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The Last of the Dragons


Thousands of years before, the world was much more peaceful. The many tribes and nations lived together without war and death. The strongest of the tribes, the dragons, kept the other tribes from attacking each other. It was peaceful, but could never last.

Soon, an unknown organization began wreaking havoc upon the land. They captured children from each of the tribes and made them grow up in slavery and endless pain. They were trained to become weapons of war. The tribe to lose the most of their children were the dragons, who looked like humans but who had the ability to become the fabled creatures. Using the dragons' strength, the organization slowly began taking over all of the planet. It looked like they could not be beaten, until a young warrior released the dragons who killed their tormentors, but with great costs to their own people.

The dragons nearly died out over the years, until there were but a few left. What was left of the organization took all but a small family of dragons, who would soon have their first child.

They traveled through the harsh winter until they arrived at Wyndia, the home of the Wyndians. The husband died from the cold and the mother soon went into labour, where she gave birth to a blue-haired baby boy, Ryu. The mother died soon after, and the loving royal family took the boy in to become a guard to their soon to be born daughter, Nina.

Our story starts many years after, when Ryu is 19 and Nina is 18.