No offense to people who write tetris stories damnit!

A kid, about 13 years of age, has nothing better to do. So what does he do? He plays Tetris. But do we ever wonder, what goes on in the minds of those weird little blocks? No is our chance to find out, as we go into one of the oldest games in history to find out.

As we enter into the background we notice a slight bickering coming from the bottom of the pile. Let us journey closer to observe these wondrous creatures in their natural habitat.

"Get your sorry little ass away from my face!" The red square said. "That's not my ass bitch! That's my face! The little dude flipped me over you dumbass!" The blue 'L' shaped creature retorted. They seem to be quiet mad at each other. "Hey dudes!" A new shape said. "I just came to this joint, so wazzup? I was in the previous game but some jerk wiped out part of my shape!" "WTF are you talking about! And why do you look like a fucking middle finger!" Said a nearby shape, which as far as we could see used to be a line. "Dude! The force got you too! Now you're shorter! Don't worry dude! Help is on the way! The rest of you'll get blasted and you'll be a whole dick shaped dude again!" Said the apparently 'middle finger' shaped creature.

As we continue observing we notice that the pile of blocks is getting quiet high and move to consult an expert. "Well… What ya got 'ere 's a bad playa. He ain't got no skills in the game an' he can't cope with the risin' level cause the blocks are startin' to go fasta and fasta." Said our expert. We thank him and slowly edge away.

As we return to the scene we notice that the block lowering speed has risen and the height of the tower of blocks is leveling. As we get closer we can hear the occasional WEEEEEs as the blocks start to fall and the !#!$# &#&#!#$# #! as the hit the rest of the tower.

This is a very fascinating game, and we will be back to lead you through it again next time seeing as the player seems to be on the brink of loosing. Goodbye and remember…"


Once again, No offense to the peope who write tetris. Stop reporting me damnit! I said I'm sorry!


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