I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters, they belong to JKR a very talented woman. This book takes place after HP 6.. therefore if you haven't read the book BEWARE of spoilers. I was in tears when I finished the book.. but I loved it nonetheless. Well I hope you guys enjoy my little additive to the HP fan fics.


Hermione walked down the halls of number 12 Grimmauld Place, stopping every now and then to glance behind her. She knew it was wrong to be sneaking out like she was but she had to see him, had to make sure that he was alright. The witches and wizards in the paintings look the other way, they were used to her skulking around the house late at night. Slipping out of the house she stayed in the shadows and hoped silently that neither Ron or Harry had heard the door close. 'I'd never be able to explain. They'd never understand.' Waiting till she got to the end of the road before stepping out of the shadows she held out her wand and prayed that the ride night bus would be quicker than usual. She had a bad feeling something was wrong with him. She felt it deep down in her heart. 'They better not have hurt him.' She thought darkly. Revenge wasn't her forte' but when it came to him her anger knew no bounds. In flash of light the night bus appeared in all of his purple glory. She was ushered quickly inside and asked her destination. "The Leaky Cauldron please." She had barely got out the word please before the bus shot into motion. In less than a heartbeat the bus stopped infront of the Leaky Cauldron. Stepping off the bus she briskly walked to the front door of the Leaky Cauldron and pulled the door open. The place was pretty much dead now with everyone cowaring in their homes and leaving England like it was touched with the plague again.

Averting her eyes from the barkeep she made her way to the back which led to the brick wall, her only way into Diagon Alley. She didn't want to risk using floo powder, she didn't know what she would interrupt if she did. Closing the back door behind her she took out her wand once more and tapped a the bricks in a series of places. There was a low grumbling noise as the doorway to Diagon Alley appeared before her. Pulling he hood of her cloak over her head to shadow her face she headed towards the only place Harry and Ron would never think of her to go... Knockturn Alley. Slipping her wand in her pocket her shoes made no sound as she headed down the stairs to the Borgin and Burkes. Using her mind she thought 'Alohamora'. She heard the lock click signaling that door was unlocked. Over the Summer she had been practicing her silent curses. They were much needed now with the Death Eaters out in full force. She remembered her mother's and father's face when she had presented them with their plane tickets to America. They had fought her first but with a little 'tweeking' of their minds she was able to get them complacently on the plane. She knew it was wrong to use magic on her parents but she was 17 now and could do magic whenever she wanted, and besides it was to save her parents' lives. Silently she slipped into the shop she made sure to lock the door behind her before she headed to the back where the armoire stood. She opened it slowly to prevent it from creaking and stepped inside. Closing the door behind her she was enveloped in darkness. She felt a slight pull as her body was taken from one place to another. Opening the door she blinked at the light that invaded the darkness. When she could focus again she stepped out of the armoire and found herself in the room of requirements. This time it appeared to be a library.

Walking between the rows of books she didn't risk calling out for him just in case he wasn't alone. She heard the sound of a book page being turned and knew that she was getting close. Peeking around the bookshelf she watched for a moment as the candle light played upon his white blonde hair that was almost the color of the silverly moon. She glanced around to make sure that they were alone before stepping out from behind the shelf. "Reading a book Draco? Didn't know your could read beyond See Spot Run." She could hear her own forced humor and almost grimaced. It wasn't the time for jokes but she couldn't help it, he looked so serious with his head bent over the book he was reading. Draco looked up from the book and gave her a lazy smile that was beyond forced. "Ah.. if it isn't the book worm herself. I was wondering what was taking you so long." Stepping towards him as he stood up she felt her hands shaking slightly. 'He's alright.. my feeling must have been wrong.' He met her half way and stood infront of her, towering over her, his eyes searching her face. Her breath caught in her throat and she stiffled a sob as she threw her arms around him. His arms came around her automatically as he buried his face in her hair. "You remembered to lock the door behind you?" He asked, his voice muffled slightly by her tousled hair. Nodding silently she tightened her embrace but pulled back when she heard him give a small hiss of pain. She looked up at him, her eyes questioning before her hands began to search his side. Feeling the bandage beneath his shirt she widened her eyes. 'I wasn't wrong.' With shaking fingers she unbuttoned his shirt. Pushing the fabric aside she viewed the bandage. There was blood soaking through. He allowed her to unwrap the bandage a small grimace playing on his lips as he stared down at her. For once his grimace wasn't to provoke her it.

As the last of the bandage fell away Hermione looked at the jagged cut the marred his porcelian colored flesh. "Draco?" She asked him, her eyes glistening slightly with unshed tears. Shaking his head he stepped away from her and turned his back on her. "It's nothing, just a scratch. I snuck out and snagged a roll of bandage from Madame Pomfrey's cabinet. I would have taken one of her potions to quicken the healing process but it was too dark the read the bottle and if I stayed there too long Filch would have caught me. I'm a wanted man you know." Nodding silently Hermione stepped towards him and leaned her forehead against his bare back. His skin felt cool to her and she shivered inwardly at the physical contact. Pressing her lips against his shoulder blade she closed her eyes and inhaled he scent. He smelled of clean linen and sandlewood. 'If only we could have met under different circumstances.. maybe it would have been better.' She thought sadly to herself. "What happened Draco.. who did this to you?" She asked as she opened her eyes and stepped a little ways away from him. Turning back towards her he took in her worried expression and wished that he could take away all her fears and worries. "I was on my way to meet you when I ran into a little 'snag' at the fence. He's keeping the place locked night now, even put barbed wire on the fence to keep the muggle prisoners from escaping. Well obviously he didn't think I was important enough to tell or he has his suspicions. Anyway.. I was climbing over the fence when the alarm went off, in my hurry to cross to the other side I got caught on the wire." Stopping down he picked up the bandage and looked down at the blood soaked fabric. "I'm going to need another one." Already the blood from the cut was trickling down his side. "Maybe I can chance another trip to Madame Pomfrey's while you stay here." Shaking her head stepped forward and took the bandage from him. "No.. we'll go together. This bandage should tied you over while we grab something from her cabinet." Her hands were less shakey as she wrapped the bandage around his ribcage to cover the gash.

Stepping back she surveyed her work. "There that'll do for now." She said with a slight nod of her head. Picking up his shirt from the floor Draco slipped his arms through and buttoned it up quickly. "How do you think the two of us will manage to get to Pomfrey's unnoticed. I was reckless of me to go by myself last time, but with two of us that doubles the chances of us getting caught." A smile curved her lips as she heard the worry in his voice. "Now now Draco.. it's not like you to be so cautious." Looking down at her the old Malfoy smirk appeared as he pulled her closer. However when he looked down into her dark brown eyes his smirk slipped from his face and his hand came up to carress her cheek. "I can't help but be cautious when you're involved Hermione." Weeks ago they had started to call each other by their given names and her name on his lips never failed to leave her breathless. "Draco.." She whispered softly as his head descended towards hers. She barely had enought to take in a breath before his lips claimed hers in a soft embrace. Like always she felt like she was falling when he kissed her.. falling so long and never hitting the ground until the kiss ended. Breaking the kiss he reluctantly pulled away from her. "If we're going to go to Pomfrey's we better go now while everyone is in bed." Nodding in agreement she followed him to the door of requirements, her hand clasped in his own.