---Trials of a Miko---

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Chapter 1: Beginnings

The Feudal Era…

"Hey Kagome! Where do you think you're going?" Inuyasha called out, curious to what she would be sneaking around the village for.

"Home for a week to stock up on extra cups of ramen!" Kagome lied, taking an excuse off the top of her head so she could leave the Feudal Era in a somewhat peaceful way.

"One week! Hey, get some of that miso flavor too, would you?" He agreed. Anything that involved ramen was a first for Inuyasha.

"Thanks Inuyasha! You're the best!"

"Feh. Be fast, would you? I think we're running out here"

"Sure thing," nodding, Kagome jumped into the well, a blue glow surrounding her as she switched time periods. She then jumped out and sealed the well so Inuyasha couldn't come back early to get her like he had a habit of doing every time.

The Higurashi Shrine…

"Mom! Souta! Jii-san!" Kagome shouted out while dropping her bags on the floor.

"Kagome?" Kun-Loon questioned, and then embraced her in a tight hug while Jii-san and Souta joined in. "How was your trip to Sengoku-Jidai? Did you collect more jewel shards?"

"It was great! We're actually finished, so everything's still settling down. The village wasn't harmed in the process, but I think everybody needs time to calm down and relax"

"You should tell me about it later!" Souta beckoned excitedly, pulling on Kagome's sleeve, "Especially about everything Inuyasha did!"

"Later, Souta. I'm a bit exhausted at the moment"

"Oh, and dear? Yusuke's coming over for a week, we haven't seen him for so long!"

"Really? Cousin's coming over?"

"Hai! Tomorrow! I think he'll come to the shrine. I told him he could bring a couple friends, but I'm not sure if he would"

'I haven't seen Yusuke since he was 13...' Kagome thought warmly, smiling a bit as she opened the door to her bedroom, 'Makes me wonder how he's been'

Kun-Loon had told Kagome earlier that Kagome had to transfer to another high school since the school she was going to now was taking in new students, and therefore had to push some others out.

Kagome thought that was a bit unfair, but didn't argue. She thought a change might be healthy for her mind.

New school, new friends, new teachers.


The Shikon Jewel had fused with the miko's body not long after it was put back together. Because of this, it seemed that Kagome had recieved new powers that she was still trying to reign in.

Kaede had mentioned that it would make sense since the jewel came out of her body in the first place, and the rest of the village agreed.

Kagome soon after started training, and stuck to the village.

Koenma's Office…

"Botan! Call Yusuke and the others! I have another mission for them!" Koenma reached into the back of his desk, searching for the communicater he had lost a couple days ago.

That was why he couldn't contact the group by himself. Thankfully, Botan understood these circumstances.

"Yes, Koenma sir!"

Half and hour later, they all finally resided in the office.

"What do you want toddler? I had to break another date with Keiko for this and I just moved into my cousin's shrine for a week! I haven't even had time to unpack!" Yusuke stated, clearly annoyed, "Hell...I haven't even had time to get into the house let alone unpack..." He murmured thoughtfully.

All the reason to reject the prince of the spirit world even more.

"Don't call me a TODDLER!" Koenma's face turned pink, as he shouted.

"Relax, if Koenma called us, it has to be for something important. Unless..."

"Thank you, Kurama, it's nice to have someone respectful in this group" Koenma cut in before the fox started having second thoughts about what he was saying.

"What! Something important again as to locating the person who gave you the wrong oden order and giving him a piece of his mind again?" Yusuke accused, pointing at the 'toddler's' face, "I've got more important things to do, like seeing my family, and actually taking care of important Makai business"

"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about" Koenma muttered nervously before clearing his throat, "There have been current reports of a demon traveling to houses, or shrines, to cause havoc to the people living there"

Hiei listened intently to the case, even though he appeared mostly disinterested.

