DYK: Emotion Sickness is perhaps the first episode where Shego's collar does not change color.

To those who reveiwed chapter 11 of TONGL (Turning Over a New Green Leaf)

To Riverfox237: I don't mind you being a bit snappy, but the chapters about the Immortals and Shego are connected. Who wouldn't be happy if they had been in a wheelchair for eighteen years and suddenly found they could miraculously walk? Kim didn't look like Shego, she was in Shego's body. Actually Shego was pretending to be Kim, which will later freak Ron out. Kim was killing off the clones, why she was will be revealed in the sequel. Why Tea/ Tara said it was all her fault will also be revealed in the sequel. I kind of thought it was a beautiful death too, and that if Kim and good Kimala had a choice, that would be how they would have wanted to go- together and on a mission. Kim did know about Kimala, because she is half of Kimala. The others, minus Jim and Tim will remember how she died, just not the part about the Immortals. Jim and Tim believed it would be too painful to remember that their sister died or that she even existed for that matter. The point of them remembering Kim but not their Immortal side is because they will later criticize the Tara/ Ron relationship as it progresses. Call it instinct, but they do know that they can only talk about to each other. All loose ends, I promise, will be tied up in the sequel: Secrets Better Told, which will say in the summary 'Sequel to TONGL'. What happens to Shego will be explained then and all they know is that Miss Gordan, who really was Kim, supposedly retired. We know that Kim/ Miss Gordan died, but everybody else thinks she retired. Shego didn't want the twins to die because they remind her of her twin brothers. Also, I just thought of something. How did you know that I positively adore popcorn shrimp? I also like Monk, the Hank the Cowdog series, and the Gameboy Poke'mon games. We both also don't like cussing in the reviews we get. Freaky how much we have in common, no? What does lol mean? And how do you add stuff on your profile?

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To Raven Sugara the Tenken: I'm not blaming anyone for thinking it was Shego, I was just having a little fun with how everybody got it wrong. The clone bit will be explained in the sequel. Don't feel bad, the 'plus two' were originally going to Wade and Joss, but I decided on Jim and Tim. At that time I still didn't know how they fit in. I knew they would, but I didn't know how. All the loose ends left will be tied up in the sequel, so don't worry!

And now Chapter 2.

Kim sat in her room on her bed. She stared at the now crisp ends of her hair. Maybe trying to hit Shego with the laser lipstick wasn't such a great idea after all.


Everybody except Kim burst out laughing. Kim just stood there processing what had happened. Ron was laughing the hardest, but he was the one who noticed that Kim had turned a rather violent shade of red and had taken out the laser lipstick. Ron stopped laughing immediately and stared at Kim. She wouldn't... then again she just might if they really upset her.

"Uh, guys, I would recommend that we proceed in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit in order to avoid being fried or beaten to a pulp or something much worse," Ron said. Everybody stopped laughing and stared from him to Kim then to each other. They all abruptly turned around and headed for the door they had come in from. They were stopped by a stream of bright red light welding the doors together. "Drakken, please tell me you have another exit." Drakken nodded.

"It's all the way across the room and down the hall, but I don't think she is going to let us get that far. We are in trouble, aren't we?" Drakken asked, while swallowing the lump that was now occupying his throat.

"Yeah. Trust me, you do not want to get Kim Possible angry at you ever. You know what fish bait looks like?" Ron inquired. Drakken nodded. "Well, if you're someone she didn't like in the first place, namely you, I don't think that could happen to Shego, that's what you're going to look like after Kim's through with you. Maybe that would be an improvement in your case."

"Oh sure, be mean to the blue guy because he's going to be shrimpbait in a couple of minutes, so his feelings don't matter." Drakken seethed. "Well they do matter, for your information, I..." Drakken was cut off by Kim shooting the laser above his head.

"Shut up. I would suggest that my parents and brothers leave so I can deal with them later," Kim said. The four mentioned immediately scurried behind her to the door. Kim sealed the room's exit there with the laser lipstick too. Motor Ed backed up.

"Woah Red...," Motor Ed was cut off when Kim sliced all his hair off, leaving him with a haircut like Barkin's. "Red seriously, that was uncool and ..." Kim sliced even more off, leaving him almost bald. "I'm going to shut up now before you seriously hurt me. Kim smiled an evil smile and Ron was reminded of Shego. He also was reminded of the smile Kim gave when she kicked Shego into that tower too.

"Uh, guys, I would suggest backing away slowly and running behind any crate you can find," Ron said, backing up. Kim shot the lipstick behind him. "Gah!"

"Ron, outside now!" Kim kicked open the door and Ron burst through it. "You too, Monique and Wade." They ran through the exit. Kim sealed the door back again. This left her, Drakken, Shego, and the now almost bald Motor Ed in the room. Kim pointed at Motor Ed. "You, over there. I'm through with you...for now. Who's next?"

"Uh, I would just like to point out...," Drakken started until he saw Kim weilding the laser lipstick rather impatiently. "It was all her idea!" He pointed at Shego, who gasped. It most certainly was not her idea. It was his idea, and there was no way she was going to take the blame for it. She opened her mouth to speak, but too late. Kim sliced through some of her hair. However, Shego noticed that it was only that little part on her forehead that wouldn't stay to the left or the right like normal hair.

