Chocky's Dawn
by Chaoseternus

Note that italics indicates telepathy.

Note that this is backstory to the Dawn Of Thunder / Thundersdawn series of fanfictions.


They are my children.

Strange though it may sound, coming from one so young as I, but they are my children. I am not their parent by any means of biology, but I have taught them, nurtured them, shown them how to be so much more then the numbskulls that make up the sheer bulk of this worlds population.

The mind is, and has always been an amazing thing, witness the ascension of those called Ancients, they figured out many of the tricks of the mind in their time, how to heal for one, but they missed many. These children, these I show more of the tricks then the ancients ever knew and they, they consider it normal.

They know that by the standards of their race it isn't of course, but they are used to it, therefore for them it is normal. They all have telepathy; they can hear each other, talk to each other, share visions and ideas across half the world, they have telekinesis, they can and have moved objects much larger and heavier then themselves with merely the power of their minds and, most importantly of all, they use more of their brains then any other human alive. They are geniuses, each and everyone.

All because of me.

They will need it all, one day the Great Enemy will return to this world and then they will have to rise or fall on their own, I know the rules, I can not be the cause of the Great Enemy finding and taking interest in our world, for if I am, they will dissipate me, scatter my soul across the gulfs of space, irretrievably lost for all eternity.

The Great Enemy, they know a few of the tricks of the mind too, but they just them to subjugate, dominate, control and spread their evil across the worlds of space. Worse, this world shows all the signs that they have been active here in the past, their pyramids, the prisons of their fallen, their technology; all of it lines this world, marking it with their heresy.

One day the Goa'uld will return here, I just hope that on that day my children will be ready. I have made a start, made many mistakes and many have died, a few I have had to put down myself, but still, the seed has been sown and the more I learn, the better I become at my task and the stronger the seed grows.

There are now three-hundred of my children scattered across this world and that number grows all the time, even my children themselves are recruiting, drawing more into the ranks, ever unknowing of the reason I do so much for them and for this world.

I almost died for it, not that many years ago, those rogue agents of the British government managing not only to steal the foundations of a Zero Point Generator whilst I was home but later, to trap my mind within it. If it wasn't for my children figuring out on their own that together they had the power to summon my parents across the great gulfs of space then I would be lost, and others with me.

My parents, they knew this school project meant so much to me but still, they wanted me to stop it then, I had more then enough progress, more then enough information gathered, made a big enough change to accept that I had succeeded in my task and graduate but no, I said no and I meant it.

I had made them what they now were, and that made them my responsibility. I had known that I would become Guardian to them, but I had not truly realised what that meant. Now I know, and in realising that, I graduated anyway. The lesson, it seemed, was not as we were told how to aid the lesser races, how to assist others onto the path of greatness but to understand responsibility.

Strange, but still, my project, the method I had chosen had the biggest effect of all those of my class but it also trapped me, dooming me to a years of work building these children up till they are ready to stand on their own two feet. I had, by means of my responsibility, obligated myself to them.

Some tried to find a way out for me, looking for some loop holes in the rules that would allow me to just walk away, they didn't like the thought of anyone obligated to another race because when all is said and done, it gives a ‘lesser' race power over one of their own. I told them simply, their was no way out of responsibility, except to abandon it, an act which is considered heretical to my people, you do not abandon your responsibilities, ever.

Of course, whilst you might have your grades, your rating in life, you aren't allowed to graduate until your final project is over and until your final project is over and you have that proof of your status as an adult, you are still legally a child, still subject to all the children's laws yet expected to act like an adult. At this point, I am the oldest ‘child' on my homeworld, yet I do not complain.

I have too much to do for that, too much work to care that I am still a child. I have my project, my children to nurture and prepare and I am content.