Secret Desires

by Adrian Tullberg.

Bruce Wayne watched Diana leave the mansion.


He turned to Alfred, who was wearing his 'Just because I'm doing this doesn't mean I approve' expression.

"Is everything ready?"

"All is prepared. Although I do not believe that you designed the Batcave for this particular activity."

Bruce glanced around, although the odds of Diana returning were extremely low. "If ... if I do this in the mansion, she'll know. Trust me."

"Then maybe not performing the act itself would be the correct course?"

"I ..." Bruce ran his hand though his hair. "There's things ... things I have ... need to do ... that Diana won't understand."

"It didn't bother you before."

A flash of anger. "Just ..."

Alfred sighed, and opened the clock. "It's all ready. Exactly as you specified."

Bruce descended. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as his anticipation began to build.

Diana looked for the third time through the Gucci carry-all (a gift from Bruce exactly eleven and a half hours after she put that trick she learned in Cosmo to first-time use) and resigned herself to the fact that she left the report on UN Peacekeeping Deployment Over for the last five years at the mansion.

Better get it - chances were that Bruce had already noticed and was waiting for her to return, the document in one hand, and that smug half-smile on his face.

The sight that Alfred had prepared for him - exquisite. Perfection.

As he strolled over, he made a mental note to congratulate his butler, regardless of his objections.

His hand brushed the surface, following the curve precisely.

He bent down and inhaled, softly, slowly. The scent - savour it. Let the rich diffusions gather before letting it rush down your throat and then unjustly expelled along with carbon dioxide.

Touch and scent indulged, he began to indulge Taste.

Carefully, his tongue reached out, and ran across the edge. Each smooth area perfectly counterpointed by raised irregularities

The sensations carried by the muscle in his mouth threatened to overwhelm his brain after god knows how long of abstinence.

How could he have ignored this? Only after Diana entered his life, could he appreciate this beauty? This perfection?

He wiped the juice accumulated around his mouth and started again.

"Thank you Alfred. I thought Bruce would be insufferable once he found out about this."

"One should not build up on an existing state of affairs." Alfred glanced at the time. "Shall we see you soon?"

"I just want to say goodbye to Bruce again. Is he in the Cave?"

"Ah ... yes. He is ... very busy at this time of day. I personally find it is better to avoid him until lunchtime."

"I'll just be a few minutes."

"Famous last words."

Diana went up to the grandfather clock, and opened the entrance.

Her nose flared up immediately.

She knew.

Diana flew down the stairs, not wanting to give herself away. She didn't want to give Bruce an iota of warning.

Her nose following that scent, she saw him in a small alcove, bent over, small grunts clear even to those without enhanced senses.

"You bastard."

Bruce turned around, unable to hide the tension on his face, or the remainder of his twelve ounce skillet steak in red wine sauce from his vegetarian girlfriend.

He had no idea how he was going to get out of this one.