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Chapter 1

'Sometimes my life just sucks' was the only thought in the head of the one and only Hermione J. Granger. She looked at Ron Weasley and gave a short sight, then returned to her transfiguration homework. Her liquid amber ayes scanned the parchment in front of her. 'I think I really need a break' that thought made her snort ' better not make this public knowledge, or someone just might get a heart attack' and stole one more glance at the two boys sitting on the couch next to her.

Hermione's unruly brown hair cascaded down her back like a chocolate river, it was less bushy, but that didn't mean it was easier to manage. She never thought about herself as being Miss Universe but she in her opinion she looked decent as she never overly cared about the appearances being much too busy with a myriad of other things. Hermione's mother always told her "You have to love yourself first if you want others to love you". She had to work really hard on that, but she did it. It was still painful that her mother …

Hermione thoughts were brought back to the common room by a loud bang behind her, and even louder laugher afterwards. The young woman's calm expression turned into a scowl. She already had a major headache, and all that noise wasn't helping it. She snapped at someone from behind before she could stop herself:

"Can you be a little quieter? Someone is trying to study here if you haven't noticed!" two fifth years had the decency to look guilty and few quiet sorry were heard. Her face softened.

"Herms, they're just celebrating you know. No need to be the mood killer," her right eye began to twitch at this comment, but Hermione's redheaded friend didn't seem to notice. 'So now I am the mood killer Ronald? How about that little temper tantrum that you threw half an hour ago? Hmm? ' the words were hanging from the tip of her tongue ready to jump, but with an effort Hermione swallowed them.

"We're having an exam in transfiguration in two days boys, in case you have forgotten". Finally she was facing her two best friends face to face.

"Really, Mione! Old Voldyshorts is dead and not coming back, it's time to celebrate!"

Yes, finally after all the fighting He-who-must-not-be-named was dead, for a whole 6 months now and forever. That did sound good every time she heard it. "We defeated him, the least they can do is to give us a good marks on our exams" added Ron. This statement didn't sound good to her, and the fact that Harry seemed to agree with Ron wasn't helping.

When they finally stopped grinning like two baboons and noticed the death glare she was sending them Harry quickly added, his survival instinct kicking in.

"Just joking, Hermione! We know the exam is coming and we are ready. You just need to relax a little. It's not the end of the world." He gave her his most honest smile and Hermione's anger crumbled.

"Maybe, Harry... All that stress is just getting to me. Sorry." She attempted a weak smile. It have been a long year after all.

"Drop the books for while and you'll be fine" said Ron.

'Not again. Not now.' Hermione was about to retort to that when she was interrupted.

"Hermione, let's go, you promised to check my essay." Lavender's voice demanded her attention. Hermione threw her roommate a puzzled look. "About the freezing charm." Added the sand haired girl. Understanding downed in the debts of amber. About the freezing charm - It's a provocation. It was good to have someone looking out for you.

"Sure, Lav." Big grateful smile appeared on Hermione's face, for the first time that evening as she kept eye contact with Lavender Brown for a long sec, and then finally addressed the boys. Maybe she was more tired than she thought rising to such obvious bating. "I'm going upstairs, Lav needs help with her essay, I will see you tomorrow at breakfast." She flashed them a quick smile, but this time forced smile.

"Oh, ok. See you tomorrow. Night." said Ron. For some reason he looked disappointed missing a chance to argue with her. Once upon a time it was a good sport. 'Not today, Ronald' was her thought.

When her room's door closes behind her, Hermione gave Lavender a hug. "You're a life savior, you know that?" She said tiredly. Before her friend could answer another voice demanded:

"What those idiots did this time? I swear if they …" came a furious hiss from exotic beauty laying on one of three beds in the room. It was the other roommate Parvati Patil.

After living in one room for six years they were like sisters to Hermione, supportive, loving, loyal, and protective like Hell of her. For some odd reason everyone thought that they didn't get along. She grinned. They were different and rarely hang out together outside their dorm. They didn't advertise how close friends they were, but if the need arose they were by each other's side in a heartbeat. When things went downhill in her fifth year, these two were there for her. Always. Hermione felt her heart warm. Her real two best friends.

"It's ok, Parvati, They didn't do anything." That didn't seem to calm the angered beauty; her dark eyes were checking for any kind of damage on her brunet friend. Parvati let herself relax when no injuries were found.

"So what the life saving business is about?" now her attention was on Lavender Brown, whom snorted in reply.

"What do you think?"

"Hey! I'm still here and I am fine, really." Hermione tried to reassure her roommates, and failed miserably.

"You look like shit, and I bet you feel even worse. So stop saying that." Lavender almost lost her calm.

"I don't understand, Mya. Why do you let them to walk all over you?" Parvati ask in a rising voice.

"They are my friends" Hermione's voice was low.

"Bullshit and you know it! No friends would have done what they have! It's not enough that you have your nerves on the edge thanks to Fudge; they have to accuse you of not doing enough at the final battle! For heavens sake, Mya, Merlin wouldn't have done more himself! You had done much more than Potter , Weasley or Dumbledore."

