AN: Set in between Flooded and Life serial in season 6!

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KINDRED (part 1)

Spike stalked back and forward in his crypt. Buffy needed money. That's what Willow had told him. He ran his hand through his blond hair feeling helpless. He couldn't comfort his slayer with her return flight from heaven and now the money issue. He couldn't help wondering when things were going to get easier for Buffy. His heart ached just from thinking about it.

"Bloody hell," he muttered to himself and drew a cigarette out, lit it and tried to find a solution.

He plunked himself down in his armchair with a frustrated grunt. The TV was muted but the black and white film grabbed his attention. Two small men wearing all black and a balaclava's were holding a gun to a bank teller's head. They demanded money and greedily stuffed it into little black bags. Spike sneered in disgust. Amateurs, he thought. The criminals on TV today were such pale comparisons to what big bads used to be like. What he used to be like. He took another long drag of his cigarette and contemplated turning the TV off. He some how found he lacked the energy, or perhaps the motivation, to walk over and switch the TV off. He took a third drag from his cigarette and that's when the brain wave hit him. He stood abruptly, the cigarette still dangling from his mouth, a swirl of smoke dancing away. He moved closer to the screen, his eyes narrowing and his face contorted with concentration. Slayer wouldn't like what he was considering but it was the only thing the vampire could think of. Spike turned the TV off mute and right up. He watched the goons on TV as they ran out of the bank with a flashing siren in the background. They jumped into a black escape vehicle and drove away. Just like that… and they were rich. A predatory grin crossed Spike's face as he figured out how he was going to help Buffy. He climbed down into the bottom chamber, grabbed his long leather coat and swung it round his shoulders and five seconds later he was striding out of the crypt, duster billowing behind.

"Oh sodding hell!" Spike snapped as he stared at the closed blank with the thick solid proof glass. He jiggled with the door a little more as if hoping it would miraculously open. A little white sign caught his eye.

Money not kept on premises at night!

Spike bit back from saying a very ugly word. It was bullocks. All of it. Who had heard of a bank taking it's money somewhere else for nighttime safe keeping? Spike rammed his fist into the streetlight. The metal only dented a little.

Guess I'm getting some restraint, Spike thought to himself. He lowered himself into a seat on the roadside and rested his hands in his chin. He patted the stun gun he had stolen of Riley before he had left. Thoughts of the Boy Scout irritated Spike and he needed a cool head. How was he going to help Buffy now? His eyes drifted up and down the street, not really seeing anything, he was so lost in thought. Spike grinned at the idea of the Scooby's seeing him now. Giles made so many jibes about him being stupid but tonight, like many nights before, Spike was going to demonstrate his cool intelligence. There was a supermarket at the end of the street. Spike winced at the fluorescent lights. They stung his eyes. He could here the music playing. Sugar coated pop music that made him wanna scream. He didn't spend much time in supermarkets. Never a necessity. But he knew about them. Humans walking up and down chilled isles, picking between different brands of food as if it was the most important decision many of them would ever make. Only to have their hard earned money stolen to fuel the capitalistic nation that was America. Spike paused his thought and rewound. He examined what his stream on consciousness had just told him. There was something there that had seized his interest. Hard Earned Money!

