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Hermione felt her blood turn to ice in her veins, and her heart turn to stone and plummet to the bottom of her stomach. In a split second her mind had gone into overdrive, looking for ways out, but her body struggled to catch up.

Finally 'Mione was able to move again and without another second's delay, sprinted for the stairs. "Blaise! Blaise are you alright! Did you get out?!" The stairs were in sight now, but a new wave of people had flooded the skinny steps and blocked the way…

Still she ran, desperately hoping that the innocent bystanders would move aside before she and Draco reached them.

"Now, Now my dear it is hardly polite to yell in another's ear," Lucius's drawl echoed in to her ear through the button ear-piece, "I'm afraid Blaise can't be distracted at the moment, he's having a …heart to heart with his father." Blaise's deep scream punctuated Lucius's sentence.

Hermione looked up at the deep space black of the ceiling, blood pounding through her veins. Where are they? They can't be upstairs… people would be completely panicked. The bone chilling scream still haunted her thoughts, They must have apparated-

'Mione nearly fell flat on her arse as her body moved forward and her arm tugged stubbornly in the opposite direction. What the-

Draco stood behind her, eyes matte grey, dead. His hand had clamped onto her wrist and now another was reaching for her neck. Long pale fingers contrasting against the velvet walls. She closed her eyes, her heart was being crushed by the weight of those dark, dead eyes.

Draco felt his fingers tremble as they reached 'Mione's smooth pale throat. He knew he was doing what his father wanted, what was right. His body was ready to follow through with orders, but his mind was reluctant. An inner voice, weak and feeble as it was, was breaking through his muddled concentration. It screamed and howled at him that what he was doing was wrong. In fact it was dangerously close to damning.

The voice was muffled as though he were underwater, hearing someone speak to him from above the surface. He couldn't hear the words clearly, but understood the feelings, the anger and what had brought it on. Still he spread a hand across her lips as they curled back into a scream, and with out any further delay threw her over his shoulder, turned on his heel and disappeared into sucking blackness.

A loud bang sounded in 'Mione's ears as she dizzily took in her new surroundings, high ceilings and barely decorated walls stood before her. A portrait hung of three platinum blondes above a dark and empty fireplace, the faces in it were cold , and unyielding, offering little hope for her future in the Malfoy Manor. With a sudden wave of certainty she was sure this was the manor, it radiated the same dark energy that oozed off of Lucius and Blaise's father, it gave her chills.

Malfoy's head was pounding now, he could barely move due to the violent voice in his head. It wanted Hermione out of that house NOW.

"Draco! Bring her down to the dungeons immediately." Lucius's voice boomed from the walls, making the portrait and a few vases shake dangerously. Draco hesitated, knowing exactly what the dungeons meant…

'Mione took advantage of the moment's pause, she shifted into the defensive, whispered "Sorry Draco." And with a swift hard kick way below the belt, took off running. 'Mione looked around frantically, there were so many corridors and doors, none of which that remotely looked like they led to the outside. What floor am I on? Oh god Blaise! I can't leave him here! Maybe if I surprise them…

And without further thought Hermione started heading downward. Stumbling upon staircases, her blood pumped through her veins frenzied and erratic, she couldn't stop looking behind her, as though Draco or Lucius or someone was going to just pop out of nowhere and end her desperate fight. Was it so obvious that she had no real plan? Would Lucius see right through her?

Draco stared up at the ceiling, 'Mione's startling attack had sent pain dancing across his whole body, and brought the angry voice in his head to full volume, and now he could do nothing but listen. You IDIOT! The voice screamed, and realization dawned on him, this voice… it was… him. She's out there in the house, Lucius will find her and KILL her! She's a mudblood remember, beneath you at least in Lucius's eyes… he won't hesitate… What are you waiting for!?

Draco felt the pain subside, sweeping from his body, the voice being quieted and a familiar calm moving in behind it. He stood gracefully and closed his dark eyes, his platinum blonde hair falling over his forehead. He stood there, still as stone, searching for her desperately.

She's heading…. Down? Confusion and panic turned to ice in his veins. If father finds her without me there he'll… He shivered remembering the pain his father had so often inflicted upon him. In one smooth motion he took off in the opposite direction 'Mione had almost reached the dungeons. But I know a shortcut. He grinned maliciously, before disappearing behind a rather large stone snake.

'Mione's lungs felt like they might burst as she finally reached the dungeons. The frigid air stung her lungs mercilessly as she greedily sucked it in. The old stone walls loomed darkly on either side threatening to trap her here and hold her for eternity. The human suffering here was almost tangible, 'Mione felt as though is she breathed to deeply she might suck it in and have the screams of prisoners echo inside her bones for the rest of her life.

A deep howl of pain shattered the quiet, startling Hermione so badly that she fell to the floor, trembling. Blaise! She roughly shoved herself back onto her feet, bloodying her hands on the course floor, and sprinted down the tunnel.

She hadn't realized how long the dungeon corridor really was, the end was never in sight only a shroud of blackness. Just when she thought she'd never stop running a brilliant flash of green made the walls look eerie, haunted. A low chuckling filled the empty space between the walls now and sent chills up and down her spine. The last few steps to to glowing doorway seemed to stretch out in front of her until finally she came to a silent stop at an open iron gate.

Draco breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped up behind Hermione who from the sounds of her ragged breathing had just gotten there, and Lucius had yet to notice.