A.N.-This is just about Luna's first day and class of Hogwarts ever.

She put her hand out in front of her and grabbed the splintery and grubby broom handle. The brooms teacher, whom she had forgotten the name of, yelled sharp words that were distant to her ears as she let her mind drift off to other, more important things, rather than broom sticks.

Many of the students around her were already lifting into the air. She laughed as she felt herself lift up as well.

A few students hovered a few feet away from the ground and whooped with delight.

She let her mind loose and felt a light, dizzy feeling welling up inside and finally, she with level with all her other peers. She shrieked with delight and made several people around her look up and snigger at her shrieks. A grubby faced boy by the name of Zacherias Smith smirked and brushed past her rather forcefully, causing her to loose her balance and hang upside down from her broom, allowing her long hair to hang down freely. Everyone laughed and Luna smiled openly at everyone. She was happy for them because she had made them laugh and she was satisfied with herself for bringing the joy out of people.

A whistle sounded and everybody instantly dropped to the ground. She stayed up on her broom, smiling radiantly. The teacher whom she hadn't cared a name for, yelled, "Get down child! Get DOWN THIS INSTANT! Stop smiling! What's wrong with you? Our session is over; you'll be late for your next class!"

Luna just smiled down at everyone and laughed, "But I don't want to get down! I'm flying! I like this! Birds fly and they land whenever they feel like it!" The teacher pulled her wand out and all the first years gasped, they had yet to use their wands and only knew the dangers that could come off a whipped out wand. The teacher yelled, "Accio, er, what's your name child?" The girl laughed, "Luna! Luna Lovegood!" A few boys sniggered, "Yeah, more like Loony Luna" "Accio, Luna Lovegood!" The girl came spiraling down and landed on the soft ground.

She stood up and giggled, "Why'd you bring me down? I enjoyed flying!" The teacher sighed, "I suppose I could let you go this time, I'd usually give you detention, but 'tis your first class ever. Off you go Luna, to your next class".

And that was how Luna's first class went. That night, she got into her assigned bed and dorm and lay in the four poster bed with a piece of parchment. She started a letter to her father.

Dear Daddy,

Today was my first day at Hogwarts. It's quite nice here, although it's a bit big and dark. I was assorted into Ravenclaw, a house of smarts and black ravens. I have many classes and it's all quite lovely. The people here are very interesting. I like the food and there's a ceiling made to look like a sky in the Great Hall. I'm already a riot here; I guess people just find me funny. I am pretty sure that I'm going to make lots of friends. Well, I'd better turn in, some girls in my dorm are complaining about my lamp light.



Luna turned over and tucked her letter away. She grabbed a crisp piece of parchment and started folding it and wrinkling it.

A few girls, who couldn't sleep as well, started whispering madly, "Have you seen him? Harry Potter I mean." A second girl piped up, "No, but I've heard so much! He's only a year older than us and he's survived the Dark Lord twice!" The first girl said, "And in his first year he almost killed him!"

"That's only a rumor, I'm sure." Replied the second girl.

They chatted on aimlessly, and finally, Luna's name came up.

"Have you seen that girl? She's sleeping on the other side right now. I think her names Luna Lovegood. She is the queerest thing you'll ever meet! We've christened her Loony Lovegood!" The other girl giggled. "I'm in some of her classes, and she has the creepiest smile! And she is absolutely clueless! She thinks we're laughing with her at something she does funny, but we're actually, usually making fun of her!"

Luna froze at the hard blow of reality that just hit her. Then, her eyes glazed over and she started to crumple and crunch her parchment faster. The sound of the crisp and crunchy parchment brought comfort to her.

A few girls shushed her rather rudely so she had to tuck it away. She lay in bed thinking of nothing and waited for sleep to come fetch her.

A.N.: Luna's first year.

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