Chapter Five!
By: Our alter egos!

166Gryffgirl has signed on

Keeper67: Gryff! Hi!

166Gryffgirl: Oh, hi Keeper! Sorry I haven't been on in a while, a lot of stuff has been going on

Keeper67: I'm listening...

166Gryffgirl: Well, honestly, i don't really know what's going on, it's a secret that i wasn't informed of, don't you hate that? Anyway it's a lot of drama that's putting one of my friends in danger. and through all this I'm having problems of my own.

Keeper67: What kind of problems?

166Gryffgirl: For instance... i recently broke up with my boyfriend, and while I feel sort of jealous that he's moved on so quick, I'm starting to have a crush on my other friend... or, at least, I think I do...

Keeper67: Oh... Well I understand where you're coming from, I have a thing for my best friend too. But I don't think she really notices me much.

Keeper67: Oh - by the way... what's your name? We seem to have gotten to be pretty good friends but I don't know what to call you other then Gryff

166GryffGirl: Well... okay. Usually I don't tell anyone my name - especially because it's against the rules but... Hi, I'm Hermione.

Keeper67: Hermione? That name sounds familiar

166GryffGirl: What's yours?

Keeper67: My name? err okay... Billy

166GryffGirl: Short for William?

Keeper67: Short for Billius, don't laugh

166GryffGirl: Billius? That sounds really familiar but I can't remember where I've heard it from...but don't worry, I'm not laughing

Keeper67: Well isn't that a relief?

166GryffGirl: I sense sarcasm.

Keeper67: nice to know you still have all 5 senses

166GryffGirl: Har-har-har

Keeper67: Well, I've g2g - getting kind of tired, and i want to check up on my sister

Ron bit his tongue - Hermione would know for sure that it was him!

166GryffGirl: Sister? Interesting

166GryffGirl: By the way, what house are you in?

Keeper67: Hufflepuff, why?

Hermione sighed. So it wasn't Ron...

166GryffGirl: Oh, just wondering.. bye!

Keeper67: Bye, Hermione

166GryffGirl: Bye Billy

Ginny and Harry were alone together in the room of requirement, trying to behave like good little teenagers and failing miserably. Snogging on the couch, Harry reasoned with himself that he was just kissing his girlfriend (maybe he should ask her and make it official), despite her being his best friend's younger sister. He was also taking her mind off of her troubles - so he was doing a good deed - nothing to be guilty about.

Harry was horrible at reasoning with himself.

Ginny suddenly pushed him away, an annoyed look on her face, "What's wrong, Harry? What's bothering you?"

Harry shrugged, "Nothing, Gin...I guess I'm just worried about you."

Ginny smiled up at him, pulling him closer so she could give him another kiss.

As luck would have it, Ron came in to check on Ginny at the moment, shouting several profanities and gagging exaggeratedly at the sight.

"We were thinking younger," Harry said seriously.

"Yeah," Ginny added while keeping a straight face. "One whose first name is Ronald... second is Billius... third is-"

"Billius." Hermione repeated. "Billiu - RON!"

"What?" Ron asked, looking rather flushed.

"You! You'! Keeper!"

"I'm who?" Ron squeaked.

"Keeper67! It's you I've been chatting with! You prat!"

"What are you on about, Hermione? I have no idea who you're talking about." Ron said, attempting (but failing) to keep his tone even.

"Oh?" Hermione growled. Suddenly, a whole new expression washed over her face and she got a sparkle in her eye. "Oh. Sorry. Must have confused you with someone else. What is your screen name, anyway?"

"'s against the rules but..." Ron looked around nervously, "Gryffron...yeah, you know, like griffin only...with y's and r's...because my name is Ron...and I'm in Gryffindor...and on is in Ron and..."

"You're over-explaining, Ron." Hermione said with a rather wicked smirk.

"Uh, well - yeah." Ron turned to look at Ginny and Harry who were smirking and giggling at each other. "And you're still not off the hook!"

"Whatever, Ron. Are we going to go to dinner, or what?"

Hermione nodded. "Yes, dinner it is. And when we come back, we can all have a nice little chat."

"All?" Harry asked.

"Me, you, Ron, Gin, and Billy."

166GryffGirl has started a private chat with quidditchboy6, chasergrl5, and Gryffron

166GryffGirl: Odd, Billy isn't on...he usually is, you know

Chasergrl5: Maybe he has homework...ha

Quidditchboy6: Or maybe Ron took his regular computer so he cant sign on

Gryffron: What are you suggesting?

QuidditchBoy6: Nothing...

Gryffron: computer is acting to restart

Gryffron has signed off

166GryffGirl: 3...2...1

Keeper67 has signed on

Keeper67 has been added to the chat

166GryffGirl: Oh, Billy! You just missed my friend Ron...

