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REAL SUMMARY: Something strange begins to happen in the feudal era and demons already beat are popping up! All of the jewel shards not in use, disappear, forcing everyone to search for them again. When Naraku flees to safety and orders the Shichinintai to collect jewel shards for him, Bankotsu doesn't like the idea of being a gopher and takes his team elsewhere. With Naraku so weak and desperately needing jewel shards, he'll do just about anything to get them! However, Naraku isn't the only one with tricks up his sleeve. Bankotsu remembers the girl traveling with Inuyasha and decides to use her to help his band collect shards, but will he be able to stand her company for more than a day?

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Key: thought , "speech"

Catch you catch Kagome CHAPTER ONE: Jewel Shard me this

Kagome sat in her room looking a little more than bored as she stared at the clock. It was already midnight and she couldn't seem to fall asleep. Was she worried about something, or was it that strange feeling in her stomach? Whatever it was, something was calling her to the well. Kagome had just returned home that night after an exhausting battle with the Shichinintai and hoped to get some rest. However, it didn't look like she'd be getting any sleep anytime soon. "Fine, I'll go look!" she shouted to nobody in particular.

Slowly Kagome climbed out of her bed and changed into her school uniform, one never knew what to expect. Once she was dressed she slowly headed downstairs and out the front door. The night air had an unsettling feel to it, leaving Kagome uneasy. Slowly she reached the shed that the well was in and opened the door carefully.

She sighed with relief when she found everything was as it should be. "Silly me," Kagome chuckled to herself, leaning against the door and wiping the sweat from her face. "It was nothing...Right?" Slowly she entered the shed and approached the well. "Ah...Ah...AHHHHHH!"


Inuyasha practically jumped out of his sleep and into the fire, startling the others. The group was currently sleeping inside Kaede's hut when they were disturbed by Inuyasha's nightmare.

"What's wrong Inuyasha?" Shippo asked yawning. He was presently sleeping next to Kirara in a ball.

"Kagome," Inuyasha muttered as he stood up and grabbed the Tetsusaiga. Without another word he was out the door and heading towards the well.

"He'll come back with Kagome," Miroku mumbled in his sleep, rolling over. "Let's just get our rest..."


Kagome ran out of the shed as fast as she could, behind her followed the oh so familiar centipede lady from her first day in Feudal Japan. "I thought Inuyasha killed you!" Kagome screamed in anger as she ran into the street, ignoring all the cars in her way.

"Looks like someone revived me!" the demon laughed, only inches away from catching Kagome. "Tell me where you hid the jewel shards!"

"Go away!" yelled Kagome. She turned towards her families shrine again, running fast than she ever had before. As soon as she reached the shed she heard a familiar and welcoming voice.

"Wind Scar!"

Kagome turned around and found Inuyasha standing in the middle of the centipede pieces smiling at her. That's when something caught her eyes. "Inuyasha! A jewel shard!" Kagome ran over to a block of the centipede and pulled out a now purified jewel piece.

"The hell was that doing there?" Inuyasha asked in confusion. "And who the hell brought this thing to life?"

"I don't know," Kagome replied.

"Do you want me to stay the night?"

"Yes please."

The two were just about to return to Kagome's house, when they heard screaming from down the street. Inuyasha pulled Kagome into a protective embrace as he looked around, ready for anything. Sure enough, something came...and to the couples displeasure, it was that damned Noh Mask.

"The HELL?" Inuyasha screamed as the mask floated over to them.

"It doesn't have a shard," Kagome told him.

"To hell if it did. It wouldn't matter. I'm gonna bust this piece of shit up!" Inuyasha ran towards the mask and punched it in the face. Big mistake.

"You think he'd have remembered what happened last time he fought this..." Kagome sighed to herself as he watched Inuyasha put his feet on the mask's face and try to put his hand out of it's mouth. He looks so silly...

"Let go!" he screamed in frustration. "Dammit, lemme go!"

"Bahhhh!" the mask replied.

"Weren't you told not to talk with your mouth full?" Inuyasha asked as he clawed the mask off and into pieces. "What the HELL is going on?"

"Inuyasha? Are you okay?" Kagome asked as she eyed the half demon's bloody hand.

"Of course not!" Inuyasha exclaimed. "I haven't gotten any sleep and now demons are popping up everywhere! Rahhhh!"

"No Inuyasha," the raven haired girl said glaring. "I meant your hand."

"Oh," answered the boy, looking rather embarrassed. "It's fine."


"Do you think Kagome is okay?" Shippo asked worriedly. He'd woken everyone up with all his worry.

"Yes Shippo," Miroku soothed. "Kagome will be fine."

"Inuyasha will bring her back soon," Sango added. Kirara lifted her head and nodded in reply.


"Kagome, pack your things, we're going back to the feudal era!" Inuyasha screamed as he stomped into Kagome's house, with her close behind. "There you'll be safe!"

"Safe were demons lurk EVERYWHERE?" Kagome replied sarcastically.

"At least you'll be with all us!" Inuyasha spat, following Kagome up stairs and into her room.

"If you say so," she answered, starting to pack. Inuyasha walked over to her window and leaned out into the cool night air.

"I wonder why the demons are coming back," he mumbled to himself. "Maybe Naraku has something to do with this..."

"Inuyasha..." Kagome mumbled, her voice sounded dry and weak.

"What is it Kagome?"


Inuyasha turned to find Kagome holding an empty bottle, the same bottle that should have held the jewel shards. "WHAT?"


