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Catch you Catch Kagome


Six months later…

"Kagome! Hurry or you'll be late for school!" Kagome's mother called from down the stairs.

It had been six months since Kagome lost Bankotsu as her lover, and she could finally say she was over him. At least, that's what she liked to tell herself. She had returned to the feudal area only three times in the last six months; she had been putting most of her time and effort into her studies, so she didn't have much time to spend in the feudal era. After all, she did have a lot of catching up to do.

"Alright, I'm almost ready!" she called to her mother.


"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnit!" Bankotsu cried angrily, pounding his fist on the wall of the Shichinintai cave.

"What seems to be troubling you know?" Suikotsu asked in a stoic voice. For the past few months, the Shichinintai leader had begun acting very strangely. "The same thing?"

"These damn heart pains! I have a healthy heart, so why am I hurting!?" the leader asked.

"Maybe Suikotsu is just a crappy doctor," Jakotsu suggested smugly. He and Suikotsu were sitting around in the cave playing a game with rocks and sticks.

"Or maybe he's love sick," Renkotsu teased as he entered the cave carrying a basket full of food.

"Oooh! Maybe he misses Kagome!" Jakotsu laughed. "She's such a sweet girl…I really miss her."

"You're all sick! She's disgusting!" Bankotsu said, pretending to gag himself.

"So Renkotsu, what did you get us to eat?" Jakotsu asked, seeming very interested in the food and suddenly ignoring the game he was playing with Suikotsu.

"I win," Suikotsu laughed, running his hand across the rocks and scattering them.

"You LIAR!" Jakotsu hissed, looking back at the disoriented rocks. "You messed them up on purpose! You can't fool me!"

"Or can I?"

"GOD, I'm leaving," Bankotsu announced suddenly.

"Where are you going? Dinner will be in an hour," Renkotsu said, hoping to get a reply. All he received was a grunt of acknowledgment. "Okay then…"

Bankotsu left the cave and began wandering through the forest, trying to clear his mind. He didn't want to admit it, but he had been thinking about that priestess for the past few months and the longer it went on, the more his heart ached. After awhile, he suddenly realized he was standing at the Bone Eaters well, the well that supposedly connected his world with the world of the woman who had been haunting his dreams.

"I'm going to have to put an end to this," he mumbled to himself before jumping into the well.


Kagome stepped out of her house and into the fresh morning air. She couldn't help but smile, she knew that today was going to be a good day. She finally felt like she could move on. Today she had decided to ask Hojo on a date.

As she walked toward the temple steps, she noticed that the well inside the shed was glowing. "Inuyasha?" she mumbled to herself, wondering why on earth he would visiting her. She decided that it wouldn't hurt her if she was any later to school and went over to the shed to greet him. However, the person that came out of the shed was not the one she had been expecting.

"…Bankotsu?" she mumbled in surprise, dropping her book bag from her shoulders.

Bankotsu heard his name and glanced over to the one calling his. When his eyes fell upon Kagome he felt anxious and his heart began racing. "It's you," he mumbled.

"W-why are you here?" Kagome stammered, stepping away from the shed and from Bankotsu.

"For you," he replied, quickly walking toward her. He grabbed her roughly by the arm and forced her to look at him. "Why is it I can't stop thinking about you? Why have I been dreaming about you for the past few months? Why won't you leave me alone?" he asked harshly, becoming impatient. The pain in his chest was becoming unbearable.

"Bankotsu," Kagome mumbled, tearing up. "I…I'm finally getting over you, I can't take this..."

"Take what?" he asked impatiently.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she cried, tearing her arms away from him. "Why do you have to keep torturing me!? Why can't you just let me forget you?"

"Why am I torturing you?" he asked angrily. "Why are you torturing me? I can't sleep, I'm finding it hard to eat…and you know what I want most of all?"

"What?" she asked, though she could less. She just wanted him to go away.

"This," he said and suddenly pulled her into his arms and kissed her roughly. After a few seconds his rough kiss became gentle and then passionate. When he pulled away his eyes met with hers and he couldn't help but smile. "Kagome…god, I missed you."

"Bankotsu?" she asked, confused as to what just happened. Her body was trembling from the intense kiss and she could barely stand. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because I love you, Kagome. More than anything in the world, I love you. And I swear, I'll never let you go again."

Kagome began crying again, but this time it was because she was overjoyed. She'd never really gotten over Bankotsu, her heart still ached all of the time. But now she felt at peace. All she wanted was to be in his arms forever. "I love you too."



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