Chapter 5

The night of the festival had arrived. All during that day, everyone had been running around setting up decorations, cooking all sorts of food for that night.

Christine was going from place to place trying to help out in any way that she could.

Erik had been busy too - not with the festival, but with his plan. He decided to use the Toads plant as a last resort.

That night, when everyone was seated, and had eaten their fill, the performers came to an empty space in the center of the camp. There were fiddlers and play performers, that performed shows that Christine had never even heard of.

Erik waited for the other performers to end, so he could put his plan into action.

When Carlotta got up to sing, Erik slipped around to the back until he found a rope holding one of the poles to the tent. He took out a small pocket knife and started to cut the rope, just as music started to play and Carlotta started to sing.

"Think of me,

Think of me fondly

When we've said goodbye

Remember me once in awhile.

Please promise me you'll try.

When you'll find that once again you long to take your heart back and be free

If you ev-"

But she never got to finish. For suddenly the tent started to collapse. People started yelling and running around so they wouldn't get hurt.

It was most unfortunate for Carlotta. Since she was in the middle of the tent, she didn't have much time to get out. And the tent fell right on top of her, trapping her beneath it. A short chubby little man, whose name was Paingi, ran over to Carlotta yelling to her,

"Don't worry Carla, I help you!"

When they finally got her out, Erik's father turned to Jack.

"I want you to go and find out what happened with the tent," he said. Jack gave a quick nod and left. When the tent had fallen, Erik ran swiftly to the other side of the camp. After things had settled down a bit, Erik walked up to his father and asked,

"Father, what happened?" His father turned to him and said.

"Oh, the tent caved in. Jack's gone to see what caused it." Just as he finished speaking Jack came up to him with a worried look on his face.

"Um, sir? That tent didn't fall by itself. When I went around to the back, I saw one of the ropes had been cut." Everyone in the camp fell silent.

Except Carlotta, who kept screaming, "Someone tried to sabotage me!"

And Paingi yelling, "Who would do such a thing?"

"QUIET!" Erik's father turned to Erik and said, "Erik, would you please go get Carlotta something drink, so she will calm dawn?"

Erik turned to him saying, "Of course." And went off to the water bucket. After he got a cup of water for her, he took the Toads plant out of his pocket and squeezed the juice out of it and stirred it up. Erik walked up to Carlotta and handed the cup to her.

"Thank you very much Erik," she said. "You're so kind."

"Oh, it's a pleasure," he said smirking to himself.

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