The Jedi Trap

"He kissed me."


Padme looked at Obi-Wan carefully, trying to elicit any type of response from his serene countenance, to read some type of emotion, any type of emotion, but not this Jedi. He was relentlessly stoic and she found it highly irritating.

Surprisingly, Obi-wan continued. "And what did you do?"

Obi-wan felt every muscle in his body flex at Padme's admission. He had been worried about Anakin being sent with Senator Amidala as her escort to Naboo. The recent death threats on her life had necessitated an increase in security and the Jedi Council had assigned Anakin. The mission was of short duration with the Senator being in meetings there for just two days, but Obi-Wan feared it would be long enough to be calamatous if Anakin had acted on his feelings, which apparently he had. But surely, this beautiful, proud Senator would rebuke any attempt of his in expressing those emotions. Anakin was proud, arrogant, and sometimes rude. Surely, Padme had better taste in men! He found himself beginning to sweat and an unwelcome fear seeped into him as he anxiously awaited her reply.

"I broke it off, of course." She turned to walk slowly across her apartment decorated in soothing shades of lavender.

The serene lilac atmosphere however, did little to soothe Obi-wan's nerves. He was nearly panicking inside.

Padme stopped, attempting to regain her composure before turning back to speak to Obi-Wan. Should she tell him now how she felt? The real reason why she could not return Anakin's affections? Is now the right time? Would there ever be a right time? Her heart pumped vigorously as she turned to face him. She had asked him here in order to report Anakin's actions, but her real reason lay secretly within her and it was beginning to knot her stomach tight. She looked at Obi-wan who stood on the opposite side of the room, his hands crossed in the typical calm and in-control Jedi posture.

"But he told me he loved me. He said he has always loved me and can't live without me. He said he was tormented by my absence and was afraid my kiss would forever be a scar upon his heart." Padme slowly approached Obi-Wan as she spoke, never taking her eyes from his, determined to read his features to note any change in them. Upon finishing her statement, she stood about a foot from him. She breathed deeply and inhaled his fragrance. It was a spicy, musty but pleasant odor. She breathed it in again. She continued to look deeply into the seemingly calm and cool blue-green waters of his eyes and envisioned herself diving into their depths, submerging herself until her lungs burst from lack of air.

Anakin was young and foolish at times, immature, and arrogant, but he was right. This beautiful woman now standing much to close to him obviously had the power to torment a man. Obi-Wan felt the sudden need to retreat to a safer distance, but did not wish to reveal any of his discomfort to her, so he simply gazed down into her sparkling dark brown eyes that seemed to have a magnetic quality to them, as they were mysteriously pulling him to her. His strength of resistance ever present, he calmly replied, "I appreciate you telling me this, Senator. I will discuss this matter with Anakin before taking it to the Council. Perhap it would be best if you would keep your distance from him for a while."

Padme intentionally fluttered her eyes and pouted her lower lip seductively. "I will. Thank you, Master Kenobi." She placed her small hand on his strong arm and watched as he bowed before her and turned to leave. The hiss of the closing door behind him was immediately followed by the thud of a forcefully slung lavender pillow.

Dorme watched in interest as Padme readied herself for bed later that evening. First, she had trouble hanging up her gown, and soon the hanger was being flung across the bedroom and the garment thrown to the floor. Next, upon washing her face, she got soap into her eyes, let out an expletive and threw the bath towel to the floor. Dorme gracefully followed Padme throughout the bedchamber, patiently picking up all the items before finally speaking.

"Mi'Lady. Apparently, something is bothering you." Padme now sat at the head of her bed with her legs pulled up to her, her arms around them, pouting. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No. Yes. I don't know." Her head thumped down against her arms and Dorme waited as she took a couple of deep breaths before lifting her head to try and explain. "While I was on Naboo with Anakin, he made a pass at me."

"Oh?" Dorme could not help now, but smile.

"No. Not oh."

The smile disappeared.

Padme's eyes reflected up to the ceiling and frustrated tears began to form. "He kissed me and for a moment, I kissed him back."

"You did?" The conversation was getting much more interesting and Dorme placed herself into a more comfortable position on the bed.

"Yes, but it was wrong. It was all wrong. I think I've given Anakin the wrong idea!"

"What do you mean, Mi'Lady? I thought you liked him."

"I do like him. But that's all. He told me he loved me, but..." she stifled a sob. "Dorme! I don't love him!" And her head went back down to her knees.

Dorme was trying her best to understand the whirlwind of emotions being played out in front of her and placed a sympathetic hand on Padme's head. "I think you are getting upset about nothing, Mi'Lady. You didn't do anything other than kiss him...did you?"

Padme looked up at Dorme and had to grin. "No."

"Then why are you getting so upset?"

"Because!" Padme was afraid if she admitted her secret desire, it might vanish into the air like a mist and never have a possibility of coming true. But this was Dorme, her bodyguard, her advisor, her trusted friend. She had to tell somebody soon or she was going to bust. "Because I'm in love with someone else."

"Oh?" Dorme's raised eyebrows urged Padme to continue.

"Master Kenobi." The words came out hushed as if she were wishing to keep them safe and close to her.

"Ohhh." The word was longer and different this time. "When did this happen?"

Padme's words were mumbled as her head was once more buried in her lap. "On Naboo, during the Trade Federation occupation. Don't say it. I know that was eight years ago, but my feelings haven't changed."

"Have you told him how you feel?"

Her head came up and Padme wiped away more tears of frustration. "No! I'm too afraid to tell him! Why tell him? He can't possibly feel the same!"

"How do you know, Mi'Lady, if you don't ask him?"

"Because! He's a Jedi...the real kind! 100 percent!" Padme continued after seeing Dorme's confused look. "I know...I know. Anakin is a Jedi too, but he's different, Dorme. He's not as committed as Obi-Wan is. He's reckless, immature and sometimes, I can see the anger burning in his eyes. He scares me."

"Well then." Dorme sat up suddenly, confidently. "We're just going to have to do something about this, aren't we?"