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Harry shook the shackles on his wrist and wiped away as much blood as he could from his face. The shackles and chains were heavy and weighing the skin on his arm down. Ron was lying next to him miserably with his body chained to the stone dungeon as well.

The soft echoing of the drops of slime and water hitting the ground was like a metronome. There were violent yells outside and sounds of spells hitting the cold night air.

Ginny huddled by Ron, her body shaking as sobs escaped from her. Ron stroked her thick hair sorrowfully.

Harry mashed his teeth together as he heard screams of pain from outside. He didn't recognize the voices, but it didn't sound good. With a great strain of his remaining strength, Harry lumbered over to the small barred window of their dungeon. Nevillie sat behind him trying to see what was going on.

Harry squinted to make out shapes. There seemed to be a line of students all haggard and beaten. Harry cried out as he saw Hermione's bushy hair silhouetted against the moonlight in the line. The people in the line were all chained together and a large cloaked figure led them along with a wand whip.

There were more yells and a sudden explosion occurred in front of Harry's face. Harry jumped back as the wall of their prison collapsed.

A green spell had hit it. Harry yelped at the prisoners who were mostly students of his own age. Tonk's face appeared from behind the rubble and she brandished her wand, making everyone's chains fall and clatter uselessly on the ground. She grimly ran off as a Death eater lunged a spell at her. Harry felt the feeling in his numb and battered legs come back. He yelled, "WELL WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? LET'S GO! LET'S HELP THEM! WE'VE GOT TO FIGHT BACK!"

The beaten prisoners stood up warily and felt for their wands that they couldn't have attained while in chains. Ron leapt up and his shrunken pale face showed hurt and pride.

Neville's plump face was bruised, but he too showed pride and he also saw anger. Ginny stayed huddled behind some rubble, her leg too injured. Luna who had been quietly singing in a corner calmly stood up and touched Harry's marred robe, "I'm with you Harry Potter." Harry feebly smiled at her and he looked around the ruined school ground. Dead students were strewn across fields and teachers were aiding as many people as they could. Hagrid's huge shape was knocking away death eaters by the dozen.

Harry stared at his beaten and wary army of students, most of whom had been former D.A. members. He felt a pang in his heart at the tired and defeated youths who had followed him and whose faces showed no expression but grief and pain. Most had dark smudges from previous struggles.

Harry gripped his wand tightly and faced the battlefield, "FOR DUMBLEDORE!" The army echoed back and they felt a new strength within them as they ran defiantly after Harry into the war. A cloaked figure grabbed Neville from behind, choking him; Luna aimed her wand at him and struck the death eater down with a curse.

Everywhere around him was commotion, Harry saw fighting everywhere. Flashes of spells bounced off the earth and witches and wizards fell.

Harry and the gang made their way towards the line of students that were chained together, wading gloomily down a stream. Death eaters were yelling obscenities at them, cackling as young students fell, and once in a while they whipped or cursed a prisoner. Ron yelled, "HERMIONE!" He ran to Hermione who was in front of a haggard looking boy. Hermione didn't look up, her robes were tattered, blood smeared her face and arms and she was beaten savagely.

A death eater noticed Ron and quickly brandished a spell at him; Ron fell into the mushy stream with a dull splash. Harry squinted through the darkness and saw that he knew many of the students that were chained. He saw Justin Finch-Fletchley behind Hermione, his tall figure towering over her as his shoulders slumped. But he wasn't the same innocent and handsomely clean Justin anymore, he was defeated and haggard, the life beaten and traumatized out of him. He and the other students had been tortured.

Harry also saw a mousy boy, Colin, who had been one of his biggest fans, Colin looked so little and small as he gripped his little brother's shoulder in front of him with a shackled hand. They were all so dirty and filthy, and battered.

There were also some students that Harry recognized when he suddenly realized-

"Oh, Merlin, they're all muggleborns!"

Harry turned around to see Parvati collapse into tears on the ground, she sobbed and shook. Lavender hugged her and comforted her.

Ginny whispered with tears, "She's right! Oh, why are they doing this? Somebody help them! Someone help Ron and the others!" Ginny hugged herself as she cried too. Harry turn to look at all the bodies lying on the ground, smoke filling the air and the stench of burnt skin.

Undistinguishable wizards and witches fought hard and meekly against death eaters. Harry stared at his own bloody hands and he too felt tears streaming down his mud stained cheeks. He looked back up to see his friends in the chain line. All of them there because they were muggle born.

Luna placed her hand on his beaten shoulder and he saw her foggy silver eyes large and dull, but shining with tears too.

Harry clenched his fist, he felt so helpless. His heart tugged as he saw his best friend, Hermione, struggle with her walk and chains.

He couldn't bear seeing her like this.

Justin stumbled behind her and splashed face down into the murky water. A deatheater whipped at him with some burning rope and Justin arose in pain, barely managing to get up from the dripping creek.

He screamed out in pain as the rope burned into his back.

Hermione struggled too, her strength fleeting. Justin helped her to her feet as she struggled.

She fell limply again and Justin held her up helpfully.

The death eater yanked Hermione's hair and hissed, "Filthy mud-blood!"

Hermione screeched and Justin instantly pummeled the death eater, "STAY AWAY FROM HER YOU FOUL CREATURE OF MUCK!" The death eater tumbled backwards from Justin's rage. He instantly brandished his wand. Harry was at his feet in a flash, his hand grasping his wand. But it was too late.

He heard Luna scream in fright and pain and Hermione cried out loudly, the other students trembled in their chains.

There was a green flash and a big splash as Justin came dropping down into the shallow muddy waters.

He sank.

Luna was in a fit of tears and rage. Harry was at her side, fighting back his own tears. He caressed her shoulders, and bit his lip. He would always have to be the one to comfort the loss of their true loves.

Luna screamed and sobbed into Harry's torn robes.

Other Hufflepuffs and students grieved too, the girls were in a fury of trauma.

Harry left Luna's side, his heart sinking. He swiftly ran towards the group of mud-bloods and quietly sank into the muddy water besides the floating Ron. He had his head barely out of the eater, with his legs tucked beneath him. Harry shook Ron's shoulders and pulled him into his arms, "Ron, wake up, Ron!" Harry whispered savagely, throwing Ron's body aside so that there was a distinct splash.

Harry followed behind the wet trail of the students who were plodding down the stream. He was right behind a small muggle born girl when he tripped over something and fell head first into the water. Under water, sounds of dull marching filled his ears, bubbles rose up and Harry pulled himself back up, resting on his knees in the water as he grabbed something floating in front of him to help himself up.

That must have been what he tripped over.

Harry gasped for air and clutched whatever was floating. It felt like wet cloth and flesh. Harry stared down and gaped in horror.

Justin's dull eyes stared back at him, his handsome face marred into fright and horror.

His beautiful curls floated about his head. Harry felt sick; he was reminded of the night in the graveyard with Cedric all over again.

Harry clutched Justin's body close to him and bawled. He dragged Justin's wet body out of the bank and slid him onto some dry earth; he took one last glance before splashing back into the water after the death eaters taking the muggle born students somewhere.

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