"I need you to hunt down and slay this demon before it does anymore harm. Rumor is it that it wants revenge on someone, a fabled miko that weakened him 500 years ago"

"But wouldn't the miko be dead by now then? And-"

"Hai, but it's still killing people, so no matter what, you guys have to find some way to get rid of it. Push it back into the demon world, whatever. I don't care, as long as it stops and doesn't do anything else"

"WHAT?" Yusuke bolted up from the chair he was sitting in, looking more than a bit panicked.

"What now?" Cried out a very agitated Koenma.

"My cousin lives in a shrine! You know, the one I told you about earlier?" Yusuke glared at the prince, spitting the facts out rapidly.

"You have a cousin?" Kuwabara nearly interrupted, but wasn't heard over the noise that Yusuke was creating, "You never said you had any other family, other than your mom..."

"Well. Come on! Let's make haste here!" Botan ushered them out of their chairs, "Where does she live?"

"The Higurashi shrine! Toddler jerk! If anything happens to her-!" But the spirit detective was cut off as Botan shoved them all into the portal in the middle of the office, relieving Koenma.

The Higurashi Shrine…

The spirit detectives burst through the portal, a bit shaken by the portal travelling.

"The demon is here on the roof" Hiei stated cooly, whipping his head towards the direction.

"Then we must hurry, there's no telling what the demon is up to and has done already" Kurama pointed out, while pulling out his rose, ready to transform it into a whip at any minue.

Without a word, they drew their weapons and hoisted themselves onto the roof as quietly as possible.

They found the said demon eyeing a figure dressed in a miko garb. The two were totally oblivious to the audience they had.

"Artifact. Now" the demon started, glaring.

"No. This is their problem" Hiei pushed Kuwabara back when he was just about to go up and defend her.

Kuwabara looked back at Hiei hesitantly, then nodded in understanding, sinking back to where he was before.

"Considering your presence here, I most likely know what you're talking about. But you're not getting it" The now revealed female voice said, her face still covered by the shadows.

"High priestess! You're no match for me!"

"Heh! Honestly, do you really think I'd let myself die from you?" It was a innocent bluff. She actually didn't know how to completely control her powers.

"Of course!" The demon snorted arrogantly.

"The things that I would not willingly hand over to you! This artifact is important, I wouldn't just hand it over!"

"Why you, wench!" The demon abruptly lunged forward at the female.

She ran out of the way and drew a simple sword, attempting to kick him in the gut, "Don't call me that!"

He stood back up and threw an unidentifiable sharp object at her, one that had curiously seemed to be drawn from somewhere on his body.

She blocked it with the sword, batting it so it slid off the roof, while the shingles made small crackling noises. The figure haphazardly tried to balance herself, grabbing onto a nearby, higher gutter.

Furious that his threat had been so easily eliminated, he threw one of his strongest attacks at her.

She crossed her arms in front of her, as if it would block her from the attack. To the demon's and her surprise, a thin barrier erected, barley protecting her from the attack, but it was enough. The sides of her arms were slightly scorched, but it was nothing serious.

Wincing at the raw skin on her arms, she seemed to grip her sword tighter, lashing forward and miraculously killed the threat in one sweep.

The lady sighed and while smoothing out her garbs, mumbled "Another thing to add to the list of stories when I get back" Strangely, she sounded quite serene, as if she was content at the moment.

A cool breeze passed by, whipping the woman's long hair as she brushed away a few stray strands, tucking it behind her ear.

She then noticeably tensed,"Who's there?" The lady paused for a moment, "I know you're there! Stop trying to act as if you're inivisible!"

Not wanting to explain why they were peeking on the roof and watching the battle, the guys instinctively shoved the red haired man towards her. He looked back at them in annoyance. Why couldn't Kuwabara and Yusuke just do this themselves? Or maybe even Hiei?

The woman chuckled and turned to look more closely at the group. A fire and ice apparition as she could see, a…hanyou? Ok, maybe not, better ask about that later. It was like two souls in one, yet...was that possible? Hm… an idiot, no surprise and the last person near the shadows looked like…


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