Keeper67: Oh, really? Wow, that sucks

166Gryffgirl: Yep

Keeper67: Maybe I should go look for him!

166Gryffgirl: Oh you wouldn't know him, Billy - he's a Gryffindor, not a hufflepuff.

Keeper67: Oh...

Chasergrl5: But I'm sure he'll be back soon

Quidditchboy6: Because you know it only takes about 2 minutes to restart a computer

Chasergrl5: So why don't you stick around, Billy? Then you can meet him for yourself

Keeper67: Uh...I'm not sure if I can, I have to go in a minute a friend...with divinations

166GryffGirl: Oh that's too bad, I'd rlly like you to meetRon

Keeper67: Is he your..uh...boyfriend?

Chasergrl5: Ron? Her boyfriend...hahahaha! How could she go out with him Billy, when all she thinks of is you?

166GryffGirl: -blush- yes, Billy...I'm quite smitten with you...

Keeper67: uh...uh...I...gotta..go...ttyl, help...the ...guy...divinations. right.

Keeper67 has left the chat

Chasergrl5: How long do you think it will take Ron to stop blushing and to sign back on?Quidditchboy6: I give him about a week

Gryffron has entered the chat

166GryffGirl: Honestly, how funny!

Gryffron: uhh whats funny, herms?

166GryffGirl: Oh, nothing - Billy just left just as you arrived!

Gryffron: Oh, hahaha that is funny

Chasergrl5: Hmm, hey Ron do you know who Billy is?Hermione seems to have a thing for him, maybe you wanna beat him up?

Gryffron: She's never even met this guy! How does she know he's not a liar?

166GryffGirl: Oh I think I know him quite well

Gryffron: Oh? Is that So? Well I don't think you do. You don't even know he's really a hufflepuffs!

166GryffGirl: I never told you he was a hufflepuff.

Gryffron: uh, yes u did - remember?

Chasergrl5: Hmm i don't remember that, Ronnie

Gryffron: Shut up gin

Chasergrl5: no thank you, Billy

Chasergrl5: OOOPPSSSSS!

Chasergrl5: Silly typos! Ron, not Billy. Sorry!

Quidditchboy6: LMAO!

Gryffron: -growl-

166Gryffgirl: There something you want to tell me, Ron?

Gryffron: Me?

Chasergrl5: No, Billy

166GryffGirl: I am so very disappointed in you, think I thought I could trust both you and your other personality...

Gryffron: I don't have another personality!

Chasergrl5: -cough-skitzo-cough-

Gryffron: Gin youre not helping!

Chasergrl5: Yes i am - i'm helping Hermione

Gryffron: Fine, then I get Harry!

Quidditchboy6: ...excuse me?

Gryffron: I need someone to be on my side!

QuidditchBoy6: Oh, okay. Hermione, how could you claim he has a split personality? Billy is just his alter ego...

Gryffron: Harry!

Quidditchboy6: What! You wanted me to help you!

Private message to Chasergrl5:

Quidditchboy6: So who do you think is going to win?

166GryffGirl: I can read that, you know!

Chasergrl5: You...can?

166GryffGirl: Yes, all prefects can see private messages and emails...and we can appear offline if we really are online. We're not supposed to look through emails unless it's important, but does that stop people from abusing their powers? Noooo of course not! People are spying on each other, and -

Chasergrl5: QuidditchDragon is a prefect!

166GryffGirl: What?

Chasergrl5: That's how he could read the chat logs between Harry and I, even though it said he was 'offline'!

166GryffGirl: Well then that narrows down the suspects to the 17 male prefects - assuming he is male, and not including Ronald (who I'm not speaking too, for lying to me!). I believe that narrows our search quite a bit considering there are over 1000 students attending Hogwarts.

Chasergrl5: He's also a major censored follower

Chasergrl5: Darn censors! A major YOU-KNOW-WHO follower

Gryffron: Then he's a slytherin!

166GryffGirl: Oh, come on Ron, there are other You-Know-Who followers in other houses too, you know

Gryffron: I thought u weren't talking to me?

166GryffGirl: I'm correcting you, that's different

Gryffron: name one follower who isn't slytherin! and its not different.

166GryffGirl: Peter Pettigrew and yes it is!

Gryffron: He doesn't count and no it isn't!

166GryffGirl: Of course he does! He was the main follower! He's the one who -

QuidditchBoy6: Er...

Chasergrl5: OKAY MOVING ON!

Chasergrl5: He's most likely a slytherin

166GryffGirl: ...

Chasergrl5: BUT he may be in another house also

QuidditchBoy6: Hey Gin..I think i have an idea

166GryffGirl: Okay, lets meet you-know-where in five minutes...except for Ron. Ron cant' come because he lied to me

166GryffGirl has left the room.

