The Forest Thieves

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Chapter 1

Christine knew she shouldn't be taking the road in the forest alone (because of the thieves that lived there). But it was the quickest way to get home from the De Chagny estate. She had spent a wonderful time with Raoul. That night, (and many times before,) he had asked her for her hand in marriage, but politely she declined. She didn't want to marry someone who cared too much about making good impressions. She just wanted someone who was as interested in music as she was. But by far, she had not met that special someone. When she looked at the sky she told Raoul she promised her father that she would be home before sunset and must go home. Raoul offered her a ride to her house, but she said she would be fine on her own. Suddenly she heard a twig snap. She stopped the horse and looked around. She didn't see any one. She was about to start riding again, when she heard someone speak from behind her.

"Now what's a pretty little thing like you doing out here alone?" she turned around and saw a man standing behind her. He was a short person, but did not look all that young. Probably in his late twenties, or early thirties, she thought.

She was about to respond when she saw something on his right elbow - a red scarf. The red scarf was the trademark of thieves in the woods! She quickly kicked the horse in the sides and her horse sped off. The man behind her gave a sharp whistle. She heard a noise above her. She was just in time to see another man in the trees. He landed right on top of her and she fell off her horse, which ran away. When she fell off, she hit her head and passed out. The man that landed on her turned her over to make sure she was okay. There was another noise in the bushes and a third person walked over to them. He looked at Christine and scowled at the other man.

"Perfect," he muttered "just perfect." He turned to the taller man and yelled "DID YOU HAVE TO FALL OUT OF THE TREE JAMES? YOU COULD HAVE KILLED HER!" The tall one (James) checked her pulse.

"Don't worry Joseph, she's just out cold. She'll be fine." The shorter one turned to the other two.

"So what do we do with her now, James?" he asked.

"We'll take her to the chief, Jack."

"I don't know about this. Why don't we just let her go?" Joseph asked. James turned to him.

"And pass off the opportunity to get some money, I don't think so. And anyway the chief appointed me to be the leader of this group. Now I command you to do as I say."

He took a rope he had wound around his shoulder and handed it to Jack.

"Tie her hands behind her back." Jack did as he was told. As soon as that was done, James picked up Christine and put her on the horse he had in the bushes. He waited for his comrades to get on their horses, and then they were off to camp.

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