Bankotsu was walking through the forest looking for things to whack with his newly found and strengthened Banryuu. The rest of his team were at the camp sleeping peacefully and waiting for tomorrow when they would hunt down Inuyasha and finally repay their debt to Naraku.

"You seem restless brother Bankotsu," came Suikotsu's voice. Bankotsu turned and narrowed his eyes at his teammate.

"How long have you been following me?" the man with the braid asked, sounding cold.

"Forgive me big brother. You seemed a bit bothered. I thought I might keep you company."

Bankotsu sighed and sat on the ground, crossing his legs. "Come here," he mumbled, patting the dirt beside him. As ordered, Suikotsu sat down beside his leader and waited for him to speak. "Don't you feel that strange aura in the air?"

"Is it bothering you?" Suikotsu asked, seeming confused.

"Look at my Banryuu."

Suikotsu looked at the halberd beside his leader and stared in awe. The scar Inuyasha had left in their first battle had returned. "What happened?"

"The jewel shards disappeared," Bankotsu replied standing up slowly.

"What does this mean?"

"I'm not sure..."

"So...I see you have been affected as well?" came a mysterious voice, startling the two mercenaries.

"Naraku," Bankotsu growled when the monkey came into view. "What has happened to my Banryuu's jewel shards?"

"All the shards not in living flesh have disappeared. I am also at a loss."

"Do you know the cause?"

"I'm afraid not...However, it's something we cannot possibly fight. I'll be going into hiding and away from Inuyasha. My strength has been cut in half and if I was to bump into that stupid half demon he'd kill me. Why not join me and retrieve jewel shards for your weapon and myself?"

"What about my men?"

Suikotsu narrowed his eyes when Naraku glared at him. "They're not nearly as important as you...are they?" Naraku asked.

"No deal," Bankotsu barked, swinging his Banryuu at Naraku and slicing the puppet into pieces. "Our deal is over."

"What shall we do now?" Suikotsu asked his leader when they began to return to camp. "We'll have to find shards for ourselves now. What about Inuyasha's girl? The one that can see the shards?"

"Ahhh yes...We could use her."

"Would you like me to wake the others?"



Inuyasha and Kagome jumped through the well and found themselves in the feudal era. The two carefully climbed out of the well and were greeted by the rest of their group.

"Kagome! I was worried!" Shippo cried flying into her arms. "A bunch of big scary demons attacked the village!"

"Is it okay?" Kagome asked, sounding worried.

"It's fine," an old woman answered. Standing in the back of the group was Kaede. "It seems the jewel shards have disappeared all over and returned the places they once were."

"Meaning?" Inuyasha asked in a bitchy tone.

"Meaning you'll have to find them all again."

"It's true," Sango added. "My shard had disappeared as well. A long with Miroku's."

"It is still late night and the village is safe now. Ye should all go get some rest," Kaede told the group, pushing them towards her hut.


"Is everything ready?" Bankotsu asked his group when he returned to the camp.

"Yes brother Bankotsu," Renkotsu answered.

"Do we get to play with Inuyasha?" Jakotsu asked, sounding hopeful.

"Yep," Bankotsu answered happily. "Does everyone know the plan?"

"Yes," the group replied.

"All right. I want Ginkotsu to stay here with me. He'll shoot a bomb into the air to signal your leave."

"Gesh," Ginkotsu replied, making his way behind a tree to hide.

"The rest of you," Bankotsu continued. "Go have fun."


The group was back in Kaede's hut sleeping peacefully when they were once again disturbed. "Inuyasha!" Jakotsu screamed from outside the hut. "Come out and play!"

Inuyasha and company stepped out of the hut rubbing their eyes sleepily. "Is this a dream?" Inuyasha asked yawning.

"Oh Inuyasha! You're so cute when you're half asleep!" Jakotsu giggled, making the half demons eyes widen in disgust.

"It's a nightmare," Miroku replied.

Jakotsu pulled out his weapon and dashed towards Inuyasha. While Inuyasha and Jakotsu were fighting, Suikotsu was fighting with Miroku and Shippo, and Renkotsu was busy with Sango and Kirara. Kagome however, was looking for the other two Shichinintai. Bankotsu and Ginkotsu were no where to be seen.

"What are they up too?" Kagome asked herself as she watched her friends fight. She'd been told many times to stay somewhere safe when they were fighting the Band of Seven, and right now she wasn't about to go against their wishes. However, when she sensed a nearby untainted jewel shard she had to go searching for it.

Kagome hurried into the forest and followed the jewel shards call. When she realized that the pure jewel shard was with three tainted ones, it was to late.

"Hello woman," Bankotsu laughed as she entered the camp. "I knew you'd come after that shard." The Shichinintai leader was sitting a top a large rock waiting for her arrival. "You can take it if you want. I'll be getting back anyways."

Kagome looked down to find the shard stuck in a flower. That's why it's pure. She thought to herself, and looked up at Bankotsu. He only had two in his neck. "So you used one of your shards to lure me here...Were the others a distraction?"

"Yeah! How'd you know? You're pretty smart!" Bankotsu laughed, as he stood up and walked towards her.

"What do you want with me?"

"The same thing that half demon wants."

Kagome blushed. "What...is that?"

"You're powers."


NEXT CHAPTER: You can't make me!

Bankotsu successfully kidnaps Kagome, but when he tells her what he wants, she refuses. Now Bankotsu has to persuade her to help him before she is taken away by all the other guys after her heart and power. Can Bankotsu find a way to make Kagome his before it's to late?

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