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Drabble #1: Coffee
Sadistic friends and eighteen-year-olds on sugar highs

Sasuke didn't like coffee. He had been left insomniac after his brother had eliminated his whole clan, but he usually could still manage to get an hour or two's sleep before dawn. He did not need coffee to make that worse, thankyouverymuch.

Another reason why Sasuke disliked the dark, rich, sweet smelling drink was due to his hyperactive lover. Naruto was bouncy and bubbly enough as it was, but whenever the small blond boy managed to get his hands on some coffee, chaos ensued. Sasuke suspected it had something to do with the amount of sugar the boy dumped into his coffee.

The sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan Massacre also suspected that the blonde's friends encouraged, even helped Naruto get his supply of coffee.

Sasuke had made it a point to throw away every single coffee product in Naruto's possession when they had moved in together. He had also threatened that anyone who gave Naruto coffee would be walking funny for the rest of his or her life.

Now most of the residents in Konoha feared the Uchiha heir, and they absolutely worshipped the ground he walked on, so the probability of someone defying his direct orders was not really that high. Unfortunately for Sasuke, though, Naruto had many friends, and none of them were really afraid of him, seeing that they had all grown up together. They also harbored a deep resentment towards Sasuke for almost killing Naruto, who was the baby of their group, when they had been twelve.

Sasuke was not too keen on facing them in battle. Among those friends, at least two of them were certified geniuses. They were certainly not afraid of Sasuke. Sasuke knew that he'd have a hard time if they ever decided to fight him, even with his matured sharingan.

That, and Naruto would make him sleep on the couch for a year if he ever maimed any of their friends.

Sasuke silently reminded himself of that fact over and over again in his head as he struggled to maintain his usual icy composure.

"We didn't give him the coffee, Uchiha. We sold it to him," Shikamaru smiled, leaning back lazily into his couch. "No rules about not selling him coffee, right?" God, he loved watching the stuck up Uchiha suffer.

Sasuke's left eye twitched. Behind Shikamaru, Neji watched the unfolding drama with mild interest, a tiny smile on his lips. Kiba was howling with laughter. Chouji called out encouragements while munching on a bag of potato chips.

And in the middle of Shikamaru's living room, surrounded by empty cups of instant coffee, Naruto was professing his undying love to a bowl of steaming Ichiraku ramen.

Sasuke's eye twitched even more violently.

The dark haired boy stalked over to his lover, looming menacingly over the smaller boy. Naruto blinked up at him adorably, and his whiskered face split into an enormous, giddy, coffee induced grin.

"Suke-kun!" Naruto glomped the taller Sasuke and nuzzled his neck. "More coffee. More coffee. More coffee!"

"As much as you want at home, Naruto. Come on, we're leaving this nuthouse."

Sasuke shot a brilliant glare at their friends over the tuft of blonde hair. All he got in return were satisfied grins and smug snickers. He grabbed Naruto's hand and dragged his out the door.

- - -

"Ne, Sasuke, you love me, right?" Naruto slurred.

Sasuke placed the as-good-as-drunk blonde on their bed and raised an eyebrow. "Hn." He tucked the covers up to the blonde's chin.

"You'd do anything for me, right?" The words were still slurred, but he sounded serious. Or as serious as an eighteen-year-old blonde who was on a sugar high could be…

"Hn." Sasuke answered, waiting for Naruto to continue.

"You'd even die for me, right?"

"Dobe, just what are you getting at?"

"If I wanted something, you wouldn't stop at anything to get it for me, right?"

"Naruto, what do you want, exactly?"

They stared at each other for a long moment, and then Naruto grinned again.



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