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Summary: High school is one of the best things happen to a teenager. What if a certain pink haired didn't? because there's a certain raven haired boy always teases her? With the help of her girls it will be a blast!

Pairings: SasuSaku NejiTen NaruHina ShikaIno

Chapter 1: Raven haired! The beginning





'Stupid alarm.' She thought while scratching her eyes. "Nani!" She shouted while running to the bathroom.

20 mins. Later….

"I'm late! "she chanted running down to the hall of her house. "Goodbye Popochi!" she greeted to an orange cat lying on the carpet floor sleeping.

"I'm late! Why I'm always late!" she shouted at no one particular while running towards the pedestrian.

" Coz' you're a noisy snorer." Her inner side answer.

"Will you just-AHH!"


The motorcycle stopped in front of her while Sakura was in the ground in shock.

People near them look at them and begin to gossip. Sakura got up and shouted at the biker. "Are YOU blind! You will get me killed! I don't want to die young! Jerk!" then she kicked his motorcycle leaving a small dent on it. The man in the motorcycle just glared at her while she running to the other side of the street.

'Annoying.' He thought.

After the incident in the street, she went to a block not far away from the street where she met that raven haired jerk.

"OOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!" She screamed on top of her lungs while massaging her foot. "Stupid jerk! Not even saying sorry! I'm late!" Sakura said while getting up and run fast.

Kawarimi School

Then, came into her view was her new school, Kawarimi School.

"FINALLY!" She shouted while dancing. Then she realizes that all of the student body were looking straight at her with weird faces. Sakura then turn around and scratches the back of her head feeling embarrassed then run to the front door. On the back of the crowd standing a raven haired with onyx eyes smirking at her. 'She's really annoying' he thought.

In the classroom…

Sakura open the door of her assigned classroom and walked inside. She noticed that most of the boys were looking at her with heart-shaped eyes. 'What's with them?' She thought. Then, someone answered her " They like you." Sakura was surprised then turned around only to find a gray-haired with a mask in front of her.

"Uhmm… who-" Sakura was cut by the man.

"Okay! Students, we will now start the class. Before it, I'll introduced to you all our new classmate and friend Ms. Haruno Sakura." Everyone greeted her in acknowledgement.

"Ohayo." She waved at them with a tint of pink in her face.

"I'm Hatake Kakashi, you're loving teacher."

"DON'T BELIEVE HIM! HE'S A PERVERT!" a blond haired man shouted at the whole class.

"Naruto, Will you be quiet for once." Kakashi said while massaging the back of his head. "You may seat next to Mr. Uchiha." He explained.

" Sasuke, raise you hand so Sakura can see you." He said. At the back of the classroom sat a young raven haired looking at the window who raised his hand.

"YOU!" Sakura shouted and pointing her finger at him. The raven haired turned his head and look at her.


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