She couldn't understand or hardly believe how she had done it, but in three hours, Dormé had worked with the Morgukai clan women and together they had the wedding and reception completely prepared. There were exotic flowers, spices, and even an offworld priest, who happened to be visiting Kintan to pick up his temple's supply of ceremonial wine, claiming that the Nikto's prices could not be beat.

There was even a dress. Although a bit plain for Padmé's taste, it was made of fine white satin that hung loosely off of her shoulders, draped across her chest to expose the swell of her breasts, and then softly draped down to the floor. Padmé had removed her boots and instead padded barefoot across the floor. She had let her hair down, and the Morgukai women had placed tiny delicate white flowers all throughout it. Around her shoulders, they placed a long, beautiful tapestry of white, gold, and purple. According to Nitko custom, this was to be wrapped around the couple at the completion of the ceremony, a symbol of binding them to each other for eternity. Padmé liked the sound of that, and although slightly uncomfortable with the fact that the wedding would not take place on Naboo like she had planned, she was happy that she was finally giving everything that she had to Obi-Wan. She had already given him her heart, but now she was giving him her life.

Obi-Wan stood in anxious silence at the back of the elaborately decorated room. He had been anxious about the wedding that was to take place when he returned from Kintan, so he was very surprised at himself that he had agreed to Dormé's idea so quickly. But if this is what Padmé wanted…he would do it for her.

They were so caught up in the moment of seeing each other again after their separation, that a wedding seemed exciting and spontaneous. But then spontaneous was not one of Obi-Wan's attributes. He was a planner, and he found himself getting more nervous by the minute. Until he saw her enter the room. The simple dress she wore served to draw his attention to her beauty. Her hair was filled with flowers, and as she walked toward him, he glimpsed her bare toes sliding out from under the long white silk dress. She was absolutely beautiful.

The visiting priest proceeded with the ceremony and Padmé breathed a silent thanks for his knowledge of Basic. She could not imagine her wedding ceremony being performed with a series of Niktolian barks and growls.

Their vows were softly spoken with neither of them willing to take their eyes from each other. A Morgukai woman wrapped the tapestry around them, and they melted into each other's arms as their lips came together, sealing the bond created between them on this isolated and orange planet.

A loud whoop arose from the large crowd of Morgukai watching the ceremony and the room was filled with howls and an occasional bark.

"Finally!" Dormé found herself exceedingly pleased and quite relieved. During the long journey of getting these two together, she had had her doubts. A large smile spread across her face as she watched them exiting the building, heading for the quarters she had prepared for them to spend their wedding night.

Without warning, an empty feeling began to seep into her. She was prepared for the fact that the Senator would be married some day. That did not bother her at all. It was the challenge that she would miss. The excitement and the thrill of planning, conniving and getting what she wanted. Now that the Senator was married, what would she do? What goal did she have to achieve?

Suddenly she was aware of the presence of a tall handsome Jedi Knight beside her, who was passionately gazing at her with sparkling dark blue eyes. She stopped and turned to face him and this time, did not repel as he began to lower his head to her.

Before her mouth was covered by Anakin's, she murmured. "Oh….what the hell."

The End…… or is it? ; )