Hypothetically An Interlude



"Yes, hypothetically."

"Alright, if I were to, hypothetically, decide to tell the team, I'd start with Cragen first."


"Any reason why he's a bad first choice?"

"Yeah, his temper."

"Fine, who would be your first choice then?"

"Easy, Huang."

"Doctor Huang? Why on Earth would you tell the 'Good Doctor'first?"

"'Cause he won't care; not only that but Cragen tends to relax around him and open his mind."

"Ok, what about Elliot and Olivia?"

"I'd worry 'bout Cragen and Doc Huang first."

"I thought you said that Huang wouldn't mind."

"He won't. I ment that we'd all have to convince Cragen."

"Ah, so, when do you want to talk to Huang?"

Author's note: Originally I just wrote the first chapter of this story, but as you sit there with nothing to do but type, strange ideas pop into your head. This series of strange, short drabbles between the implied couple of Munch and Fin (or at least I hope it makes sense that those are my speakers)were on of these ideas. Enjoy.