Gryffron: Come on, Hermione! I'm sor-ugh

Gryffron: -sigh- meet u there, guys

Gryffron has left the room

Quidditchboy6: Okay...well...bye, gin

Quidditchboy6: -peck on cheek-

Chasergrl5: -sigh- not nearly as satisfying as the real thing

Quidditchboy6: well when Ron and Hermione leave you-know-where, i'll give you a real one, ok?

Chasergrl5: Promise?

Quidditchboy6: promise

Quidditchboy6 has left the room

QuidditchDragon: Hmm, 'you-know-where', eh?

Chasergrl5: get out of here

QuidditchDragon: Or what?

Chasergrl5 has left the room

Ginny entered the room of requirement to find Hermione and Ron having a screaming match, although she could tell Ron's heart wasn't in it. He wasn't trying to win, he just wanted Hermione to forgive him.

"YOU LIED TO ME RON!" Hermione said shrilly, causing Harry to cover his ears.

"I'M SORRY HERMIONE!" He shouted back before continuing in a softer tone, "I didn't think you'd be interested in me if you knew it was really me."

"YOU'RE SO - ...what?"

"You never seemed interested in me, I'm just Ron...your friend...not a guy you'd be interested in for anything more than that...I thought maybe if we got to know each other...the same way you got to know Harry...then I thought I might have a chance at impressing you. I'm sorry for lying to you." Ron responded despondently.

Hermione sighed. "It still wasn't right, playing with my emotions like that." She took a deep breath. "But... I forgive you. ...For now."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Now that that's over with, can we please talk about important matters? Such as, I don't know, my life?"

"Right." Harry said, swishing his wand around the room and murmuring several spells under his breath.

"And that was for?" Ginny asked.

"Silencing charm - just in case, locking charm - just in case, and a revealing spell...just in case he'" Harry said with a nod, "The last one I learned in defense so I know I got that one right at least."

"Right. So your idea?"

"Hermione - when's the next prefect meeting?"

"Tomorrow afternoon, why Harry?"

"I think Ginny should go...beneath my invisibility cloak...and see if any of the prefects there sound like the guy who's threatening her." Harry explained.

Ginny nodded. "That's a good idea, Harry. But what if they've been using a spell to change their voice?"

"Either way, it can't hurt to try."

Ginny carefully followed Ron and Hermione (who were both acting rather awkward with one another) to the prefect meeting. As they took their seats, she got herself situated in a rather out of the way corner where she could hear them talk without getting discovered.

"I call this meeting to order at 3:45 pm." Robert announced seriously, with the effect of everyone silencing.

"Yes, our first order of business today will be to ask for reports on how the new internet system is working. Would anyone like to offer their opinion?" Marie asked with a smile.

Hermione instantly raised her hand, and without waiting to be recognized she began to speak, "Yes. I find this system to be absolutely horrid because as it turns out that some prefects are abusing their moderating powers. They are using them to read private messages not meant for their eyes, and worse - some seem to be quickly becoming online predators."

Ginny scanned the room to see how people would respond to Hermione's complaint.

"How would you know if people are abusing their powers, Granger, unless you have abused them yourself?" Draco Malfoy sneered.

Ginny froze, his voice sounded...familiar, and not in the 'that-prat-bugs-me-once-a-week' way either...more in a this-is-the-voice-that's-been-whispering-threats-to-me way.

"I'll have you know that I have received several complaints from students." Hermione replied stiffly.

"Such as?" He sneered, and seemed to be up in his seat. Oh, God, he's going to know it was me...

"That's none of your business!" Hermione grumbled.

"Actually, Hermione," Marie sighed, "It would be easier if we had some names to put to these complaints."

"Oh, how so? Tell me how it helps?"

Marie looked at Robert.

"Well, we know the students who find it funny to prank us. Say, if it's Neville Longbottom, we know that it's serious. If it's one of the Weasleys, however -" Robert seemed to be glancing at Draco to see his reaction...

Oh, my god. They're in this together! Ginny thought, panicked.

"Excuse me!" Ron growled, his face red with anger. "So if someone was hurting me online, you wouldn't think I was telling the truth? That's bloody insane!"

"Oh, we believe you - just not your sister," Robert sneered.

"And why's that?" Hermione started. Ginny quickly leaned into her ear and whispered, "They're in it together! Stop defending me! It's been Draco all along, him and Robert, they're going to know I told you!"

Hermione didn't give any outward signs that she had heard Ginny, instead she stood and said, "I know that prefects are abusing their powers because I have be harassed online by people who could only be prefects. They have made rude comments and seem to know that I am of muggle heritage, and have insulted me by calling me a mudblood. Harry Potter has also mentioned someone calling him 'scarboy' online."

