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Summary: High school is one of the best things happen to a teenager. What if a certain pink haired didn't? Because there's a certain raven haired boy always teases her? With the help of her girls it will be a blast!

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Chapter 30: Competition

Recap Of Last Chapter:


"Sasuke loves you."

Her eyes widened.

"It may not seem like it but when he got home he always talks about you. I begin to wonder why it began to stop when he heard that you began dating that Seishiro." Itachi said while looking through the glass window.

"He began listening to loud music and sometimes banging the wall which caused me to be disturbed with my work." Itachi sighed. Sakura looked at him and lowered her head in guilt.

"Does he really like me that much?"

"I guess you don't believe me."

"I mean. He has another girl! He can't love me!"

"Well, why don't you try loving him? "


"And I'm sure…My foolish otouto is definitely gonna love you back." Itachi smiled at her.

"It's an Uchiha's word, Sakura-chan."

Three weeks later…


"Ne, how come I get to be a part of this?" Naruto mumbled while walking lazily side by side with Shikamaru. Shikamaru sighed and put his hands at the back of his head.

"Beats me, I just got into this mess with Kageru." They looked at Kageru, who was currently talking with Kiri as if he was persuading her, on the other hand, Kiri is rather irritated.

"What's with them?" Naruto asked and looked at Neji, who is now walking beside them. "He's persuading her to let us out of this mess." He answered while looking away.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Naruto asked while looking curiously at Neji. Neji growled and looked at the blonde-haired woman talking casually with TenTen.

"Why don't you ask that BLONDE over there." Neji pointed and emphasizing the the word. Ino glared at no one particular and marched her way towards the male.

"You got a problem with that?! I 'am an authorized decoration committee and we LACK people so I SPECIFICALLY CHOSE ALL OF YOU IN IT!" She shouted as she kept glaring at the three males who was now looking scared at the said blonde.


"Ne, why isn't Sakura and Sasuke-teme isn't here with us?!" Naruto asked. Hinata looked over her shoulder and was about to answer but Tenten cut her.

"They're in detention."


"I can't believe this."

Sasuke muttered while walking, carrying two boxes. Sakura rolled her eyes in annoyance while carrying some garlands in her right hand. She looked at him and looked away.

"It's all your fault."


"Hn…If it weren't for your babbling I'm not in this mess. I should be there at the lounge sleeping." Sasuke grumbled while glaring at everyone looking their way. Sakura smiled at him and giggled.


"Nothing. I just remembered something that is too, uhm., how should I say this…unbelievable?" Sakura said in a jokingly manner while smiling at him. He looked at him curiously and sighed.

"You're the unbelievable."


"Dating someone who is beyond different from what you see." Sasuke implied while putting the boxes down and started to stretched his arms. Sakura looked at him in a questioning look.

Sasuke loves you.

Her eyes widened by that thought. She looked away from him and silently cursing by what has popped into her head. She shook her hear vigorously and breathed heavily. She looked at her right to see Sasuke looking at her.



"It's nothing."

"…Let's go."

"THIS IS YOUR DETENTION?..!" Ino shouted while looking at Sakura. Sakura looked at her and sighed. "Yeah, it's nothing I could do." She said while looking at Sasuke, who was now helping the others putting the banner.

"So what made you got into this mess with teme, Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked while folding his arms across his chest. Sakura jerked up and laughed sleeplessly.

"The same thing what got us in detention, blowing up in chemistry." She said while laughing. She looked at Sasuke, thinking of what had occurred that night with Itachi.

Is it true?

She looked down and sighed, debating if she will confront him now or never. She walked towards him, not even minding the others stares at her. All she could think now is to know the truth about Itachi's statement.



The said woman suddenly tackled Sasuke, who nearly fall from the bleachers at the sudden hear of the voice. He glared at her and growled underneath his breathe.

"I missed you! You didn't even told me that you're participating with these losers!" Karin said while hugging Sasuke in the arm. Sakura's eyes twitched in disgust. How could that woman suddenly interrupted her, who was about to confront Sasuke! She growled and marched towards the corner where they place the boxes Sasuke had carried.

"Someone's mad."

"Who else could be? That hippo is strangling Sasuke's arm." Kiri said while looking at the scene infront of them. Tenten laughed and walked toward Sakura minding giving her help and trying to make her nerves calm atleast.

"That hippo is going down." Ino said while clenching her fist and punched Naruto out of blue.


"I heard that you got detention with Sasuke-kun." Karin implied while looking down at Sakura who was picking some garlands left on the floor. She glared at the red-haired woman and stood up, garlands in her arms.

"Yup. I never it would happen again, ne?" Sakura implied. Karin smirked and put her right hand on her hips and the other pointed at Sakura directly.

"Don't mess with me, forehead girl. I can do stuffs that you would regret." Karin said warningly at her. She only smirked thinking at what she said giving the other a questioning look.

"And as to you too."

"I remind you, you have Seishiro…so don't even try to steal Sasuke-kun from me." Karin said while facing her back to Sakura. Karin looked at her triumphantly and started to walk away.

"I don't recall stealing him from you." Sakura said knowingly. Karin looked at her and raised a brow not noticing that Sasuke looking at the corner of his eyes, while leaning at the back, eavesdropping at the conversation.

"Maybe, it's him stealing me from Seishiro."

His eyes widened.