"Hey thanks! I've been meaning to get rid of that annoying bit of hair!" Shego exclaimed.

"Red, I like the haircut you gave me too," Motor Ed added.

"Why me?" Kim asked as she pounded on the wall. Drakken approached her cautiously. Unfortunately it wasn't cautious enough. Kim shot the laser at him, catching his behind on fire. He jumped all about before Shego threw a crate on him and stomped the fire out, making sure she stomped harder than was necessary. Kim aimed the laser at Shego's midsection. Shego, however, had other plans. She shot Kim's hair, crisping the ends. Kim glared at her and sliced right through her suit around her waist. This left Shego's jumpsuit as a two piece. Shego growled and lept at Kim. Kim kicked Shego hard in the chest, sending her flying into Motor Ed.

"Green lady, your elbow is in my eye," Motor Ed said in a strained voice. Kim kicked open the door and left.

"To make Kim Possible mad is a fate worse than death that I would not wish on my worst foe," Drakken mused as he got up. "Which is ironic because she is my worst foe."

-End Flashback-

She really shouldn't have gotten that mad. Oh well, things can't be helped sometimes. Like her thirst for revenge on Ron, Wade, Monique, and the tweebs. Kim would let her parents slide, as they were her parents and she didn't want to get grounded. Kim moved to sit at her desk. Browsing the Internet, she came up with the most brilliant plan for revenge. After all, it still was April Fool's Day.

-Later that day, Possible residence-

"I would suggest that everyone be on their toes after the prank we pulled on Kim and then her inviting us over," Ron said as he, Wade, and Monique approached the house. They glanced around before ringing the doorbell. Kim opened the door. Ron was standing in front of Wade and Monique, just like Kim planned. She pointed up. Ron, sadly, did not use his own advice, and as a result looked up. "Ah, my eyes!" Kim giggled. Ron was covered from head to toe in chocolate syrup.

"Look at it this way, Ron, at least your hair matched your eyes. Come on in, guys. Not you Ron, you're all sticky. By the way, consider yourself dumped," Kim said. She slammed the door in his face. He sighed and turned to go home.

Now everybody knows that Wade is friends with the tweebs and Monique. Kim knew that also. In fact, that was part of her plan. Kim called the twins downstairs. They stood next to Wade and Monique. Kim's parents, you could say, had made a hasty retreat to their jobs. So it was just the five of them. Just like she planned it. Kim also knew that Monique and Wade liked it each other, but they didn't know that the other one liked them. They also didn't know that Kim knew. She knew that the Tweebs believed in cooties. Thus, this plan was perfect. Kim pushed a button with her foot. Monique and the twins were instantly trapped in a force field, while she and Wade were trapped in another. Alone. Perfect.

"Kim, this isn't funny, girl," Monique said, pounding on the force field. Kim smiled at her.

"Who said it was supposed to be funny? Who said it wasn't supposed to be romantic?" Kim asked. Monique gasped. The twins' mouths were hanging open.

"You want me and one of your little brothers to get together? Are you sure this isn't a joke, Kim?" Monique begged. Kim laughed.

"Who said anything about you and my brothers?" Kim said as she put an arm around Wade. Wade looked uncomfortable. Monique's mouth flapped like a fish's as she figured out what Kim was doing. This was so wrong. Kim just smiled sweetly at Monique before kissing Wade on the lips. Wade pushed her off.

"Monique help!" he exclaimed. He ran around the force field trying to get away from Kim. Unfortunately, the force field was very small, and Wade wasn't very fit, so he had a very hard time staying out of Kim's arms for just a few seconds before she would grab him and try to kiss him again.

"Girl, you better let me out of here before I wring your scrawny neck!" Monique screamed, punching the force field. She spun around to the twins. "You two! Figure out a way to get this force field down before I give you cooties like Kim is doing to Wade." The twins instantly were in action, pulling up the floorboard and unhooking the circuit for the force field. It came down. Monique rushed over to Kim and Wade, Wade trying to climb the side of the force field. "Why isn't this one down?"

"Maybe because I rewired the circuits so the only way to turn it off is from the inside," Kim said, allowing Wade to breathe. He had lipstick all over his face and was trying to push Kim away once again.

"Get off me! I like Monique!" Wade exclaimed. He instantly slapped his hand over his mouth. Kim giggled and let the force field down.

"That's what I wanted to hear. What better April's Fools Day prank than to force someone to admit they like someone else?" Kim said. "I have to go apologize to Ron abouting dumping him and tell him why."

"Come on Wade. We got to get the cooties off you before they become permanent," the twins said as they led Wade to the bathroom.

"She kisses good, you know," Wade said. Monique popped him over the back of the head.

"Don't ever let me hear you say that again," she said. "I bet Ron would like to see this joke. Too bad he can't."

"Oh, he will. I recorded it," Kim said. Monique gasped.

"Why you little...," Monique growled as she chased Kim about the house.