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Crazy Little Thing
By JleeBean

10. One true thing.

Kagura likes to indulge in dreams.

Her mother always worries about her, because she's 20 years old for goodness' sakes, way into her adulthood, and she's still investing in silly little fantasies. Kagura always just smiles when her mother would relay these sentiments, smile and tell her not to worry because Kagura knows they're not real.

She thinks she knows this better than anyone.

But that doesn't keep her from dreaming, doesn't keep her mind—no, her heart—from forming these illusions. And it doesn't keep her from wishing it were any more real.

She knows it's sad and pathetic and just a little insane, but it makes her happy and that's the point, isn't it?

But then she starts to think maybe she isn't supposed to be happy. That's why they're just dreams, right?

…That's why they aren't real.

When she really thinks about it (and she tries hard not to), it makes her sad. Because the truth is they aren't real, not even the happiness the dreams invoke, which kind of defeats the purpose of the dreams in the first place.

But she doesn't do this much. She lies to herself, constantly, because she's been lying to herself for a long while now so she figures lying to herself for just a little bit more couldn't hurt.

So she lies and she dreams. Dreams of his smile, of his laughter, of the feel of his hand holding hers and she thinks, she hopes, that maybe he dreams of this too.

Only she knows it's not her smile that he sees, not her laughter that he hears. It's not her hand that he dreams of holding and it hurts, but she smiles through her tears and thinks, that's alright, as long as it makes him happy.

That's all she wants, really, to make him happy. And if that means she has to settle for fantasy instead of reality…


It's a good thing she's such a good liar.

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