Sasuke looked at her trying to make her eyes met with him. He couldn't believe this…Is this Sakura? He clenched his fist and stood up from his position. He walked towards the two girls and stop beside Karin.

"I don't recall stealing you from him…and I don't even recall someone like you as the 'pinky' I once knew." Sasuke said in a cold voice while glaring at Sakura. Sakura could only look at him in bewilderment. Is he listening? She was about to talked about Sasuke started to walk away.

"Sasuke wait-"

"Don't even bother, Haruno." Sasuke said while walking to the other side of the gym. Ino and the others could only gape at the scene that happened awhile ago.

Its been two days that the ceremony had started as students wearing their sports attire and practicing for the competition. They displayed their happy faces as they walk around the small booths located at the back of the building.

Sakura looked around searching for anything that could interest her along with her friends while some of the ANBU walking beside them. She looked at them worrying if they had knew the incident two days ago with Sasuke, hoping that they just let it be.

"Ne, Sakura, we'll be in the garden taking a break. You just enjoy okay?" Ino said while pushing the others to their destination. She looked at them and sighed wondering what has got into these past few days, or maybe weeks. It only happened when Seishiro got into the picture which totally make Sasuke mad and pissed and now, Karin.

"I can't believe this is happening to me!"

"What's the problem, Sakura?" She looked over her shoulder to see Gaara walking towards her. She looked at him and glared at him. Garra was taken aback yet returned to his emotionless face.

"What do you want?"

"…Nothing, just want to see you after you transferred here. You made a quite a lot of happenings in this school, as what I've heard." Gaara said casually while putting his hands on his pockets. Sakura looked away getting what he was pertaining and gave him a sad smiled which was noticed by Gaara.

"I guess so…maybe it's just I have many problems."

"You always have problems."


"Pity, I don't recall you like that."


"Heh, you're looking weaker now than last time you are with us."

"No I'm not."

"Well then, why don't you-" Gaara was about to take her hand but was stopped by another preventing him to come closer to the girl. He looked to his right to see the Uchiha prodigy glaring daggers at him. He smirked at this and retreated his hand to his side.

"Since when did you have the right to talked to a Kawarimi student, Sabakuno?" Sasuke said coldly while making his way to Sakura's side. Sakura could only look at the scene that was taken place infront of her. Two guys glaring intensely at each other.

"She is a former Sabakuno student, Uchiha."

"…former student."

"Sasuke, he's just-"

"Shut up, Sakura. I'm not talking to you." Sasuke said while looking at the corner of his eyes, glaring at her. She, as if on cue, looked down on the ground.

"Leave her alone."

Gaara looked over to Sakura and gave her a small smile and started walking away. She looked at the boy beside him and walked to his front demanding his attention. Sasuke looked at her and raised a borw.

"Why did you do that?"

"What did he do to you?"

"You're not answering me!"

"And so are you." Sasuke said while putting his hands on his pockets while looking away. Sakura growled and clenched her fists in annoyance. She walked towards him and was about to talked but was cut by his hand infront of her face.

"I came here worried for you, you looked like a problematic woman while talking to him."

"I thought you're mad at me two days ago."

"I'm mad…but I already gave you my word as an Uchiha."

She looked at him curiously.

"…I told you, I'll protect you no matter what." Sasuke started to walk away from his spot leaving her shocked at her place.

I'll protect you, no matter what.











As if on cue, Tsunade walked to the podium and looked at the high-spirited students and teachers infront of her. She smiled at them and looked at Shizune who simply nodded.

"I don't know what to say for this event coz' I know all of you here are excited to lets this league officially start…"

"Pfft. You got that right, Old lady." Naruto said while feeding himself some popcorn as he heard their principal's words of advice.

"…And I HOPE that there's no blood brawl after this. Or else you'll get ALL EXPELLED! Anyway, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!" Tsunade said while making her way to her seat as the program started in an ease.

"This is getting to be interesting."

"No, it's still troublesome, if you ask me." Shikamaru said lazily.

"No one asks you, Shika-head." Kageru said while laughing his heart out at the sight of Shikamaru glaring at him.

"Ne, Sasuke-teme, I heard that the first game is with the Team A of the Sabakuno later after lunch." Naruto said while walking cheerfully infront of Sasuke. He glared at the blonde and looked over the blonde's shoulder to see Seishiro wand his gang walking towards them.

"Having fun you so-called-losers?" Seishiro said while his friends laughing at the statement he gave. Sasuke glared at him and walked past him, making Seishiro grabbed his arm trying to get the prodigy's attention.

"You stay away from my plans with your friends, Uchiha. You won't like me if I'm mad." Seishiro warned as he glared at him, not even bothering to let go his arm. Sasuke and the other hand, smirk at him and looked at him devilishly.

"Heh. I think, you're the one who will not like me, Seishiro."

"Wanna bet?"


"Well then, lets see who will my precious Sakura will cheer…is it the one who's utterly in-love with her or is it the known part-time playboy, as you say." Seishiro said while gripping Sasuke's arms tightly. Sasuke's brows narrowed and smirked at him.

"Don't let her into this, wannabe." Sasuke implied while pushing Seishiro's hand out of his arm. Sasuke looked at him and crossed his arms in his chest while Naruto and the others glared at Seishiro's underlings.

"She don't deserve someone like you, Seishiro."

"Hmph. And why is that?"

"Because by the end of this hell-annoying-events…"

"…I, Uchiha Sasuke, is taking her back."

For this, I won't lose from the likes of you…


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