Spike felt like staking himself inside. Happy colours and soft pastels everywhere. Insincere smiling faces and the overbearing scent of… everything. The shop was crowded. Money! This was a perfect place to rob. Less challenging then the bank and less fun maybe. But he needed cash fast and, if anything, this was a rush job! There was one checkout open. And a long line of people. He didn't particularly feel like waiting in line till it was his turn. The alluring thump of blood on either side awoke his hunger and in return activated his frustration that he couldn't have a taste. And also, to a lesser degree, the strange flush of guilt he occasionally felt since hanging around Buffy. He decided to stroll in conspicuously up and down some isles before robbing the store. He turned down the first one and automatically took a step back. This was the cooking Isle and racks of spices adorned the wall. The combined small was over powering for even a human… with a crap sense of smell. It was working nightmares on Spike. He wisely skipped the isle. Cereal and biscuits in the next one. Much better. Less dominating stinks. Spike idly picked up packets of biscuits and passed a disinterested eye over them. It was mainly for show! There was no one in the isle but he had spotted the security guard in the shop. He didn't worry about the security camera over his head because being a vamp he obviously couldn't show up on film. As he continued to walk and faux shop his blank mind returned to thoughts of Buffy. When they had had beaten the demon down into the flooded basement together it had brought a pang of a reminder of times past. Every time they had fought a demon together. He was still adjusting to the fact she was back. Hell, he was still adjusting to the fact he was in love with her. He didn't hold any hope that now she was back that she would suddenly fall in love with him despite him looking after Dawn just as she had instructed. She would probably seek out another tortured soul like Angel or another clean-cut captain America like Riley. Two extremes.

Spike turned into the next isle and was rudely interrupted from his reflective thoughts of Buffy by plowing straight into a girl with a long brown skirt. The girl jumped back startled and stammered out a quick apology. She had a strange accent that he couldn't place. Spike stared at her for a second. She probably thought he was checking her out but he wasn't. For a moment there he had recognised something familiar in her. She was giving him a strange look too. Her eyes had narrowed and she gave him a swift up and down. The Girl didn't move so Spike side stepped her and continued up the isle. He felt dark eyes boring into the back of his head and he spun around just in time to see the skirt disappear around the corner. He shook his head and tried to ignore the unrest he suddenly felt. He rounded the next Isle. The girl was standing at the end. Her hands were firmly planted on her hips and she had her head cocked to the side, examining him. Something was defiantly not right with this one.

Ok if you want to play, fine! Spike thought despite not having any real time. He crossed his arms and leaned against a display for instant soup. He scrutinized her. Her long hair was pulled back in a pony tale and she wore a black singlet top but that was pretty normal. The girl seemed average appearance wise. Larger than a typical size 8 but pretty. It was also unfair to refer to her as a girl. She was about 19 and a woman and there was something remarkable about her. A power. It was so well known. Her nose and mouth were incredibly memory invoking. Spike couldn't quite understand it. He turned his head. He could see the check out from here. The last person was going through. With a last quick glance back at the female he made a quick dash to the check out.

Spike seized a chocolate bar and slammed it down on the conveyor belt the hauled the groceries. The serving girl smiled. She was about Dawns age and the smile didn't quite reach her eyes. She was bored out of her brains. Spike smiled at the thought. Her night was about to get a little bit more interesting and a little bit more memorable. He felt a presence behind him and out of the corner of his eye he saw the woman line up behind him. He rolled his eyes up to the ceiling and feared he get roped into a staring contest again. The woman however ignored him and flipped casually through a magazine with Brittany on the front cover. If spike had been paying more attention he would have noticed the female's eyes were unfocused, not reading at all and her body was tense. The girl in front totaled the price and held her hand out for the money. He hand her a five from his pocket. As soon as the cash draw opened he sprung into action. He vamped out, snatched his money back and held the cash draw open. The girl stumbled back terrified. Spike wasted no time grabbing wads of cash and sticking them in his coat pocket. Suddenly the cash draw sprung back in at an alarming pace. So quickly he didn't have time to draw his hand out and it was caught in it. He gave a shout of pain and looked up furious. He was alarmed to gaze into the cool brown eyes of the female who had been standing just behind him. With one hand pushing the cash draw in so his hand remained caught she used her other arm to crack her elbow across his head. HE snarled as his head was snapped back from the blowing. Three more quick punches came to his nose before his hand was released from the cash register and he could stumble back. But the woman was right behind him. She vaulted over the checkout so she was facing him and before he could regain and coherency she kicked him right in the abdomen. Spike had seen the kick coming and prepared for the mildly annoying impact. He wasn't prepared to go flying back ten meters. He crashed into a soft drink stand and bottles of Coke rained down around his head. The woman was standing there looking at him. Her face was neutral now, completely unfazed by his vampire face.

