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The huge ship flew through the squadron of space known as Alpha omega making its regular trip throughout the galaxy.

Coated with a technology that made the humongous ship invisible to normal eyes it zoomed through space dropping off a team of one to three of their kin on each planet to hunt their prey.

They influenced each planet in it's own way. They had taught some planets the art of weaponry or the honor code. Some lucky planet's learned how to build. Unfortunately do to their rapid increase in technology their home world had been abandoned for they had used up the natural resources.

The emperor stood at the front of the ship. Power spear in hand he looked out of the window into the vastness of space. Thinking. His whole life his whole purpose was to fight the greatest of each species. But at what cost, the great honor of death. How many noble friends and warriors had he lost? Too many to count.

But this time was different. No human's who had won by pure luck of their packs. No Zlython's who flew away ad his from the mighty warriors, and no dinosaurs who put up no sort of fight. They were sending an elite group after a warrior. No, more than just a warrior. A hunter. A hero who has been called a legend. Some had mocked him when he suggested they went after her. She had ended entire wars by herself and had blown up entire planets. They had monitored her movements. And when she least expected it they would attack her ship and leave her on a deserted planet. They would send three elite warriors.

The greatest hunt would begin and they had been following her for week's waiting for the right moment. She would see what a real challenge would be like. When the hunter is hunted. When they would hunt their ultimate prey. They were predators and She was the ultimate prey.

She flew through the vastness of space. She sat at the command of her ship. She had fallen asleep on the controls and Adam had automatically set to autopilot.

"Samus…SAMUS!" Adam sounded awaking the sleeping hunter.

"Wha…What do you want?" Samus said annoyed at her computer.

"You're drooling on my keyboard again." Adam answered.

Samus lifted her head and whipped the side of her head that was covered in a sticky liquid. "Augh." Samus said weakly. A draft brushed through the command room, Samus shivered. "I'm going to bed" Samus said waving at the computer screen.

"Goodnight Mrs.Aran" The computer voice said.

Samus just waved and walked off to her room. She rolled over and leaned into the pillow and was asleep instantly.

3:00 pm Federation time

" CODE RED, CODE RED!" Adam voice screeched with the sirens.

"Ugh, I'm going to blast that comp-whoa!" The ship jerked forward and she was thrown from her bed. She slammed her head on the wall and fell to the floor.

"OW!" She shouted. Samus ran into the control room. "What's going on!" Samus shouted at the computer.

"We are being fired upon by a invisible ship." Adam said calmly. "Permission to begin evasive maneuvers." Adam asked

"No lets just sit here and let them shoot us!" Samus shouted sarcastically

"Ok, Miss Aran but I would suggest-"


The ship began rolling and swerving out of control to dodge the lethal blasts. Samus was tossed about before she managed to buckle in and take control .She swerved around and faced the enemy. She had upgraded her ship's windshield to have the abilities of her visor.

Samus clicked the symbol of the heat visor and looked up. An enormous ship faced her. But she felt no fear. She hit the turbo and raced forward blasting the ship the whole time. But her blasts stopped short as they hit a force field.

Samus cursed under her breath and swerved out of the way of another blast. She had no choice but resort to evasive maneuvers. After a minute of this her hand's were sweating they slipped and a blast hit her head on. The ship entered a whirl and started diving for the desert planet. A flame engulfed the ship as it entered the atmosphere.

Samus slipped into her blue jumpsuit and ran toward her battle armor. She entered the code and it opened up. The suit enclosed around her and she braced for impact. She hit the solid earth causing her to lose her balance and drop to the floor.All functions on the ship went haywire. Blue electric pulses jagged from random parts of the ship and if one hit her it could erase her battle functions like on her other missions. Not this time, she blasted through the windshield and leaped out.

In the sky she saw the three pods falling from the sky. She wasted no time she needed some time to recover. She began to run. After 20 feet her suit entered speed booster and rocketed away.

The pods hi the ground and the hydraulic doors opened. Three predators stepped out of them.

" Chief, we have our position." The one named Alatar confirmed.

The chief's head rose from deep thought. "Excellent, then let the ultimate hunt begin."

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