Kassandra Zelane was like any other girl. She got up, she went to school and she came home. He parents had her take three years of karate, which was more than enough time to be able to beat her teacher. She could swim quite well, but was really bad at any other sport. Mainly, any sport that involved a ball of any sort.

She was thin, weighing barely over 100 pounds, and only a little over 5 feet. Her favorite food: Chocolate. She still couldn't manage to weigh anymore. She had three best friends, and what more could a girl ask for. Not much. She didn't like guys. They were so immature and pointless. She'd given up on the male race until she'd found someone who could prove her wrong. Hadn't happened yet.

She dug through her closet, which of course was a mess. Like everything else in her room. She needed to find one of the posters she'd bought ages ago for her wall. She finally finds it. Unrolling the shiny paper and reaching out for a thumbtack, she doesn't quite have a chance to look at it. She finds a thumbtack and sticks the poster perfectly on the wall. Both the emerald eyes of Kurama, and the golden eyes of Youko stared back at her.

Kass sighed. "Oh…If only I could just…Pfft! As if! Even if he was real, he certainly wouldn't care for the likes of me…" Kass walks into the hall to get something to eat, and stops in front of a mirror. Her hair had two things wrong with it. It didn't seem to know what color it wanted to be, and it didn't like being pushed or shoved into anything resembling a hairstyle. It was either blonde or brown, but most people called it dirty blonde, and it loved sticking out in strange directions, just to annoy her. Any attempt to tame it resulted in pain.

She shrugs and grabs a brush. She spaces out thinking about who else? Kurama…

She looks into the mirror, wondering what color her eyes are today. She was wearing a hunter green Tee shirt and blue jeans, so most likely they were greener than blue at the moment. Yep. They were.

She sighs again and puts down the brush. It was a pointless anyway. She heads back to her room. Her katana was hanging from a hook on the wall. You have no idea how long and hard she had to beg to get it. She had taught herself the basics, though she really needed a teacher. She was always afraid she'd hurt someone she cared about. Her whip was coiled on a hook next to it. It was one of those simple leather one, and she'd gotten it long before she got the katana. She was a lot better with it too. Currently, she was learning how to use it to pull her self up on tree branches. Not as easy as it sounds.

She ran her hand over the mouse on her computer, then clicked on an icon. All 213 pictures of Kurama, both forms, loaded quite quickly. The computer was used to having to load them. After staring for one long moment, she was ripped out of her reverie by her annoying brother…well one of the annoying brothers. She hadn't noticed him come in.

"He looks like a girl…" He said as he looked over you're your shoulder.

"Beat it Jason!"

"But he does!"

Kassandra picks up the baseball she had next to the computer for just this purpose. Jason takes one look at the bat and runs out of the room. Kassandra places the bat back down, leaning against the desk. She returns to the pictures only to be interrupted by her other brother.

"Kass…you can't have a crush on Kurama." She shudders at the way he says it. He says it Koorama, putting stress on the Koo…It always drove her crazy.

"And why not, Dylan?"

"Because he's a fictional character. The figment of someone else's imagination…"

He dodges the paperweight that went flying across the room. Then he scampers off down the stairs. Kass snorts.


"Kassandra!" Her mother had been walking by at that precise moment "We are not Japanese, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't-". She cuts off suddenly as the oven starts bleeping at her. Kass sighs. It's not like she knew a lot of it…just baka and basic manners…and a few other random words…

Gosh, it's not like she spoke in it all the time…So typical of a parent though, and what's more-

"Kassandra! Dinner!"

Kass sighs and shuts down the computer. No point in leaving it on. She'd have to continue tomorrow…