Your sister yells at you to stay away from Spike.
He's like, you know, evil?
But, like he's the only one who listens to you.
Plus he's got waaaayyyy cool hair.
So, every morning after Xander,
(Whom you once had a crush on, but like
That was soooo third grade!)
Drops you off at school, You slip away.
To his crypt. And you sit.
And you tell him, you know, stuff.
And he listens.
While he eats your lunch.
You don't mind.

Your sister's a bad cook
And a worse sandwich maker.
Not like mom was.
No, not at all like mom.
The carrot sticks are always rubbery,
And the peanut butter and jelly's stiff as a board and besides,
Who eats peanut butter and jelly's in Jr. High anyway?
Peanut butter and jelly's for little kids.
Peanut butter and jelly's gross!
So you let him
Eat your lunch.
While you tell him, you know,

You sit across from him.
Cross-legged. Talking. On a sarcophagus
As he rummages through the brown bag.
The brown bag your sister packs for you.
Or sometimes Tara.
Or Willow.
Tara's lunches are the best.
Even if her pancakes are major weird looking.
Not at all like mom's.
The pancakes, not the lunches.
He won't eat Tara and Willow's lunches.
But he'll eat your sister's crappy lunches.
Even the rubbery carrot sticks.
While you tell him, you know, stuff.

You think it's weird.
Spike eating your lunch.
Don't people like him only drink blood?
And other gross stuff?
Not like he ever has.
Eaten gross stuff in front of you.
Unless you count the brownies
Your sister baked for you last week.
That was waaaaaay nasty. Raisins shouldn't go "crunch".
Then he gives you money.
To buy a school lunch. School lunches are gross.
But not as gross as your sister's lunches.
And you tell him, you know, stuff, until he tells you
That he just heard the first bell, "Best hoof it, Niblet."

You run with your backpack
Out into the sunlight
And up a few blocks,
Leaving him behind.
And onto the school grounds.
Talking and laughing with your friends.
With the money he gives you heavy in your jacket pocket.
The second bell rings.
And you sit through roll call
Wondering what he does all day
When you aren't around
To tell him, you know, stuff.
While he eats the lunches
That your sister packs for you.