Hope: Gryffindor: 7 Slytherin: 11 Ravenclaw: 4

Truth: Gryffindor: 5 Slytherin: 13


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Epilogue: The Malfoy-Potters.

Constance stumbled out of the fireplace and dusted the soot from her jeans. Behind her Troy, her boyfriend of three years tumbled out, a little less gracefully.

Constance had recently changed her hair to a fiery gold that now reached her waist. She looked over at Troy who stood an inch or two taller with dusty blond hair and baby blue eyes.

He smiled at her in a boyish manner and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Connie!" Constance turned to her little sister and grinned.

"Faith! You've grown so tall!" She scooped up the tiny blonde who giggled happily.

Faith was only five and already trouble. She favored Draco's looks, blonde perfect curls and pale skin, although she had rather odd eyes. Her left eye was silver grey and her right emerald green.

Faith wrapped her tiny arms around her sister's neck and smiled happily. "Wyatt's in trouble."

"What did he do?" Constance asked.

"Nothing! Faith is lying." A nine year old boy entered the room, throwing a glare at his little sister.

Wyatt looked much like his grandfather James with messy black hair and hazel eyes of deep shades of brown and green. He hardly wore glasses any more, mainly just for reading, and since Constance could remember he had always been Truth's favorite little sibling, and in turn Truth was Wyatt's favorite older sibling, and would constantly shadow her as a younger child.

"I am not!" Faith yelled back, pouting at her brother.

"Are too." Wyatt shot back.

Constance chuckled and placed Faith down and looked between the two. "Where's everyone else?"

"Well father is yelling at Truth as usual and dad is helping Leo." Wyatt shrugged.

"Aunt Izzie is making breakfast and Uncle Sirius is still sleeping." Faith added, as though to prove she was just as important as Wyatt.

"Come on then." Constance took Troy's hand and they headed out of the tasteful sitting room and into the doomed ceiling hallway.

The walls were decorated with various portraits and photos of the family. A lot from the wedding and the Malfoy-Potter children. Since their wedding Draco had built a house in Godric's Hollows before the birth of Leonardo Draco Malfoy-Potter.

Constance still laughed at the memory of when Harry had told everyone he was pregnant again. It had been after they had come back from Hawaii after their honeymoon. Draco had fainted on the spot and Hope and Truth had started making demands for a little sister with all sorts of odd names.

Instead they had gotten a baby brother with Draco's silver-blond hair and startling blue eyes. Leo was now eleven and about to start his first year at Hogwarts, along with his sixteen year old twin sisters who took delight in making promises to embarrass him in anyway possible.

Constance looked up at the grand staircase where Hope was descending. She had grown from the young four year old Constance had first met and now her silver-blond hair fell just past her shoulders, pulled up into a high pony tail. She wore faded jeans and a dark blue blouse. On both ears she wore silver hoops and around her neck was the diamond H.

"Connie, you're here!" She bounded down the stairs and hugged her older sister happily.

"I wouldn't miss little Leo's first day for anything." Constance laughed.

"Aww, thanks Connie, I'm flattered." Constance looked up the staircase at the smirking boy.

Leo was a little shorter then most eleven year-old boys his age. His long silver-blond hair fell into his startling blue eyes. He wore a grey sweater and dark jeans. He was creamy skinned and around his neck he wore a silver chain with a small L handing from it carved from sapphire.

Constance had a similar one, a ruby cut C hanging from a silver chain. Wyatt also had an amethyst cut W.

"Like Connie would come just to see you." Truth scoffed from behind her brother.

Constance still marveled at how drastically Truth had changed. Her black hair was waist length with streaks of midnight purple and dark blue. Her emerald eyes were always outlined in Kohl and both ears were priced twice, while the top of her right was priced with a stud. She wore black jeans and a long sleeved black shirt displaying the muggle band Green Day.

"Not like she would want to see you." Leo shot back and then smirked. "So has Father found out about your latest piercing?"

Truth's eyes narrowed and she grabbed Leo's head in a headlock. "Don't squeal, brat!"

"Where's the new piercing?" Constance interrupted before Truth decided to further strangle her little brother.

"Oh I know! It's on her belly button." Faith told her, proud she knew the information.

"What's on whose belly button?" They all turned to the kitchen doorway where an annoyed and suspicious Isabella stood.

Truth hurried to cover herself. "Morgan got a scar on navel, nothing big." She pushed Leo away and hurried down the stairs to stand with her other siblings and Troy.

"Uh huh." The older woman nodded, obviously not believing the lie. "Come in and have breakfast." Isabella commanded, standing aside to let them into the dinning room.

The table was large enough to fit them all comfortably and Constance sat down between a wriggling Faith and Troy. The door opened and Harry walked in dressed casually in jeans and a plain dark green shirt.

"Hey Connie, Troy." He nodded, sitting at one end of the table.

"Hey Dad, where's Father?" Constance asked, already starting to eat the delicious cooked breakfast.

"He's trying to re-pack Truth's things."

"WHAT!?" Truth yelled. "I told him to leave it alone!" She stormed out of the room and Harry sighed.

"Why can't they just get along?"

"They're way too similar." Isabella nodded.

Harry nodded and they all turned to the sound of raised voices through the door which swung suddenly open and an annoyed Draco strode in with Truth trailing behind.

Harry frowned. "Stop arguing you two."

Draco faulted under his husband's hard look and sat down, Truth doing the same.

Leo threw Truth a smirk and she glared back. Constance turned on Leo with a grin. "So Leo how's Chris?"

Since Leo was little he had always had a crush on Christian Weasley, the second youngest Weasley. Everyone knew about it, although Leo pretended he didn't like him it was obvious to everyone he did.

"Fine, I guess." Leo shrugged, blushing faintly.

"Aww, Leo likes Chris!" Truth teased.

Leo glared at her and went back to his food, ignoring everyone else. Connie chuckled and continued eating. When they had finished they all gathered their thinks and flooed to the platform.

They all stood before the scarlet steam engine, which never seemed to change, and said their goodbyes.

Truth and Hope had been, much to Draco's joy, in Slytherin and already were notorious as the school pranksters. Although Truth always took the blame and had landed a record of detentions that put the Marauders to shame. Hope was brilliant and excelled as one of the smartest students, along with Diana and Chris, who took after their mother.

Constance knew that Harry was hoping for Leo, Wyatt and Faith to be Gryffindors, just so he could get one up on Draco, while Draco hoped the same for them to be in Slytherin. No doubt about it that Leo would end up in Gryffindor, as that was the house Chris was in.

Truth was determined to get her favored sibling, Wyatt, into Slytherin, much like Draco's hope although she arrogantly claimed she was nothing like her father. Faith wanted to be like her dead grandmother and was happily proclaiming she was going to be a Gryffindor, which made Draco sigh and glare at Harry in annoyance.

Constance hugged the twins and Leo before stepping back and watching them run off to their friends.

Hope and Truth were seen with the group of sixth year Slytherins, talking amongst themselves. Leo was with two of his close childhood friends, Emma and Rylan.

Constance turned away and picked up Faith, walking back to the fireplace with her dads, sister, brother and boyfriend.


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