"Most pupils in this school own you their lives, along with the teachers. If you hadn't performed that spell on Hogwarts we all would have been dead long before the final battle." Lavender added in a calm voice, small smile playing on her lips, her blue eyes radiating warmth. Hermione eyed her curiously. Her dear roommate was a wolf in sheep's skin, or rather a lioness. She really doubted that anybody besides them knew this. It was one of their many secrets.

Secrets that Ron or Harry knew nothing about. They never cared about her secrets. She was the homework helper, the silent eager support, always there and never complaining when things were hard. They never volunteer to share their secrets with her. Real secrets that were not relevant to survival of someone or something. It wasn't a sudden revelation yet it did not make it any less unpleasant. It was one of those thing that you know but never admit true to yourself. 'Some friends they are.' She started thinking after their last argument. Parvati was still ranting, But Hermione cut her off.

"They said they were sorry, it's over. So don't start to get your knickers in a bunch, Parvati. We are not as close as we used to be- yes. They don't know me any more- yes. But they still are my friends, and they do care about me, you know they had a hellish day, and snapped at the first person in sight, unfortunately that was me. They simply frustrate me lately, just like the rest of the world. You both know why." Hermione rubbed her face with her arms tiredly ant then went to her bed.

Parvati Patil sighted as her friend stretch on the bed. Parvati knew Hermione well enough to understand that it was the end of this discussion with her. She looked at Lavender whom was sitting beside and gave her a look that clearly said 'I want an explanation Lavender Brown and you better have a good one' and as soon as Hermione closed the door to the bathroom she got it.

"I found her sitting in the common room; Weasel was trying to get in an argument about her study habits. She looked ready to kill or cry. I am really not sure which one. Potter was just sitting there, like he always does. Watching. I bet he also wanted them to argue, I don't believe he is sorry about fiasco after dinner enough." The last part was added with a frown.

"I still can't believe I fancied him two years ago." Parvati moaned under her breath rubbinig her eyes. Lavender cocked her perfectly shaped eyebrow at that as if saying 'and now you don't?' "I mean he is a hero and all, not bad looking and decent guy, saves the world now and again." The good qualities didn't seem to end and Parvati's face got hot under the scrutiny. "Alright! Fine. Enough with the eyebrow thing already. I have not forgotten what he did. No good deeds will ever reverse it. I just… I always thought they were real good friends…"

"Up until it was their turn to trust her?"

"Yes. I mean... Never mind it doesn't change anything now. They don't care. That is all that I need to know in the end."

"Funny how things sometimes turn out just the way you never expected." In the life of Lavender Brown there was only two things that she truly cared about it was her two friends. The mere thought of someone mistreating them made her reach for the wand. Ronald Weasley will never know how close he was from being Kevadraed this evening when she heard of what he accused Hermione. She had a calm expression on her face, but Parvati after six years of practice just like Hermione could see right thru her perfect mask.

"How come The Sorting Hat didn't put you in the Slytherin, Lav?" Parvati smirked at her startled friend.


"You heard me, Lav. Not many people in Gryffindor can plan murder and look like an angel at the same time." That bubbly carefree façade of a happy harmless person was so carefully constructed and kept that it was hard to believe that it wasn't real.

"How?" was the only word that Lavender was able to stutter. At that Parvati just rolled her eyes and laughed.

"Six years of close friendship does the trick. By the way it was Mya's idea to ask. So?"

Lavender eyed her cautiously for a sec before resigning. She didn't like talking about it. No ones life was simple including hers. Everyone had reasons for the things they did.

"The first year on Hogwarts Express I saw Malfoy harassing Hermione. I might not be the kindest person but it was not how I would have wanted to spent my time here. My parents know the Malfoys. Anyone with eyes could see he was going to be in Slytherin. How could he not? With family history like his and money? In Slytherin there is only one game and we all know it. Fallow the Leader. I wasn't game even before Hogwarts, so… I thought why not? I always liked red." For a moment she allowed her mask to slip and show eyes full of freezing fire instead of welcoming warm. There was a brief silence and they both were startled by a snicker from their bathroom door.

"I always knew you had it in you, Lav." Hermione stood there in only her midnight blue silk nightdress. She looked like a vision. Wild hair framing her face, flawless skin that had a healthy tan, full breasts and curvy body. Her two best friends gave a sigh.

"How in the name of Merlin are you hiding such a body behind those robes is a mystery to me." said Lavender and Parvati silently nodded her head in agreement. Progress

"It's magic." She winked cheekily at them. "And now I'm off to my bed before I pass out from exhaustion. Sweet dreams girls."

"Night, Mya." Her friends said in union and Hermione tossed her pillows with a perfect aim to hit the two.

"Will you two ever stop? How long have it been? Two years? It stopped being funny. How hard it is to pronounce Hermione?" The girl in question was fuming. This still ongoing joke stopped being funny so long time ago that she actually forgot how it had started in the first place. But somehow along the line she turned from Hermione to Mya for those two. She really hated when her name got shortened, but they were pressing it on with uncanny determination that was common only for Gryffidors and she felt herself responding to that blasted name lately!

"Good night, Mya!" was her only response.


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