Hypothetically An Interlude


"Hypothetically, if I was fated to die within the next, say, three weeks, would you like to know the exact date and time?"


"You heard me."

"Yeah I heard you, I just didn't understand you."

"If I were to-"

"No, I got that. What I should have said was: What did you mean by die? You're not dying, right. Please, tell me you're not dying"

"I'm fine. I was speaking hypothetically."

"Alright, what brought this on?"

"Nothing. You haven't answered my question."

"Does this have anything to do with your checkup last month?"

"I already said that I was fine."

"Fine and healthy are two different things."

"I'm perfectly healthy. Why don't I rephrase a little. If, by strange coincidence, I get shot and killed within the next three weeks, would you have liked to have known ahead of time?"

"Would I be able to save you, hypothetically of course?"

"No, but you would be able to tie up any loose ends before I go."

"Then no."


"No. I couldn't live knowing that in four, five days you'd be gone forever."

"I would've said yes in a heartbeat."

"So I gathered. Everything ok?"

"We've been over this before, I'm fine."

"Just checking. I don't want to loose you."

"I'm not going anywhere, not tonight anyway."

"Good. I could use the help with the dishes."

"You know, until I move in you, technically I'm a guest."

"Your point being..."

"Guests don't do the dishes."

"Concerned lovers do though."

"Why should I be concerned for you?"

"Because I have to put up with you."