked you!"

Marco kept glaring at the dead bodies, screaming.

"They didn't like me! They never liked me!"

"You did right."

They all looked at Dr. Faust.

"A decision had to be made."

"You're okay by me."

"Dr. Faust, I'm sorry about your nephew."

"Yes, well...perhaps it was for the best."

"You must leave now, Dr. Faust, while it's still possible. We are about to beam the entire house back to the planet of transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. Go now."

Lyserg and Tamao ran out of the castle, Dr. Faust behind them. Marco and Jun laughed, making their special sign. Their laughter subsided and Marco looked at her.

"Our noble mission is almost completed my most beautiful sister, soon we will return to the moon-drenched shores of our "androgynous" planet."

"Ah - sweet Transsexual - land of night - to sing and dance once more to your dark refrains. To take that step to the right..." They both remembered earlier when they and the transvestite guests were dancing.

"But it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane."

"And our World...will do the Time Warp again!"

Outside, there was a huge explosion. The entire castle was surrounded by a giant beam of light and then vanished into space. Lyserg, Tamao and Dr. Faust's bodies were scattered on three sides surrounding a crater where the castle once was. The three of them stood shakily on the perimeter of the crater.

A globe of the earth was spinning on Manta's desk. Manta stood up from his desk chair and put his hand on the globe, stopping it.

"And crawling on the planet's face

Some insects called the human race

Lost in time, and lost in space

And meaning..."

Manta turned and went to the door of the study. He switched off the light.


He left the study, shutting the door behind him. The study was almost dark. Only a sinister glow inside the globe of the earth remains...

Science Fiction - double-feature

Frank has built and lost his creature

Darkness has conquered

Brad and Janet

The servants gone to a distant planet

Oh - at the late night double-feature

Picture Show - I want to go - Ohh -

To the late night double-feature picture show.


Me:Take a bow everyone!The show is done and over! The cast party will be at 11:55 PM sharp before the midnight showing!

The Mankin cast who was parodied in this take a bow while on the screen they're being showed in their characters that they played.

Dr.Frank-Ren-Furter:Ren Tao.

Rocky Horror-Horo Horo

Brad and Janet-Lyserg and Tamao

Magenta and Riff Raft-Jun and Marco

Columbia and Eddie-Minako and Ryu


And the Criminologist-Manta