Spike cursed the God out loud.

"I don't even believe in you and you're making my life much more difficult then it has to be."

"I'm sorry to hear that Vamp," She spoke forcefully and her accented twang made her sound even more sarcastic. Spike looked at her. Not a vampire he decided quickly… he could here her heart beat and her blood flow. He hauled himself to his feet. A demon he supposed. He heaved a sigh. This was really not his night. The woman stepped forward and clasped his neck with her hands she heaved him upright. Spike took the opportunity of her occupied hands and brought his fist down hard on the ridge of her nose. Pain exploded in his head! The woman hurled spike away and clutched her nose as he clutched his head. He stood there confused. She was human? She must be otherwise the chip wouldn't have reacted that way. What kind of a human had that kind of strength? He could hear her heart beat accelerating with the fight and the pain. She stared at him warily. Spike wasn't sure if she had noticed his scream of pain but one thing was for sure. She had felt the blow to the nose. Spike couldn't fight her and he didn't know if she was evil or good. He guessed good taking into account her reaction to his undead status. He, however, wasn't going to take and chances. He quickly pulled the stun gun out of his jacket, aimed and fired. She didn't even try to move out of the way. Suppose she wasn't used to vampire's pulling guns on her. Her eyes widened in shock before she fell to the ground. Just before she fell unconscious she mutter loudly, "Bastard."

The stunning liquid didn't last very long but it lasted long enough to get her out of the supermarket and tie her up with some rope he had found in isle 12. Spike watched as she came to in a dark alley. His bewilderment deepened. That stun would have had any ordinary human out for hours. It had barely knocked her cold for half an hour. Spike was beginning to add things up in his head. Unfortunately the logical answer was also impossible and like putting 2 and 2 together and getting 45. He didn't get time to anaylse the answer. The woman's eyes fluttered open. They were cloudy for a moment but soon were darting around searching for ways of escape.

"Don't bother," Spike instructed her.

"Oh ok," The woman made the pretence of complying before struggling against the ropes even harder.

'Don't you understand English?" Spike demanded, an edge creeping into his voice.

"Perfectly. I just have no intention of being your 2 minute noodles of the evening," she retaliated. Spike had no idea what she was talking about!

"Wait, you're Canadian aren't you! Never been there myself but they say you talk a bit crazy up there," Spike tried to pinpoint her accent.

"Ug No! I'm Australian and prejudice much?"


"Yeah you know! With the kangaroos and the meat pies and the G'day and the used to be British," Her voice was cutting with sarcasm. Spike ignored it.

"You're human," That was as much a statement as a question. In fact the main question on Spike's mind.

"Do I lock that in as your final answer or would you like to ask the audience first."

He grabbed the back of her shirt and hauled her up. She was taller than Buffy but not taller than himself. Instead of bending his head to look her in the eye he just picked her up so the were face to face. She stared back defiantly which was admirable for someone who was almost a foot off the ground.

'Now while I've loved this little chit chat and the verbal barbs I have things to do and places to be."

"Bye now," She hissed out.

"And I'm not leaving you to roam the streets. You're coming with me and I'm going to put you in a safe place," Spike let her down, "Run away and I will kill you."

It was a bluff but it wasn't his imagination that a flicker of fear passed through her eyes. Whoever she was she was aware of his age and power. Spike slipped his leather jacket off and wrapped it around her shoulders. He didn't want any one seeing the ropes that bound her arms. He slid one arm around her shoulder and held her firmly against his side. It wasn't enough to hurt but it eliminated all thought of escape.

"Now I'm taking you with me!"

"To Suburbia?" She eyed the house in front of her. Spike had led her to the Summers house. The female was perplexed now.

"What did you expect?" Spike asked as he walked towards the door.

"Vampire lair, minions… that general thing. But this is actually quite um wholesome," She was smirking.

