Harry and Malfoy

Harry sat on his messy bed surrounded by books, papers and empty coffee cups. Harry, a seventh year Hogwarts student, had been studying for his Defense against the Dark Arts exam for twelve hours straight. He knew the exam was going to be painstakingly hard and the fact that Snape absolutely despised him wasn't going to help him either.

"Bloody hell, I'm becoming Hermione." Harry muttered to himself as he re-read his last page of notes which made absolutely no sense to him.

"There is no fucking way I'll be able to learn this shit." He yelled in a fit of rage as he threw his notes against the wall. Suddenly he saw Hermione's pink panties lying next to his bed. Last night was good, but it hadn't been great. It never had been, at least not with Hermione. He would never admit that what he really wanted was a cock, but Hermione had her suspicions. He never wanted pussy, instead he always insisted on fucking her in the ass. There was a knock on his door. He slowly started to get off of his bed. Knock…Knock…Knock.

"Hold your fucking horses." He yelled as he hid Hermione's panties under his bed.

"What the fuck." Harry said when he opened his door and saw who was standing there. Draco Malfoy was standing outside of Harry's door. Harry had no idea how he had gotten past the Fat Lady. Malfoy's white blonde hair was gleaming and once again Harry saw how splendid Malfoy was. His small soft cock quickly became hard and large. He hadn't had a bone like this for the longest time. Malfoy had also noticed this because he asked "Aren't you going to invite me in Potter?"

"Y…yes of course." Harry stammered, moving out of the way so Malfoy could come inside. He saw Malfoy's eyes glance down at his cock and smile. As soon as Malfoy had entered his room and shut the door, locking it, he embraced Harry.

"I know you want me." Malfoy said, stroking Harry's face. "I've seen the way you look in me in the halls. I can satisfy you in ways you have never been satisfied before. I can give you what that slut, Hermione, could have never given you. If only you'll let me, all you have to do is say: Malfoy, I want you to fuck me."

Harry had never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Malfoy right then. He could feel Malfoy's cock against his leg, he too had a boner.

"Malfoy…" Harry began." I want you to fuck me as hard as you possibly can."

Malfoy slowly pulled Harry's muggle shirt off and ran his hands up his chest. Malfoy kissed Harry all the way down to his pants. Malfoy quickly pulled Harry's pants off and began to run his cock. He kissed his balls and his cock all the way to the head. He began to suck Harry's cock; somehow managing to fit all of it into is opened mouth. Harry had never felt anything this good in his life before. His eyes rolled in ecstasy and he began to moan quietly. He wished that Malfoy would never stop and for a while he thought that he wasn't going to stop. But just as suddenly as Malfoy had begun he stopped. Harry had been wrong when he had thought that having Malfoy suck his cock was the best feeling in the world, because what Malfoy did next surpassed that feeling. Harry was standing with his hands touching the ground, waiting expectantly. Waiting the same way small children waited for the ice cream man to come. Without speaking Malfoy put something cold on Harry's ass and before Harry knew it Malfoy was thrusting his large cock inside of him over and over again. He let his screams out over and over. He didn't care if anyone heard him. It was the moment that Harry realized no woman would ever be able to make him feel like this. This went of for what seemed like forever and then suddenly it was over. Malfoy's climax had come and gone.

"See you late lover." Malfoy said as he finished getting dressed and walked out of the room. With a sigh Harry sat back down on his bed and continued studying.