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Chapter 2 (Broken by Seether feat. Amy Lee)

The hall was dark as the two walked hand in hand down the hall towards the clock tower were the infirmary was. They didn't risk using their wands for the much needed light. With Hermione's hand clasped tightly in his own Draco led the way, stopping every once in a while to listen for any sound that might mean and approacing person. They managed to make it to the infirmary without being spotted. Pulling her hand from his Hermione ran to the cabinet that held Madame Pomfrey's healing potions. She wasn't advanced enough in potions to be able to make her own that would help heal Draco's wound and that weakness bothered her. Finding the correct potion beside the Skelegrow she looked over her shoulder to tell Draco but froze as she saw a light approaching in the windows. "Draco." She called his name in a urgern whisper. "Someone's coming." Darting forward she grabbed his arm and tugged him towards one of the back beds. Dropping to her knees she flip up the cover and slid under. Draco soon followed. He pulled the coverlet down to hide their presence. Under the dark cover of the bed they pressed their bodies together. Hermione was thankful that the bed was long enough to hide their feet and wide enough to cover they bodies. Hermione felt Draco's warm breath against her cheek and despite herself she found herself thaking whoever it was that was approaching the infirmary.

She could hear her own breath quick as she felt his hand slide up her back. Tilting her face slightly she closed her eyes as his lips claimed hers. Hogwarts could have fell down around them at that moment and she wouldn't have cared. She parted her lips slightly allowing hims to deeping the kiss. Her heart ached in her chest but it was a bitter sweet ache that she wouldn't trade for the world. She remembered the first time he had kissed her only a few short weeks ago. Her, Harry and Ron had been looking in Snape's office for anything that would give them a clue of where Snape and the rest of the Death Eaters had apparated to. The Death Eaters that had been captured had been sent to Azkaban where the trio could not question them. Hermione had slipped away for a quick break and a bit of fresh air when a thought had hit her. They had yet to look in the Room of Requirements. Surely Malfoy had left something behind on one of his many trips. Not wanting to give the others false hope she had decided to go by herself. She knew that the Room of Requirements only made itself accessible to those in need and at that moment she wanted more than anything to find something of Malfoy's that would somehow tell them where they had gone.

So she had wandered down the hall feeling of the tapestrys as she went hoping to find the door and she had. However she never imagined finding Malfoy himself in the room. The moment she saw him she had her wand at the ready but at the sight of the defeated look on his face her wand hand had wavered. "What are you doing here Malfoy?" She had asked him darkly. When he didn't answer she had stepped forward and pressed the tip of her want to his throat. "Do your worse Granger.", had been his only reply. His surrender hadn't been something she had expected. Her first thought should have been to drag him with her to Snape's office for questioning but it wasn't. "Why Malfoy? Why did you side with the Dark Lord and promise to kill Professor Dumbledore?" Her voice had been strained and she had been surprised to feel tears slip down her face. Stepping away from her had flung his arms out and yell. 'I had no choice! Do you think I wanted to do it? Sure I wasn't the most honorable of people here at Hogwarts but I'd never in my life dream of killing Dumbledore. The very thought of it had sickened me. I had to put up a good front though because if I didn't 'HE' would have killed me and my family." He had dropped his hands back to his sides, the defeated look had appeared once more on his face. Dropping to his knees he had lifted his chin and a look of acceptance had passed over his handsome features making him look so very vunerable. "Do it Granger. I know you want to. I'm glad that it's you you know. Ever since the day you punched me I had a feeling you would be my downfall." His words had had an odd effect on her. All the anger had seemed to flow out of her and she had dropped to her own knees in front of him her eyes searching his face.

Reaching out she had placed her hands on his face to make him look into her eyes. "It's not to late you know. The Ministry would give you the protection you need." His cold laugh had peirced her heart as it rang throughout the Room of Requirements. "There is not protection when it comes to the Dark Lord. You saw how easily it was for the Death Eaters to get into the Hogwarts." Narrowing her eyes she had shook her head. "If you hadn't helped them they wouldn't have been able to get in you know that." Staring down at her a look of pain had come into his eyes. "I regret every day what I did to help those murders come into Hogwarts. But you and I both know that even if I hadn't helped them they would have found a way in." She had known at the time that he was right and still thought so. "Draco you must come with me. I'll do anything in my power to protect you. I know we've had our differences in the past but that is long gone now. " Shaking his head he had closed his eyes briefly. Her breath had caught her in throat at the sight of his tears. "Hermione Granger the saviour of souls. It has a nice ring to it." He said wearily as he opened his eyes once more to gaze into her own. "I can't go with you. I have to go back. If I don't then I know he'll do something to my parents. My father is safe for the moment in Azkaban but my mother's there with him." With the pads of her thumbs she had brushed away his tears and knew that there was nothing she could do to change his mind. "Tell me where they are Draco. We've been searching Snape's office."

Pulling out of her grasps he had stood up and turned away. "I can't Hermione. If I did and he found out who told you it would death for me and my family and I can't risk that." Despite herself she had felt her self nod in agreement. Walking up to him she had gently captured his arm and pulled him around to face him. "What are you doing back here at Hogwarts then?" Looking down at her a smile had briefly appeared on his face. "Researching just like you. The Room of Requirement molds itself to the needs of the person that finds it. I'm trying to find anything I can about his weaknesses." After a moment he had given Hermione a questioning look. "And what are you doing here?" She had felt her cheeks redden a bit from embarassment. "Looking for anything that you might have left behind." His eyes had widened at her statement. "You think I would be that careless?" Averting her gaze from his she had felt her cheeks grow even warmer. "Sorry." Had been her mumbled reply. Reaching out to her he had placed two fingers under her chin and tilted her face up so that he could look into her brown eyes. "You did find me though." She had felt the sting of tears before they slipped down her cheek and the emotions she was feeling at that moment had baffled her.

The sound of someone opening the door of the infirmary brought her back to the present and she reluctantly broke the kiss and held her breath as she heard foot steps grow closer. "Could have sworn I heard someone in here." She heard Filch's raspy voice and it made her shuddered inwardly. That's all she needed was for Draco to be caught by Filch. She knew she would get off lightly but for Draco to be caught would mean he would go straight to Azkaban. She knew he would be safe from the Dark Lord there but it she wouldn't wish that hell on anyone especially not Draco. She felt his arm tightened around her and she buried her head in his shoulder. 'Go away.' She thougt to herself as she heard Filch's foot steps come even closer. Searching her mind she tried to find the right command spell and remembered the appriate one that commanded someone to leave. With all of her might she pushed with her mind and thought, 'Licentia!'. Suddenly the steps halted and she heard the sound of the soles of his shows turn and then suddenly he was walking away. When the door closed behind him she finally let out the breath she was holding. "That was close." Draco whispered as he released his hold on her. Slidding out from under the bed behind him Hermione stood up and brushed the dust off of her cloak. "We better get back to the Room of Requirements before something else happens." Draco stated and walked to the cabinet to grab a fresh bandage before leading the way to the door.

End of Chapter Two..

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