"What about Weasley, here?" Robert asked suspiciously.

"Neither he, nor his sister, have made any complaints to me." Hermione replied smoothly.

"Surprising," Draco said under his breath, not buying it.

"What was that, Malfoy?" Hermione asked, crossing her arms. "Something you'd like to say?"

Draco glared at her, then at Ron. "Nope."

"Good..." Marie said slowly, looking around. "Moving on... The dance is in a week. Professor Dumbledore has asked that we try to figure out a theme. Any suggestions?"

"Before we continue, Marie, I would like to make one last comment." Hermione said, her voice suddenly sounding rather dangerous, "If I catch any prefects creating a hostile environment for other students online or off, I shall personally make sure they never return to this school."

"Is that a threat mud-...Granger?" Draco asked.

"No, no, I'm not the type to make threats! Simply a friendly warning, Draco." Hermione said with a fake smile and sickeningly sweet voice.

" about a costume party?" One of the younger prefects asked, knowing now would be a good time to change back to the topic of the dance.

"A Winter Wonderland, maybe?" Another said, "We could have snow fall from the ceiling of the great hall...and snowmen and ice frosted trees..."

"Uh, let's try for something creative - we've done Masquerades, and we've done winter wonderlands..." Marie said, looking at a checklist of every ball they've ever had. "It seems that the most popular was the masquerade, but usually that's a Halloween-type dance..."

"How about a muggle themed party?" Ron asked, ignoring Draco's mutterings of 'blood-traitor', "We could have muggle music, and clothes, and decorations...we could...even theme from a...certain muggle time"

"The sixties or seventies!" Hermione cut in gleefully, "Or even a sock hop from the fifties!"

"Er," Marie coughed, "I have no idea what happened in the sixties and seventies... Maybe you can explain?"

"Well... the seventies was disco, you know - platform shoes and big hair and everything was really glittery, and the sixties was very 'peace and love', with peace signs and everything..."

"I think the sixties sound lovely," a fifth year said smiling. "Considering what you were just saying, Hermione, about all the hate on the internet, a peace dance sounds awesome!"

Hermione grinned happily as she stood again. Pointing her wand at her mini notebook (in which she took notes on important topics mentioned in prefect meetings) she transfigured it into a much larger version and forced Ron to hold it up for everyone to see.

She tapped the notebook again causing spidery lines to shape themselves on the paper into drawings of hippies, peace signs, flowers and other related images to help non-muggle borns get an idea of what she was talking about.

Hermione grinned happily as she stood again. Pointing her wand at her mini notebook (in which she took notes on important topics mentioned in prefect meetings) she transfigured it into a much larger version and forced Ron to hold it up for everyone to see.

She tapped the notebook again causing spidery lines to shape themselves on the paper into drawings of hippies, peace signs, flowers and other related images to help non-muggle borns get an idea of what she was talking about.

"Ohh, so that's a peace sign! That's brilliant, Hermione!" The fifth year smiled.

"Why thank you, Emily!"

"Well, that ends this week's meeting - we're going to have another meeting on Saturday, to discuss more in-depth plans for our dance! Loads of thanks to Hermione for the idea," Marie said while clapping.

"It was my idea," Ron said loud enough for only Ginny to hear him.

The group left, Ginny staying a bit farther behind to spy on Draco a bit more, who was sneering in the doorway next to Robert. "This is ridiculous! First they let mudbloods in the school to begin with, then they let them run the dances? Honestly, if Voldemort knew about this..."

"But he will, won't he?" Robert asked once everyone (but Ginny) was out of the room.

"Maybe," Draco shrugged. "It's getting harder and harder to send owls out, now that Weasley's told Dumb-ledore."

Robert looked completely angered. "Weasley told?"

"She must've, or one of her little friends did - someone must have, 'cause last I heard, he was -"

"Uh, excuse me-" Ron interrupted, Hermione next to him. "We left a book in here..."

"Oh, really?" Robert asked, putting on his 'concerned head boy' act. "I don't see any book."

"Uh - oh - I guess it wasn't in here, Hermione," Ron said loudly, hinting for Ginny to get the hell out of the room. "I guess we should go BACK!"

"I GUESS SO," Hermione answered, looking around the room.

Draco rose an eyebrow.

"Alright, I guess we should be going too, Malfoy," Robert said, starting to leave. Once Ron and Hermione left, Ginny heard him whisper, "See you in the dungeon at midnight." With that, they left.

Shang Warrior Phoenix - I am quite glad you enjoy the story. I would just like to say that more often then not we don't mean to end on an overly suspenseful note, we usually feel that it's long enough or we are unable to write anymore for what ever reason.

I would also like to thank all our other reviewers for their kind words of encouragement. Thanks! You rock!

-Love Rita