"It's not my place!" Spike said somewhat defensively, "I have a crypt."

"Yeah ok what ever," The smirk widened. Spike shook his head and pulled her towards the door. This was turning out to be a rough night.

Spike opened the door and walked straight into the lounge room. The majority of the Scooby's congregated there.

"I need to see Buffy!" Spike announced to the group. Xander stood up. His disdain for the vampire obvious.

"Of course because you know Buffy spends all of her time waiting anxiously just in case YOU might stop by."

The girl snorted.

"Shut it!" Spike hissed at her. That drew the Scooby's attention to the woman in front of Spike.

"Date?" Willow asked curiously.

"Not bloody likely," Spike retorted whipping his jacket of the girl's shoulders and pushed her further in the room.

"Let me guess… she said no?" Xander said smartly.

"I like you!" The girl informed Xander. The others were staring at her curiously. Giles walked over to the woman who was standing in statically in the middle of the room. He circled her slowly. He was fascinated fore, as surprisingly and as twisted as Spike was he rarely brought tied up women in.

"What's the deal?" Dawn asked as she stood in front of the female eyeing her off. The female narrowed her eyes at her.

"Where's Buffy first?" Spike questioned.

"Off seeing Angel," Willow replied hesitantly. Spike tensed obviously and muttered something that sounded like Poof under his breath.

"Why did you bring this woman here Spike?" Giles asked growing impatient with the bleached Vampire.

"She's human," Spike began. Xander and Willow raised their eyebrows while Tara looked confused. Giles removed his glasses and cleaned them.

"What's your point," Anya interrogated bluntly, speaking for the first time.

"She sent me flying across a room with a single kick to the stomach," Spikes tone left no room for jokes and the Scooby's went into action.

Five minutes later she was tied to a chair facing Spike and the Scooby gang. Her face was blank and stoic and Spike thought this was a vast improvement on her cutting cynicism.

"I don't understand," Tara spoke softly, "If she's human… how did you stop her and tie her up?"

"Used this," Spike held the stun gun up for everyone to see. Giles looked annoyed.

"What? It was only this once," Spike cried as Giles shook his head.

"Well talk about it later," Giles concluded the conversation but Spike in no way felt any better.

"What's her name?" willow asked Spike. Spike shrugged.

"You never asked?" Dawn was surprised.

"Never crossed my mind! But I do know she's from Australia," Spike defended himself.

"What's your name?" Giles asked the girl.


"And why did you attack Spike?" Giles continued.

"He's a vampire and he was robbing a supermarket… you figure it out," Tuscany said with a glare at Spike.

"Ok who votes we let her off the chair and tie Spike up instead," Xander proposed. When no one put their hands in the air he looked disappointed.

"While that does sound like and excellent suggestion. I think we better find out the reason why she's so strong," Giles humored Xander.

"How about you tell me why you're all buddy buddy with the vampire and then I let you in on MY little secret," Tuscany told them leaning against her constraints.

"We're no buddies," Xander and Spike cried at the same time staring uncomfortably at each other.

"Spike had a chip planted in his head by a government military operation. It rendered him incapable of harming humans! That is why we tolerate him," Giles broke off as Spike glared at him, "Also he proves useful against demons."

Spike nodded satisfied.

"So that's why you shot me like a little girl?" Tuscany asked tilting her head to look at Spike on the outside of the group.

Willow interrupted before Spike could retaliate, "We've answer your question now you answer ours."

Tuscany eyed them each individually as if assessing the situation. She sighed as if she was giving up.

"I'm the vampire slayer!"

AN: This story is for me and since I've hit such a major writers block with my other stories I guessed I should try something different before going back to them. If this chapter is bad it's because I wanted to introduce Tuscany! I've always wondered why there was no slayer activated when Buffy died to stop Glory and what not so I filled in the blanks myself. I also always wanted to challenge myself by adding another character that would blend in without going all centre of attention and stealing things off the other characters. Hope you like it and please review. Constructive criticisms always welcome.